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domingo, 18 de agosto de 2019

Bubión, a village close to Heaven!

Bubión is a little village in the mountains in the province of Granada in an area called Las Alpujarras and has just been given the quality award of Cittaslow for the quality of life its inhabitants can enjoy in this place close to Heaven.

Cittaslow is an International Network of Cities where living is Good and they have just considered Bubión as one of their favourite places (interesting promotional video to watch). CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Here are some articles for you to read (sorry, but the first of them is in Spanish):


Bubión se da a conocer como el primer destino andaluz «tranquilo» (El Ideal)


The Most Beautiful Towns and Villages in Spain's Sierra Nevada (Culture trip)


Spain announces its latest ‘most beautiful villages’ – and four of them are in Andalucia (The Olive Press), where they say:


"Bubión is ideally located on the gorge of the Río Poqueira and below the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, offering spectacular views.
It is full of Moorish features – narrow, winding streets, flat roofs – and has already been designated as a Conjunto Histórico Artístico, a region of special artistic and historical importance.
It is thought to have been founded in Roman times, and has plenty of evidence of life before the Moorish invasion of the 7th century.
Under the Moors, it was under the authority of Ugíjar. In the 16th century, after the fall of Granada to the Catholic Monarchs, the village participated in the rebellions by the Moors (or “Moriscos” – Moors supposed to have been converted to Christianity).
In the second rebellion, which started in December 1568, Bubión was one of the first villages of the Alpujarra to fall to the Catholic forces, after a major battle in the Poqueira valley.
Following their defeat in 1571, almost all Moriscos were expelled from the province of Granada. They were partially replaced by Christian settlers from other parts of Spain.
The most prominent building is the village church, built in the 16th century and remodelled in the following century. It is a simple structure in the mudéjar style."

A nice presentation of the area  >>>>

And here's another amazing video:

As well, in this blog remember you can find very useful information about trekking and places to eat or have a snack:  CLICK HERE!!!!  


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  2. Bubión is a quiet little village located in the South of Granada, in the Alpujarra region. Most of the village is part of the Sierra Nevada National Park and it offers spectacular views. Together with the nearby villages of Pampaneira and Capileira, it has been declared an official Historical and Artistic Site.

    Its Moorish architecture, the tranquillity of the atmosphere and its pleasant Mediterranean climate have made Bubión a perfect place for those looking for peace. From Bubión you can see both the surrounding mountains and the sea. Costa Tropical is just one hour drive from the Alpujarra.

    The essence of the rural tourism in Bubión is the Villa Tirística, a hotel which offers spectacular views over the village and it´s two minutes walk from the old town. Visitors can start exploring the village on foot, by car, horse riding or cycling. The village has several trekking and cycling routes. One of the best walks is from Bubión to Capileira.

    If you are a fan of the gastronomy, in Bubión there are few restaurants and bars on the main road where you can enjoy the typical tapas and dishes of the Alpujarra. The most popular dish is the Plato Alpujarreño, which consists of fried potatoes and eggs, ham and blood sausage.

    In conclusion, Bubión is a peaceful and spectacular place to visit, so rich in history and with a fascinating culture. I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys rural tourism as it is a magical place to visit.