Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

martes, 31 de diciembre de 2019

NATURE could be the solution

Ecotherapy could be the solution to some mental illnesses, especially in this stressful world we live. Have you ever tried going for a walk in the rain, or in the forest? How do you feel later? Can you have any negative feelings after such an experience.


What is ecotherapy?


Here are some articles for you to read about the issue:

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  2. Nowadays being stressed is usual since working (if you are an adult) is exhausting like studying because you not only have an obligation but in addition to the activity we do, we have to devote ourselves to our personal life and other matters.

    If you are stressed, sad or don´t feel well the nature can help you because you can breathe fresh air, you can let off steam without anyone listening to you, you can scream, laugh, cry and everything you want without anyone seeing you.

    You can go for a walk with who you feel most comfortable either with friends, family or alone, the sound of the nature, the wáter and the leaves falling it must be beautiful and comforting so I recommend you enjoy it.

    When you aren´t well and don´t feel comfortable at home the best is take a walk for the place that you want like a park, mountain, beach…

    In my place I go out with my friends because when i don´t feel well I don´t like be alone. With them I use to go to the park or the beach because the sound of the waves and the smell of the beach calls me down.

    In conclusión, I think that sometimes we need time for us and it's okay to take our time and a good healer is nature

    Mari Trini Ortiz 1ºA Bach


    Rafa Nadal is a great Spanish tennis pleayer. He was worn in Mallorca, Spain. His birthday is on 3rd June, 1986. He is famous for many reasons. He has won 19 Grand Slam titles, and ranks second all-time in the men´s game. Also, he is know as the King of Clay for his skill playing on clay courts.
    He is tall , athletic, young and good-looking. He has got wave brown hair and his eyes are dark.
    His personality is also special. He is very generous, hard-working, honest, friendly and cleaver. He is my favourite tennis pleyer.

    1 A

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  5. Nature is a very quiet place.

    Actually, nature helps you a lot since when you are stressed, sad, angry, happy or have any other negative feeling, anyone goes and takes it out on nature.

    When you go for a walk in a forest it reassures you and you feel very safe with yourself since you hear the sound of the birds, the leaves, the wind, the river, the harmony that is there is wonderful.

    Also, when someone is very angry with oneself, they usually go to the beach since they take out their fury by throwing stones into the water, and they sit for a long time watching the horizon, watching and listening to the waves, the wind and think about all the things that are happening and you can calm down .

    Nature really helps us a lot without us realizing it and we must respect and take care of it.

  6. Nadal is the best tennis player in Spain, he has many roland garros, his biggest rival on the slopes is djokovic. Both Spanish and Serbian are two greats of this sport along with many unbeatable legends.

    Oliver Lozano Martín 1ºA

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  8. Nature can be the solution of some illness because when you are with nature you can feel very relaxed, you can forget all the everyday problems, problems about work, about your studies... And for these reasons being surruonded by the nature can be the solution to some mental problems.
    When you are stressed, for example you can go for a walk in a forest, have a look at all the trees, or you can go to the beach to swim or to see the sea waves of the sea, and these actions can help you with the stress and for a moment you can feel free and very well, and these actions are also called ecotherapy.
    Ecotherapy is the different activities that you can do related with the nature, from climbing, hiking until activities that you can do in your house as gardening, and as I have just said, these activities can help you with some mental problems.
    In my opinion ecotherapy is a good therapy to these problems and it makes people appreciate more the nature and to take more care of the nature. And sometimes I go to the beach to see the waves and to throw some stones into the water because it calms me down and I forget all my problems.
    Francisco Manuel González López 4ºA

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  10. Nature is one of the most prestigious things we have. Recently it has been discovered that nature could be the solution to some mental illnesses.

    Ecotherapy is what they call it. Contact with nature can provide physical and mental well-being. Nowadays there are many outdoor activities that can make you feel better with yourself, such as walking through the countryside, camping, hiking or just exercising. There are many studies that show that time spent outdoors can improve stress levels, reduce anxiety, improve self-esteem and also improve creativity and memory.

    In fact, the concept of "nature healing" is a term that comes from our past and in other countries the materials that nature provides have been used to get remedies to treat diseases.
    In my family we like to walk through the nature and when we have time we also ride a bicycle. Is a way to desconnect for a moment from the Internet and our stressful lives.

    To sum up, ecotherapy is a good solution to improve both our physical and mental well-being. In my opininion nature is very important for ourselves and for that reason we should take care of it.

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 1ºA bachillerato.

  11. Nowadays, we can see many stressed people, because of work, studies… But, this is not good for us, because it can produce some illness, and, is there any solution?

    Eco-therapy is a possibility to solve these problems, some of these related to the mind, like a depression. This method has lots of different variants. From a long period in a wild area and gardening up to individual therapy. Group activities like a camp, is a clear example. It is usually done for troubled teenagers.

    When people feel alone in nature, they need to help each other. In addition, there is not any modern stimulations like internet. If there is a self-centered person, when he is surrounded from large mountains or plains, it makes him look smaller and this helps too. So this therapy can be used by many different persons who have different problems.

    I think that it is a healthy and effective way to solve illnesses and problems caused by stress or depression

  12. Nature normaly means relax and peaceful when we talk about it relating to our stress, sometimes.

    When I'm angry, sad or stressful I like to go for walk near or in the nature, sometimes with friends or with my family in my cottage. In my cottage, for example, I like to stay in a armchair outside and see my dogs playing, the vegetation, the birds, the clear sky... It's very relaxing.

    I think that this Ecotherapy can be useful, at least to me it works.
    I remember when I was I child and I played with my cousin in the countryside. We did't get bored ever, and actually it's still like this.

