Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

viernes, 27 de septiembre de 2019

Listen to Nature

Apart from going on pointless strikes you don't really know what they are all about, what can we do to save Nature?




Nature is speaking. So listen!!!

Listen to this song and have a look at the lyrics:

We are the World   


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  3. We live in a world where we don´t give any importance to things that really have it and we don´t appreciate what surrounds us . We´ve never been so disconnected from nature as we are right now .

    Nature has been alive for thousands of years and it has evolved thanks to humans and the human action. Nature evolve with humans but it doesn´t need us , we need it to survive . We have to think that what we do, influences what we have , so ,if you do something bad , if your action is wrong , this is going to affect you and the rest of the people because nature belongs to everyone.

    Sometimes we even spend our time on things that are not important instead of going to outdoor places and enjoy those moments with our family , friends or even alone . There are a lot of different beautiful places where you can go or just to breathe the fresh air .

    In my opinion ,we must take care of nature because without it we are nobody , without it we could die.

  4. Nowadays we take care about things that don't need too much care and we don't take care about things that they really need it.
    The nature is one of these things, too many people don't take care about nature and this is one of the more important things in the world, because without nature we wouldn't survive too muchos time.
    The nature give us one important thing that we need to survive, this is 02 this is a gas that our organism need to make the breath and to push out the CO2.
    In my opinion we need stop doing some things that damage the nature and take more care about nature because this isn't only for us, this is for our childrens and for our future childrens. We need to think about the present and the future.

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  6. Without nature, we can live in The Earth. Each day, with our actions, we are destroying it, and this is a big problem, for all of us.

    Nature give us essentials things for our survive. We need for example oxygen, which is made of plants and they expel to the atmosphere. Water, which is indispensable for us, each day there is less because off the climate change. Also, we get most of the aliments thanks to her.

    Plastics are one of the more problem. We spend a lot of it, and in most of the cases it are only used for a few minutes. If we do not recycle it, it can finished in the sea, polluting water, and affecting millions of animals including us.

    If each of us does small actions, like recycling or do not use plastic, we can get solve a little bit this big problem. It is important to listen to nature, and taking care of her

    I think we should try not to use a lot of plastic and reduce its use, and obviously look for the environment, thinking that without nature, we can not live.

  7. Nature is essential to live. Little by little we are destroying the environment and thanks to this we will not be able to live the way we lived before.
    As nature belongs to all of us, we have to take care of it among all and thus be able to live in a clean place. But instead we don't do any of that, but we don't recycle and throw the plastics into the sea

  8. Without nature, we cannot live on earth, since it gives us essential things to be able to live for example the oxygen that is made of plants.Today we do not take care of nature, and it is one of the most important things in the world .
    Water is also essential to survive, there is less and less, it is also essential for plants.

    The main problem is that we use a lot of plastic frequently and do not recycle.
    The plastic takes a long time to disintegrate and ends up polluting the planet, or ends up in the sea, and pollutes the water, and also affects the marine beings that live in it

    To solve these problems, we should
    use as little plastic as possible and recycle.

    I think we should look more for nature and not harm it, since without nature we could not live.

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  10. Nowadays we take care ofthings that don't need too much care and we don't take care of things that we really need.
    The nature is one of these things, too many people don't take care of nature and this is one of the most important things in the world, because without nature we wouldn't survive too long.
    Nature give us one important thing that we need to survive, this is 02 this is a gas that our organism needs to make the breath and to push out the CO2.
    In my opinion we need stop doing some things that damage nature and take more care of nature because this isn't only for us, this is for our children and for our future children. We need to think about the present and the future.

  11. Liverpool is the best team in England and the team that has more Champions. The most emblematic player is Steven Gerrard, he stayed 17 seasons in the team. Around the world it is known as the "reds". It is very emotional to hear the whole stadium sing its anthem called Never Walk Alone. I hope the season is good.

    Alejandro Venegas Mancilla 1º A

  12. Nature for us is very important because thanks to Nature we can breathe oxygen, we can drink water ... Today we do not take care of nature, and it is one of the most important things in the world.
    Water is also very important for us because thanks to water we can hydrate and it is good for our health but there is less and less water in the rivers ... And it is a shame to see rivers that were previously filled with water and animals by the I laugh like ducks ... And now to see the rivers without water and when there is no water, the animals that lived or died or left.

