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sábado, 17 de agosto de 2019

Digital money, a good option to invest?

Digital, virtual!!!!  Everything is digital or virtual, but has it got a real value? That would be the case of money. Actually, there are fewer and fewer people that pay cash, that is to say, using coins and banknotes. We use credit cards, Pay Pal and other digital ways such as digital money.


There are many options to invest in this kind of money (What is the noun that comes from the verb 'to invest'? Is it 'inversion'?)

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Here are some articles for you to read about the issue and a listening exercise:

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The English We Speak: 'Eat your heart out' (BBC Learning English)

What is the difference between these two sentences?

1. We had a few chances of reaching the summit.

2. We had few chances of reaching the summit because it was getting too dark.

English in a Minute: Few or A few??? (BBC Learning English). And this would also be the case between 'a little' and 'little'.

Football's Greatest - Alan Shearer       

SOLUTIONS to the exercises in the previous post /for further exercises of this level go to  Mock exams (4º ESO)/:
Proposed answers:
A bike has got as many wheels as a motorbike, but it is not as fast
A bike is slower than a motorbike and it is not as big as a car.
However, a car is more comfortable than a bike, although it is not so economical

You go farther with a car than with a bike. You can also take a bus, but it is not so fast
If you go by car, you can take all your family with you.
If you go by bus, you will not spend so much money.

1.  wa(l)king     cas(t)le    g(h)ost    (k)now      tu(r)ned     cou(l)d. 
2. road   ,    run        3. smooth , too      4. sing - sang - sung

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  2. Some years ago, all the people only have cash as a way to pay in shops, but nowadays, this is probably less used way. With the technologies and the Internet, other ways of payment have come too. Now, we can buy on the Internet, and to pay we use our credit cards or other methods like PayPal. This is very good, because you don´t have to carry any money, and if you need more, you don´t need to go to a bank, just use your credit card.
    Most people use these methods, but others don´t trust them, because they think the can be cheated. This is true, there are many pages that may want to cheat you, but most of them don´t want it.
    After credit cards, other metods of payment have come too, they are called digital coins, and are becoming more and more popular year by year. These are other payment methods, but a bit different. You can obtain these "coins" buying them or, instead, mining them. Mining digital coins is using your device to recopilate information for a company, and they reward you with digital coins. There are many famous digital coins, but the most famous and profitable is the Bitcoin. You can sell these coins and obtain real money, but you should be careful because the price of these coins is in a continous movement, always decreasing or increasing, and if you sell the coin when its price is very down, you´ll lose a lot of money.
    All these methods are very new, and all of them help you to have an easier life, but nowadays, we are still depending on cash, because some shops don´t accept credit cards and it is easier to pay with money when the value isn´t very big.

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  4. Before, everyone had cash but now it is not like that, since new technologies have come out so as not to have to carry money over, now there are payment methods such as credit card and PayPal that for me are more secure but for many other people they are not, so they do not use them.
    These methods can be canceled if your credit card is stolen or your mobile is stolen, so that the person who steals from you cannot get money from there.
    Now there are also online stores so you need to have a credit card to pay for the orders you make.
    For me the new payment methods are better and more comfortable since if you don't have any cash left you don't have to go to a cashier or a bank to get money, you already have it on your card or PayPal and you don't need it either Bring cash on top.

  5. Nowadays, people think that the most valuable thing for them is money. But, what is the safest place to save money?

    Experts are inventing safer methods like the cryptocurrency which is a form of payment that can be exchanged online for goods and services. According to, more than 2,200 different cryptocurrencies are marketed. Besides, people think that it is the currency of the future and that its value will increase, therefore, they are competing to buy them now, before they become more valuable. So, why spend one of them if it could be worth three times the value the next year?

    On the one hand, it works with a technology called blockchain, so it can be safer than traditional payment systems. In addition, thanks to cryptocurrency, central banks do not manage the monetary value because some banks over time reduce the value of money.

    However, although cryptocurrency is available for purchase with US dollars, others have to be paid with another cryptocurrency. In addition to buying cryptocurrencies, you will need a "wallet", an application that can hold your currency.

    On the other hand, if people only have cryptocurrencies, it will be dangerous for them because the risk of theft is higher, as hackers may try to enter computer networks. In addition, although cryptocurrency is available in many countries such as the United States, their use is prohibited in China. Another disadvantage is that to benefit you, someone has to pay more for the coin than you.

    To sum up, if you are looking to buy a cryptocurrency, you should read the small print of the company brochure to get all the information. Consequently, if you don't do it, cryptocurrency could have more disadvantages than advantages.