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  15. Nowadays there are many people who have problems such as stress and anxiety caused in many cases by our busy lives. There are many different methods that try to solve these problems and one of them is ecotherapy. Ecotherapy encompasses a wide variety of interventions, whether they be prolonged periods in wilderness, gardening or individual therapy. They are all united by the concept that exposure to nature will improve wellbeing and healthy living.

    On the one hand, ecotherapy is a method that replaces traditional medicine and can be very good for us. Besides, being in contact with nature is always healthy. You can breathe clean air, listen to the birds sing and feel very well with yourself. In addition, ecotherapy sometimes includes activities such as survival in the forest, and these types of activities can be really interesting because they help you to connect with nature. You will also feel better if you do ecotherapy because you will learn to use everything that the nature gives you.

    On the other hand, ecotherapy doesn’t always work, many times it is necessary to take medicines to solve your problem. What’s more, if the person doesn't take it seriously, ecotherapy won't work at all. Sometimes some people, especially teenagers, think that ecotherapy doesn't work and they don't take it seriously. Moreover, it is very important to be focused on your goal when you do ecotherapy because if you don’t work hard to get your goals, you will not be able to learn anything from what nature teaches.

    To put it in a nutshell, ecotherapy is a good way to disconnect from our busy world and take some time to rest and connect with nature. From my point of view, everyone who has problems like anxiety among other things, should try this technique before taking medication because they can sometimes be bad for our health.

  16. Nowadays, a lot of people live with a lot of stress because they have or want to do too much during the day. Both working adults and teenagers studying especially during exam times, stress can cause many health problems. In addition, most people not only work or study or both, they also have to clean their homes, take care of their relatives or other personal problems. What can we do to reduce stress?

    According to many experts surrounding yourself with nature it is good to reduce stress, forget about problems and relax.
    If you are angry, sad, stressed or just need a break, you must go to a quiet park, to the beach, to the river, to the mountain, summarizing any place where you can relax. There, take a deep breath and walk while listening to the sounds of nature such as the sound of water, the sound of animals or any other relaxing sound you like. In addition, there you can let off steam by crying, screaming or talking alone without anyone listening to you.

    The set of activities related to nature are called ecotherapy. To sum up, ecotherapy can help many people's lives better without spending any money. In addition, if you take a walk surrounded by nature, you will relax at the same time that you breathe clean air, do exercise, sunbathe giving you vitamins, see animals and landscapes… Besides, when you return home you will have more strength to do your homework, go to work or school…

    To sum up, nature brings many good things to health and I think that we should take better care of it because we are destroying it and every time there are fewer places where we can relax. Before when I was very stressed with the exams I continued studying but over time I have realized that doing that is not a good idea and I will not get better results in the exams, so lately when I get stressed I go out for a walk alone or with my friends or family to disconnect.

  17. Nature plays an important role in our lives. Connecting with nature can have lots of positive health benefits. For example, ecotherapy could be the solution to some mental illnesses.

    On the one hand, exposure to nature contributes to our physical and emotional wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety. Nowadays, more and more people use ecotherapy in order to treat a mental health problem, such as depression.

    On the other hand, ecotherapy can take place in both rural and urban places, such as parks, gardens or farms. Moreover, it can include activities that focus on working in nature, such as gardening, or experiencing nature, such as a walking, running or cycling.

    In my opinion, ecotherapy can be very useful for us, as it improves self-esteem, depression, stress levels and emotional intelligence.

  18. Probably you are tired of your routine, being all the day working or studying can be very stressful and exhausting. Why don´t you try going for a walk? Go to a park near your house, go to a beach, go to a mountain, etc.
    When you come back to your routine, you´ll feel better. The environment has made you feel better, this is called ecotherapy, a way to avoid the daily problems and find an escape from the routine.
    Ecotheraphy can be a good way to heal mental problems, and even if you don´t like going for a walk, when you have a bad day, you should try it. Talking about harder problems, this can help fighting diseases like depression, making the patient feel better.
    But nowadays, we have a problem, maybe in a few years, the landscape you see everyday won´t be there. Pollution is destroying all kinds of environment, like in Australia, burning it, or in the beaches, polluting the water. If we don´t stop this now, we won´t be able to do it in a future, and finally, we won´t have any tree or any clean beach to show to our children.

    David Bacas 4ºA

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  20. The nature plays one important paper in the world, since in the nature, you can get out of the problems and routine of the day to day, of the cities and of the bustle of the society, and you'll feel better.

    You can escape to the mountains or to the beach... I prefer to escape to the mountains, for two reasons, the first reason is that in the mountains you can breathe clean air, that is so good for the lungs, and the other reason is that in the mountains you can disconnect better, because here there aren't a lot of people as to the beach, and you can stay more in calm.

    Ecotheraphy can be a good way to heal mental problems, and even if you don´t like going for a walk, when you have a bad day, you should try it. Talking about harder problems, this can help fighting diseases like depression, making the patient feel better.

    I think that the nature is espectaculary and I like to scape with my family to our camp house and enjoy nature and tranquility.

  21. Nature is very important to humans and when we connect with nature, we can have health benefits.
    Ecotherapy is called "green therapy" and has outdoor activities like as gardening, growing food, and conserving environmental work. With this kind of therapy, we can improve mood, self-esteem, and emotional recovery. It helps us reduce stress, depressive feelings and anxiety. Activities like as sports and being outdoors can help improve confidence, stimulate new connections, benefit physical health, help to be more active and can solve some mental illnesses.
    I believe that nature is one of the best things we have and humans are having bad habits that can affect the planet.
    I believe that if we all help just a little, we can make big changes and make improvements.
    Paula González Blanco 4ºB