    One of the main problems is plastic since most of the things we have are made of plastic and people throw it on the ground, in the sea ... And the bad thing about plastics is that it takes many years to disappear. Now they are trying to change some products like the bags are now cardboard ...

    Maria González 4A

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  14. We try not to give importance to certain things. Nevertheless, nature is important for us, so we must take care.

    Nature has lived for thousands and thousands of years. It has been able to survive without us because Mother Nature is wise and can evolve. Nature doesn´t need people, but people need nature. It gives us everything. It provides us food, water,air, materials and even is good for our health.

    Humans need the contact with the nature. It gives not only basic elements for a good physical state, but also reduces the stress, improves the capacity of concentration and helps people with health problems.
    "Nature is speaking" is a trending topic in social media and many people are using this hastag.

    Many times we visit a new place and we say: what a beautiful place! but beauty isn´t everything. We have to think about what nature really offers us. If all of us contributed with a simple gesture like picking up a piece of paper or a plastic bottle, the world would be different.

    I think we have to stop this, but we need the help of all. The world will be destroyed if we don´t do anything!

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 1ºA bachillerato.

  15. Nowadays talking about nature and climate change is a common topic were there´s really nothing to argue about.

    People have already accepted that it´s a big problem and all is fault of that "1 percent" that only cares about money and selling us stuff at all cost, and others are getting used to say things such as "is not our fault, we recycle, is the chinnese and the americans with their fabrics", and even if this is, or it were true, that would be everything, saying this automatically makes them think the´re right and just forget about it.

    A month ago there was protest and all kind of manifestations across the globe to spread a message to the governments of all the nations, making clear that people were there to stop the climate change and they should to. This is actually a good way to make the presidents and rulers know a message, but that is until you see that people in the manifestation like everyone else, far from being an act of "being with the people" is actually more a picture of what really is the fight against global warming nowadays, because after the manifestations nobody will remember barely what happened that day.

    Is not more about changing things or trying to do something, now is about sending a message and go home, going at the street with a paper sign wont solve anything, and neither will cry and being an annoying ignorant in the US parlament (and yes, this is a reference to Greta Thunberg). What actually helps is the acts, the "doings", like for example did Mr.Beast, Elon Musk and Tobi Lutke by planting millions of trees with the website #teamtrees, which right now has planted 12.333.587 trees. And this, is how you can help.

    I never said this comment would be only about saying the obvious we al know, bu to say, that if you really care about this problem, what you sould do is give a helping hand, and not a message in a piece of paper.

    Sergi Toral Rodríguez 1ºA Bachillerato.

  16. Listen to nature, it's a great phrase. This phrase means that we wake up now and that we begin to realize the things we have to leave and start doing.

    Nature does not need our help to develop but we do need your help to live, and we are not taking care of it properly, we are destroying it with fires and the amount of garbage that forms and ends up in the seas instead of being recycled.

    Nature has been taking thousands of thousands of years and we have to take care of it, so we take care of our planet and we can continue to live, since if we kill our planet we are actually killing ourselves.

    And for all this to stop, what we have to do is stop throwing things into the sea and throw them in garbage and above all they are for recycling, we must also stop manufacturing things with plastic because little by little we are going to run out of oil and plastic It is a fairly polluting material.

    We also have to stop releasing greenhouse gases to stop the greenhouse effect so that temperatures do not rise and the poles do not melt.

    With all this we can make the planet better and not die.

  17. Nature doesn’t need people but people need nature. Nature is the element essential for the living being. Why? It is because nature makes oxygen and consumes carbon dioxide. But every day, people take actions that destroy our planet little by little. The oceans have plastics. In the Pacific Ocean, there is a plastic island-like Spain, France, and Germany together. This is surprising. Some news explains that the fishes contain microplastics, and we eat fish contaminated every day.

