Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

jueves, 1 de agosto de 2019

We keep committing the same mistakes, perhaps because it's human nature??

Summer is a season of consumption and we tend to consume more than we produce. Actually, we have already consumed so far this year more natural resources than what the planet can regenerate. 


This is the first mistake humankind keeps committing forgetting the consequences for future generations.

The World Is Not Enough

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Here are some articles for you to read about the issue:

...what you can do today.

Another mistake my students are used to committing again and again is PROCRASTINATION (What does this word mean? Have a look at this post:  Don't leave it for tomorrow!!! Start now and you'll be ready for next school year.


Both mistakes remind me of these two beautiful songs by our beloved Michael Jackson, who actually passed away more than ten years ago, that is to say, on 25th June, 2009.

Human Nature:

Heal the world:

Some activities now for you to do:


News Review: Olympic swimmer saves drowning man (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


The English We Speak: Fight tooth and nail (BBC Learning English)


'Let's' and 'it's high time' - Learners' Questions


mmmEnglish!!  How to use SOME & ANY | English Grammar Lesson 

REVISION FOR 1º Bachillerato

148. Read the situations, and then using the prompts write a CONDITIONAL sentence:

1. As you know, Miguel Indurain retired two years ago. But I think that ( he / win / his sixth Tour de France / if / he / decide / to continue his career)
2. 'Are you coming to town with me this afternoon?'  'Perhaps. ( If / I / finish / decorating the living room, I / come / with you )
3. Gordillo doesn't play basketball very well. ( He / play / in the NBA / if / his talent / be / greater)
4. Most students haven't studied for the exam. ( Why / not study/ if / you / know / it / be / today)
149. TIME EXPRESSIONS. Complete the sentences with appropriate prepositions or nothing:

1. I left college __________ 1982,  __________ 23rd April.
2. What are you doing  __________ Thursday? My brother came two days  __________ and we     are having a party at home.
3. I like to relax  __________ weekends and especially  __________ Christmas.            

150. Correct these sentences. There is one mistake in each of the following sentences. Find it     and write the corrected sentence below.

1. Last night I have seen a really good film.
2. I'll phone you as I'll arrive.  
3. I work in this office for 23 years. 
4. Could you tell me how much does this cost?

"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

Mind your Language - Many Happy Returns II  

SOLUTIONS to the exercises in the previous post /for further exercises of this level go to  Mock exams (1º Bach)/:

1. Are ships still built in Scotland ?    2. A song can't be sung well if an apple is being eaten at the same time.   3. Printing was invented by the Chinese.     4. Photographs mustn't be taken in the museum.
5. Oil has recently been discovered near the Falkland Islands.

1. John said he always played football on Saturdays, but he wasn't playing that Saturday because he was ill.  2. She told him they had been waiting there for him since six o'clock.   3. ... the driver told/warned them not to forget to take all their belongings with them.   4. I asked her where she had gone the previous night and she replied/answered that she had eaten in a Chinese restaurant with her boyfriend.
5. We asked him if he would stay with them (asked him to stay with them) and he accepted (he said he would)

1. Where do you live?    2. How many languages do you speak?    3. Why are you learning English?  

4. How long have you been learning English?   5. What will the weather be like tomorrow?

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  1. At the present time our planet is in a serious danger because of human action. We all know that climate change and global warming are problems that are actually happening and this is caused in large part by people's mistakes such as consuming more than the planet is able to give us so... are these mistakes still being made today? how serious are they?

    On the one hand, people are more and more aware that it is necessary to take care of the planet and not waste products such as water, food, wood... nevertheless, it is not enough. According to experts, if we continue living in this way, in 2050 our planet will have suffered irrversible changes; for this reason, everybody must help. In addition, it is very simple to contribute, each big change begins with a small action!

    On the other hand, we have already consumed so far this year more natural resources than what the planet can regenerate. According to GFN humans require 1.7 planets to offset our use of natural resources each year, and this should stop right now! This is the biggest problem we have, people don't think about the future and don't know the enormous consequences that our actions may have in the future. Besides, right now we know that we have earth resources, but at any time this can change. Moreover, we are more and more on the planet and as the human population continues to grow exponentially, we will reach the hard reality whereby the planet we call home cannot keep up.

    All in all, it is obvious that the world is not enough for our lifestyle. The resources will run out and humans will have serious problems with this in a few years. From my point of view, we have to stop this now and start taking care of our planet to make it a safe and habitable place in the future.

