Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

lunes, 30 de marzo de 2020

Times of confinement (QUARANTINE: DAY 15)

(THIRD WEEK of quarantine) We are living times of confinement and solitude, but nothing compared to the experiment carried out by Richard E. Byrd, American explorerin in his...

Byrd expedition (National Geographic)

Byrd Expedition


Some other documentaries to watch about the topic:

Race to the South Pole: Tragedy at the South Pole Antarctica Documentary   

Explorers - Roald Amundsen  

And talking about our bloody pandemia:

Lockdown living: how Europeans are avoiding going stir crazy (The Guardian)

UK prime minister Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus (The Guardian)

Coronavirus deaths rising fast in Europe and US  (BBC News)

By the way, I want to congratulate our students for their great effort to do all what they are asked for. 60% of them are already working and participating.

Quarantine Scoreboard

Posts uploaded:  12

Students participating:  about 65 out of 110 (60%)

Comments written and corrected: 250

Emails exchanged: more than 700

PASEN announcements & messages: more than 800

Things handed in and corrected: almost 300

Visits to blog and site during quarantine: more than 3,500 (Average of 300 visits per day)


 Monday, 30th March

Solutions to exercises on page 148.

Exercises on page 148 (Unit 4)

1. walking , swimming , making , buying , stopping , studying , riding , going
2  1. am sitting  2. is playing   3. are listening   4. is writing     5. am doing
3  Susan is climbing the mountain    -    The boys are swimming in the lake   -   I am walking on the beach   -   Peter is riding his bike in the forest   -    You are standing in a cave
4.  The dog isn't running   -   Emily isn't giving the man any money   -   Craig and Mike aren't playing football    -     I'm not talking on the phone    -    We aren't climbing the mountain
5  1. David and Adam are riding bikes. They aren't driving cars.
2. Beth is climbing the hill. She isn't sitting on the hill.
3. Tina and Jane aren't playing computer games. They are playing football.
4. Mr and Mrs Black aren't watching television. They are having a picnic.
5. Mr Black is talking on the phone. He isn't eating a sandwich.
6. The cat isn't sleeping. It is drinking from the baby's bottle.
6  1. Is Jane listening to music? No, she isn't.
2. Are Mr and Mrs Black standing? No, they aren't.
3. Is the baby crying? Yes, he is.
4. Are the birds sitting on the tree? Yes, they are.
5. Are David and Adam riding red bikes? No, they aren't.


Tasks for today:


>>>  Do exercises on page 149 to continue revising Units 4 & 5.


>>>>  Write a comment on this post about rules and issues during our quarantine using MODAL VERBS: CAN, SHOULD & MUST (in the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms).

1. ........................... play football in the street.
2. ........................... go to the supermarket.
3. ........................... do all the exercises your teachers give you to do.
4. .......................... stay at home.
5. ........................... talk with your friends.
6. ........................... hand in (= entregar) by email all the writing exercises.
7. .......................... help your parents in the household activities.
8. .......................... your parents go to work?
9. .......................... play video games all the time?
10. .......................... clap your hands at 8 p.m. every day?


First of all, here are the solutions to the exercises 49 to 59 in this section in my site  >>>  MOCK EXAMS (4º ESO)  .


49. 1. I  read Braveheart two months ago, but I still remember the story.
2. I have had this watch for twenty years, but I have already bought a new one.
3. Have you finished the exam yet? No, I have just begun.

50.   1. What a              2. How       2. What        4. What

51.   1. will you do/would you do ____ rains/rained  2. miss ____ I'll walk    3. finds/found _____ will/would give

52. Spain has imposed a stricter lockdown.   Donald Trump has just announced new measures of US citizens.                    


53.   1.  taking   2.  marks   3.  pass      4.  revision

54.    tidiness   -      player   -     information   -   teacher   -    imagination    -    happiness

EVERYDAY ENGLISH                                                                            

A) ___77889932001___
B) __Hi, Can I speak to Pete?_________________________________
A) __I'm afraid he's out at the moment, Shall I take a message for him? He'll call you as soon as he comes.___
A) __No problem. I'l try / call tomorrow again___

56.  1. If I'm hungry, I'll eat an apple.    2. There's very little milk for the weekend. You'd better go to the supermarket now.   3. Where did she write the letter for her grandmother?    4. Someone switched on the light when I was sleeping.

57. Answer the following questions:

1. Yes, I do, but now I can't because of the qurantine
2. I usually come home by nine.
3. Yes, I do because streets are not very safe at the moment.

58. ___Stirling__ , ___Wallace___ , ____Scotland__ ,  ____looked___ , ____nobles__ , ___ordinary__ , ___Robert___ , __walked___

59. Check in this map and here to see where the Highlands are.

Smart Planet Digital books

These are the tasks for today:

  • Unit 7 (Smart Planet 4)    >>>   page 77  

  • Watch New That's English:    Unit 6A            Unit 6B   (MODULE 5)


English in a Minute:  'HIRE' vs 'RENT' vs 'LET'   (BBC Learning English)



SOLUTIONS to exercises 15 to 20 in my site: Mock exams (1º Bach) .