    Pollution, among other factors, is because the human is overexploiting natural resources, like oil or natural gas, in petroleum products like gasoline and plastic. The gasoline that burns the cars produce CO2 and we breathe this air. And the plastic that doesn’t it recycle goes to the ocean, the fishes had eaten it and the humans eat the fishes. This is a vicious circle that we must stop for a more healthy planet for us and future generations.

  18. The public awareness campaign, called Nature is Speaking, turns the tables on "saving the planet" and reminds us that it's us humans, not nature, who need saving. ¨Giving nature a voice¨ might make it clear to all of us that the planet will evolve with or without humans, because nature has been around billions of years longer than humans. Are we doing enough to help saving our nature?

    Firstly, we all know green spaces bring numerous health benefits. For example, experiences in nature can lead to decreased blood pressure and levels of the stress hormone cortisol, assist with direct attention fatigue, and increase cognitive function. Nature might even buffer the impact of stress.

    Secondly, for thousands of years our delicate planet has maintained a perfect balance between land and sea, and provided everything that we, and all the animals that live on it, need. However, warnings about climate change, carbon emissions and our over-use of plastic and waste are to be taken seriously. As a result, many of us are now making an effort to play a part in helping to end the cycle of waste, such as cycling or walking instead of using the car to go to work or to school, recycling our household waste properly or turning off appliances we don’t really need.

    In conclusion, our precious planet´s future is looking green as long as we all play a part in helping it get there! All individuals and communities around the world should be taking a stand for future generations and the preservation of human life on Earth.

  19. Nowadays the pollution is a topic very important in our lives.I am scared with the future, the temperature is rising litle by little every year. Scientisc are talking about climate change.I think that this is a serious problems. We can reduce pollution learning reduce,reuse and recycle. For example we can use public transport, bike or on foot. Use more renewable energy.
    Everyday dead more animals,people has a lot of allergy.
    We need to change our types of life.
    I hope the government helps in the pollution and everybody.

    Jose Carlos Escribano Pulido 1 ESO A

  20. Nowadays the pollution is a very important topic in our lives . I am scared about the future , the temperature is rising little by little every year . Scientists are talking about climate change . I think that this is a serious problem . We can reduce pollution learning how to reduce , reuse and recycle . For example we can use public transport , bike or on foot . Use more renewable energy . Everyday there are more dead animals and people have a lot of allergies.

    We need to change our types of life . The government will help everybody with the issue of pollution .

    I am José Carlos Escrbano Pulido 1 ESO A

  21. Scientists say that in 2050 the planet's temperature will rise 6 degrees if we continue at this rate of pollution.

  22. Is a very bad notice because the boys and girls of the present they won't have a world to live .

    Javier Rivas Lopez 1 A ESO .

  23. The nature is very important for the animals , plants and humans. There are 8,7 millions of species of the animals on the Earth . The trees are very important for the animals and the human because the plants ( in general ) absorb the carbon dioxide and ejects oxygen , the oxygen is very important for the living beings .

  24. Today very few people worry about what we need and what we will need in the future. Just think about material things and they don't realize that we are destroying our planet and our nature.
    Nature is the most important environment we have and we ignore it every day, it is the environment that gives us food and gives us the O2 we need to breathe. We must take care of it because it is where we will live and where our future children and relatives will live

  25. Nature is an important element in our lives and we cannot live without it, but unfortunately we are destroying it everyday with our bad actions but with a little of effort we can change it and don't go on destroying the nature and our own lives.

    Nature gives us all that we need like the oxygen to breathe. The oxygen comes from the plants which transform the carbon dioxide into ir, or food like vegetables and fruit.
    Another indispensable thing in our lives is water, we need it a lot in almost all the activities, but there is a problem because water levels are going down by our excessive spending.

    Everything that we need to clear ourselve we go to the mountains and the beach because there are the quietest and most beautiful places you go to rest and spend your holidays, but with our bad habits we are destroying it.

    One of the most serious problems is that we buy more than we need and we spend the resources of the nature on things that we don't need. Another problem is pollution, we should recycle and don't throw anything on the floor.

    I think we should keep the nature clean, without our trash and don't buy things that we don't really need, because nature gives us a lot of things and we are destroying it.

    María Prados Espinosa 1A BACH