    Desirée Rodríguez Arias

  6. Buying online has its benefits and disadvantages, some advantages are

    1.No queues to buy
    2. Access to stores and products in remote locations
    3. It is not necessary to have a physical store to buy and sell
    4. The above makes it not so important for the sale the place where the store is located
    5.It is possible to offer and find a lot of options
    6.Online stores are available every day at all hours
    and instead these are its disadvantages

    1. Lack of communication and personal relationship
    Impossibility to test the product before buying it
    2.It is necessary to have a secure Internet connection
    3.It is essential to have a device from which to connect to the Internet
    4. Fear of fraudulent payments, scams and theft of personal information (hackers)
    5. Difficulty or even inability to detect scams and scammers

  7. Digital money is a good tool for our purchases.
    Today we have advanced with the new technologies which allow us to make our day more comfortable, but there are disadvantages.
    What advantages do we have when buying with digital currency? When traveling to another country you should not change the type of money since it is effective everywhere, it is a safe way to pay, transactions are made between individuals and these are very fast and you can always know their real value.
    But what are its disadvantages? Investing in that currency also has its risk, it is not accepted in most establishments, it can be used to carry out criminal actions and you have the risk of losing your digital wallet.
    In my opinion, digital currencies are a good resource but I prefer to use the traditional method.
    Marta Rodríguez

  8. Years ago, everyone had their cash, but now they have taken out new things like the credit card that is more convenient than loading the cash, since if they steal it, you can call and cancel the card so they can't steal money from You, because if you carry cash, they steal it and you cannot do anything and for me it is more comfortable since if you do not have cash, pay with it, you do not have to go to a bank to get money with cash.

    Maria González Lozano

  9. Nowadays the most comfortable way to paste is a credit card, before everyone had the money in cash. Today the technologies have advanced and they have taken out a way to pay more comfortable and safer.
    This mode is safer since they can be canceled if your credit card is stolen and the person who has stolen the card will not be able to take money, and if they steal cash you cannot do anything.
    It is comfortable since if you are traveling to another country you do not need to change the cash, you pay with the credit card.
    Nowadays you must have a credit card to be able to buy online and be able to pay for the order you make.

    I think that paying with a credit card is more comfortable since if you don't have enough cash you don't have to go to a cashier or bank, you pay with the credit card

  10. Actually, virtual money has leadership on internet, but this doesn't mean that is trustworthy.
    There are principal ways to have cash (notes, coins, credit card...) and there are other ways that you can win more cash with a begining. You can think: "Oh, that sounds great", but is a strategy to force you to spend more cash and get more virtual money, for example, Bitcoin. This is similar as bets so over time you can lost more money than you thought to earn.
    "The most trustworthy way to earn virtual money" is Bitcoin and you can still lost money, but that's your problem and how you are going to invest money.
    In general the natural ways to get cash are better, but in a future, for comfort, everything is going to change.

  11. We go to buy food, clothes…. we usually used physical money, but nowadays there arWhen e different ways to buy something . It is more common see people buying with cards, or even with the mobile phone.

    It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of using cards.It can be safely and more comfortable because we only need the card and no more things, and if someone steal it, we can cancel it automatically. It is also not accept in some shops, and they only admit physical money, so it is better to bring with us always some banknotes and coins for this situations.

    Besides, if we travel to another country,we must change the physical money, but we can use our card or our mobile phone and it is easier and more comfortable.

    In addition, when we want to buy something through internet, it is necessary to have a card for buy it.

    I think that in some years, fisical money are not going to exist so things will be bought with cards or our mobiles phones. In my opinion, it is more comfortable and easier for us.

  12. When we go to buy something we can pay in different way. Technologies have advanced and we can pay safer and more confortable.

    Pay with new technologies have a lots of advantages like if you travel to another country yo haven’t go to change physical money because you can pay with credit card or mobile phone. Another advantage is that if you lose the card you can cancel it and if someone has taken it he will not be able to take out money.

    The technologies are advancing a lot and nowdays there are many things that we buy online but that we cannot buy if we don’t have a credit card.

    In my opinion it’s better pay with credit card but you have to always carry physical money because in some shop you can’t pay with credit card.

  13. You should never spend your money for a digital one to play games.

    Rocío Avellanedas Nocete 1°A

  14. Lately the ways of paying have changed. The most com way of paying is cash, which is mainly used by elderly people and for small purchases. Cash contains coins and bank notes which change depending on the country. For example, in Spain and the European Union they use the euro, in the UK they use the pound and in Russia the Russian ruble.

    Nowadays there are more ways to pay. You can use a credit card, which is very useful when you are paying a big purchase and you don't have cash enough. You can also pay by PayPal when you are doing an online purchase. Recently we can also pay something with our mobile phones because with an app and you can use it as a credit card.

    Recently we can see a new way of paying: bitcoins. These coins are digital coins that you buy with real money and whose value goes up and down. You can buy things with these coins but the main purpose of people who buy these coins is wait for the price to go up and then sell them to earn money.

    In my opinion money is evolving with technology and we have to adapt to the new ways of paying. I think these ways of paying will evolve and in the future cash will disappear. I also think that bitcoins are a good option for those people who know when to sell them because if you don't sell them for a higher prize, you will lose a lot of money.

  15. Nowadays many people dedicate themselves to shopping and paying by card, that for me is the best method to pay since it is the most reliable, and so you do not have to carry the money in your pocket or purse.

    What happens is that in many stores or other places they do not accept to pay by card, for example in the jelly shops or that style, they may also be risking being paid with false money, so the most reliable method is the card.
    Today we also order many things online and mostly on all pages you have to pay by card so that there is no problem.

    For me, being able to pay by card is a very good method and you can get a lot out of it.

    Salvador Pretel.