  2. Actually, every year in summer the sun heats up the Earth more and more. The seasons are change with their climate and the Earth, probably, will be end in many years.
    But climate change largely driven by human activity has been messing with the traditional concept of four seasons.
    Now, we haven't got the solution yet, but scientist are working for bring us a solution that we can use to save our planet because with this problem we will die before 2100.
    Another problem is the enviorement that has change for lots of years and it cause for human's fault.
    This can be change if we cooperate recycling things, reduce the pollution....
    Our planet need us and we need our planet for continue the human race.

  3. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  4. Humans have searched the total control and knowledge of the world since they appeared, but this isn´t possible, because in an attempt of changing the nature of our planet, we are destroying it. The humankind has advanced a lot, but with this, it has brought a lot of problems to himself. Nowadays, we are leading with probably the biggest problem that humankind has ever come across, that is, climate change.
    Climate change is the increase ot the temperature in the planet. Obviously, this isn´t good, the planet has an own temperature and when we change it, we are destroying all the enviroments that were created. This is caused by pollution, C02 goes up to the atmosphere and works like a barrier that doesn´t let the sun rays go out.
    With this we are melting the poles, killing forest´s animals and flora, and increasing the ocean levels. With these in a few years we won´t have many places to live, because they will be covered by water, and many of the animals we can see nowadays, will be in danger of extinction.
    It's obvious that the climate change is a real threat, and if we don´t do anything to stop it, probably in a few generations, the humankind will be extinguished.

  5. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  6. Nowadays, our planet is having big problems like climate change and global warming. According to scientists, if we do not find solutions in the next 18 months, we will die between 2050-2100. Is the situation really so serious?

    The changes in our planet have been investigated for many years and scientists have warned this society that if we do not take care of the planet, it will die slowly. However, people did not believe it, but in recent years they are realizing due to the changing of the climates in the seasons, the extinction of species …
    Therefore, more and more people recycle, save water, reduce pollution, use less plastic … But this isn’t enough because the situation is more serious.

    Humans are spending the natural resources that the Earth can generate in a year. For example, by 2nd August ,2017, the resources that would be produced that year were already finished until the 31st December, humans are using resources that will not be regenerated such as clean water, soil, clean air, kidnapping of carbon…

    In my opinion the main problem is that people don’t think about the future and don’t know the great consequences that our actions can have in the future for our own children.

    Desirée Rodríguez Arias

  7. Overshoot day is the day when all the natural resources that the Earth can produce in one year are consumed. From that day, the resources that we consume won't be regenerated the next year.

    This day has been calculated since 1986 and in the 1980's it was in November, a decade later this day landed in October. In the 2000's it was in September and now it lands in August.

    Lately humans are becoming energy efficient, doing things like developing machines that can work with less energy or treating water so we can consume it.

    In my opinion Earth Overshoot day is like a warning for us, and it tells us that we're making every year the same mistakes and this can make many animals and plants disappear, or even transform rainforests into deserts. But we are reacting and we are trying to reduce our consume of resources to make this day to land later.

  8. Our planet is in a moment to be taken care of since, during all these years, we humans have not looked for it and this will have serious consequences.

    Right now we humans are realizing everything we have done and we are trying to correct those things but I think it is too late, that we can avoid having more consequences but it has already had some times, such as climate change, which is causing other problems like the poles are melting then the sea level is rising.

    Hopefully all this ends and stops once and for nature to continue its cycle and we give all the damage we have done to the planet.

  9. Next July 29 is Earth Overshoot Day, the day of the Earth's overcapacity. This day has the dubious honor of being the date on which the inhabitants of the planet consume all the natural resources available for the current year. Or what is the same, we would need almost two planets to meet the needs derived from our current consumption rate.

    At the current rate of growth, it is estimated that in just over 30 years we will need 3 planets to meet the demand for resources of the nearly 10,000 million people that will inhabit the Earth.

  10. Today, our planet is in very serious situations, since people are not acting well, to improve the situation we are in, we must recycle, reduce pollution, reduce the use of plastic ... if we do not comply with this series of things according to scientists the planet will undergo changes that people cannot stand their climates.Therefore,winters will become colder and summers hotter,which humans will not be able to stand.

    Scientists are looking for solutions to solve this problem to save the planet, if we don't act well we will die between 2050-2100.

    Climate change and global warming are problems that are really happening as and this is caused in large part by people's mistakes, since we have not acted well.

    Climate change has been caused primarily by global change, as a consequence of the melting of the poles ... and among many negative effects.

    For example,in Groenlandia ,more than 12 million tons of ice have melted in 24 hours .

    In my opinion, I think we should look after our planet and start caring for it and so that in the future it will be a safe place and we will be able to live.

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