    1. Have you made any New Year's resolutions yet? No, I haven't done them yet.
    2. Don't expect him to help you, he's too busy.
    3. You have to help him, but you don't have to lend (don't need to lend/needn't lend) him any money.
    4. Shall I lay the table? I have to listen to the news. I must not miss them.
    5. Sheila did the washing after she had done the shopping.
    6. He had to buy an exhaust pipe and a new battery for his car.
    7. Unlike Bruce, Arthur always seems to be broken.
    8. I have just remembered that I have to go to the bank right now.
    9. She looks very pretty and she seems to be looking at you.
    10. They have to take out the chairs, but they didn't have to take out the tables.
    11. They have just announced their engagement.
    12. I haven't got anything left at the end of the week.
    13. That is the friend that came with my brother.
    14. It was one of the rings I have never seen.
    15. Arthur didn't feel like going to class, neither did she.
    16. Pedro likes football a lot and so does Ron.
    17. A lady whose rings we keep in the safe had just left.
    18. Whose car is that? It's hers.

    1. A house has been being built.        2. Was that letter written?
    3. Their lessons have to be studied.              4. Her homework must be being done.
    5. A new car will have to be bought by Arthur.          6. NO PASSIVE VOICE IS POSSIBLE.
    7. The worst coffee is made there.           8. The letter hadn't been sent yet.
    9. Bruce hade to be taken to hospital.           10. The description was not forgotten by Arthur.
    11. Jeans aren't worn by her.

17. RELATIVE CLAUSES. Insert the second sentence into the first one by means of a relative clause.

     1. That's the girl whose boyfriend is working in my school.
    2. He was the only person who could tell you the whole truth.
    3. I spoke with Peter, who had been talking to his teacher previously.
    4. This is the car I would like to buy, but it's very expensive.
    5. I saw your brother in the cinema where they're putting "Gone With The Wind", which is my favourite film.

18. Put the sentences into the PASSIVE VOICE :

    1. Was the doctor called?          2. It is thought that they are painting the house. / The house is thought to be being painted          3. Who was this novel written by?       4. What were you given?            5. Six books ought to have been read for literature.

19. REPORTED SPEECH. Put this dialogue into reported speech:

    Arthur asked Mary what was the matter and told her not to cry. Then he offered her his my handckerchief.
    Mary apologized for being so boring, but she said she hadn't seen Bruce for the whole weekend. Next, she asked if he had seen him.
    Arthur answere he had.
    Mary asked him where he had seen him.
    Arthur replied he had seen him at the dentist's the previous Thursday.
    Mary told him he hadn't come for her on Thursday, so there had to be quite a simple explanation.

20. CONDITIONALS.  complete the following sentences:

    1. ... I would have called the police           2. ... you would pass English in June.           
    3. ..... I would write all the comments for Albert.       4. .... if I had heard the news before.         
    5. ..... he'll have to come to my house.          6. .... if you know anything.

Homework for today:

  Unit 6  (page 74-76)

Here's another case of confinement you may well remember....

Cast Away (Some movie clips) Tom Hanks

9 comentarios:

  1. This confinement is starting to bore me a little, but thankfully the number of infections is decreasing. Perhaps this virus is like the flu, because in winter it attacks many people but in summer it disappears in the north and starts a bit in the south.

    Javier Rivas López 1ºA .

  2. 1. You can´t play football in the Street.
    2.You can go to the supermarket.
    3. You must do all the exercises your teachers give you to do.
    4. You should stay at home.
    5. You can talk with your friends.
    6. I must hand in by email all the writing exercises.
    7. You should help your parents in the household activities.
    8. Can your parents go to work?
    9. Should you play videogames all the time?
    10. Should you clap your hands at 8 p.m every day?

    Alejandro Venegas 1ºA

  3. 1. We shouldn´t play football in the street.
    2. She can go to the supermarket.
    3. You must do all the exercises your teachers give you to do.
    4. You must stay at home.
    5. I can talk with your friends.
    6. I must hand in (= entregar) by email all the writing exercises.
    7. You must help your parents in the household activities.
    8. Can your parents go to work?
    9. Can I play video games all the time?
    10. I should clap your hands at 8 p.m every day?

    Adrián García Guardia 1ºA

  4. In my case the QUARENTINE is more different than the rest of my friends and my companions.

    My day a day:
    My day started at quarter past six on the morning, I went with my father ang my mom to work. But I am legal because I discharged from social security for I can move to work and the police can't say nothing to myself. I arrive every day at seven o'clock pm. Next I do all my homework from school.

    And this is my day in my opinion it's a bit hard and different.

  5. During my quarantine, I can't play football in the street. I can't go to the supermarket. Only one person per family can go to the supermarket. I must do all the exercises my teaches give me to do. I must stay at home, but this is a little boring. I can talk with my friends with my smartphone. I must hand in by email all wrting exercises. I should help my parents in the household activities. My father can work because he works in a pharmacy. I shouldn't play video games all the time because I have to do my homework and study. I should clap at 8 p.m every day

    Francisco José Prados Espinosa 1ºA

  6. During these days, everything becomes boring because only one person can leave the house to go buy food and go to the pharmacy.
    I can't go out and see my friends and I have to do all the homework they send me.
    At first it is difficult not to be able to leave the house, but then you get used to it and you get along better, but we do not know how many days are left, the virus dies in the heat but these days it has been cold and raining.
    Paula González Blanco 4B

  7. in times of quarantine we have to be locked in the house, only one person can go out to buy medicine or food, we cannot see our friends ... we give the classes in a different way than before, now it is online.

    angela rodriguez 1 eso a

  8. During this quarantine I will not be able to go out with my friends to touch coffee, nor to go for a walk in the park. I have been in my house doing homework, playing with my cell phone, chatting with my friends, playing with my sister and helping my mother to do household chores.

    Alicia Ortega Prados 4ºA