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by Bruce Lee

domingo, 19 de julio de 2020

Mask up the world!!

One of the cities with the highest death rates because of Coronavirus has been New York city and now both there and all over Spain masks are to be worn everywhere to keep safe.





Why wearing masks may be the way forward (Financial Times)


So, if we want to stay healthy, wear a mask everywhere and keep the social distance. This is not over!! And talking about the conditionals, here's mmmEnglish doing some English Grammar Practice about First or Second Conditional?


Going on with our revision of the FUTURE TENSES with our 1º ESO students:

                               WE 💗 HOLIDAYS !!! 

(Click here to have access to the digital book: Cambridge University Press)  You will do the first 5 exercises on page 96. Here we use the PRESENT CONTINUOUS to refer to arrangements ('ARRANGEMENTS' son acciones concertadas por varias partes, como si fueran una cita. Por ejemplo, la visita al dentista)

Example: I'm visiting the dentist next Thursday, at 10 a.m. (That means you have already phoned and have already arranged when to meet)


Some special exercises for my bachillerato students to do:


USE OF ENGLISH. Multiple-choice exercise. Choose the appropriate option:

1. Now that the weekend had come, Peter felt like ...................    (A  relaxed    B   to relax   C  being relaxed   D   relaxing)
2. He .................. hard all week.    (A  worked    B   had been working   C  was working   D   did work)
3. "It's a nice day for a walk," he said to Poosk, ........................   (A  the little dog of his    B   it's a little dog   C  his little dog   D   the little dog of him)
4. Dogs usually ..................... walks, don't they?     (A  like    B   are liking   C  liked   D   don't like)
5. Peter is lucky; he lives ........................    (A  at the country    B   in a country  C  at the countryside   D  in the country)
6. He has only to step outside his door and he is among ..................... hills.     (A  gently green    B   gentle, green   C  gentle green   D   green, gentle)
7. Peter and Poosk walked ............ five miles.     (A  at    B  -   C  along   D   the)
8. ............... Peter grew tired.        (A  At the latest      B   At latest   C  At least   D   At last)
9. He did something ................ he often enjoyed.   (A  of which     B  what   C  and that   D   that)
10. He sat .................. the grass and began to daydream.     (A  onto     B   in   C  down   D  on)
11. " .......................... a seat," he told Poosk.        (A  Do you have    B   Do have   C  Have you had   D  You are having)
12. Poosk didn't need .................... twice.  (A  asking   B   being asked   C  asked   D  be asked)
13. She ................. down and soon fell asleep.   (A  lied    B   lay   C  laid    D  lain)
14. She was even ........................ Peter.         (A  the same tired    B   more tired than   C  as tired like   D   tired as)
15. There were .......... clouds in the sky.   (A  any    B   as many   C  a few   D   every)
16. It was ........... day they had had that summer.   (A  as warmer a   B   the warmest   C  as a warm   D   a warmer)
17. ....................... he daydreamed, Peter saw figures in the sky.    (A  Until    B   Since   C  While   D   During)
18. He thought he .................... see a rabbit.   (A  would    B   could   C  must   D   did)
19. It looks very realistic, ...................... ?       (A  isn't it    B   is it   C  doesn't it   D   does it)
20. Peter ................ more comfortable.     (A  made him    B   made himself   C  made to be   D   himself made)


Musical hint: You will never "Boxes"  by Gavin James


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  1. Without a doubt the solution to this problem is the mask but not only that because although we use masks if we do not respect the safety distance and we give each other, hugs, kisses or a simple greeting to say goodbye it can make everyone end up infected again, since after from that hug, the other person shakes hands with his face and becomes infected.
    That is why I think it is necessary to wear a mask and wash our hands well so that we are not locked in our homes again.


  2. It is necessary to wear the mask, because if you don't wear it you can get it. Everyone should wear it and this would end soon.


  3. It is necessary to wear the mask, because if you don't wear it you can get it. Everyone should wear it and this would end soon.

    Rocío Avellanedas Nocete 1°A

  4. It seems to me the best thing for people, having to wear a mandatory mask to leave the house and to be indoors. Wearing the mask helps protect us from all viruses and bacteria, such as Covid-19.
    My opinion on the high death rate in the USA is the fault of two things: first, people did not listen to the recommendations of the OMS chiefs, and second, President Trump is irresponsible, because all the security measures have given equal. He did not care how many people were infected or not, he cares about people's votes so that he remains the president. Trump and most citizens have set a bad example and therefore you have to bear the consequences.
    In Spain the situation is more or less similar, the World Health Organization warned us in February that this virus is deadly. We continued to live a normal life as usual, until the virus reached Spain. Then the Prime Minister approved the "State of Alarm". For me one of the failures that Spain had was the poor management of the purchase of EPIS and of hydroalcoholic masks and gel, because they came from China defective. The politicians also told us that we were going to have very few infections and in the end we have 150,000 infected and 30,000 dead.
    We will have to live with this virus for now, waiting for them to get a vaccine against this virus. Together we can win this battle against this global pandemic.

    Andrés Vidoy 1ºBACH

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  6. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  7. Because of the measures agnaist the coronavirus we have been seeing different death rates depending on the country, but the one that has the USA is very high. They have already reached 4 million of people infected and more than 100 thousands of deaths, and the number of people infected and deaths in 24 hours is increasing every day.

    There are some reasons to explain why do they have so many cases. The first one is that they compared the coronavirus. Other reason is that not all the states had the same measures, for example, sonly some of them told people to stay at home. In the USA you have to pay if you want to go to the doctor, but it is very expensive and many people can't pay for it, and many people died because the couldn't pay the treatment. Finally, people aren't responsible and they don't follow the recomendations. They don't wear a mask and the don't respect social distance.

    In Spain we also have a lot of cases but the death rate is not as high as it is in the USA. First, we weren't ready because the virus reached Spain very soon. We had a lot of cases in March because we have a lot of tourists and we didn't have enough tests to know who has the virus. Here we have had the same measures in all the country, and if we have to go to the doctor we don't have to pay, so people that have symphtoms can go to the doctor without paying.

    I think that people must be responsible. They must wear as mask and respect social distance as they have been doing during the quarantine. We also have to avoid meeting too many people, and if we have been in contact with someone infected, we have to go to the doctor and have a test to know if we have it.

  8. A few months ago, we started a "new normal" not only in Spain, but also in most countries of the world. This is because of the coronavirus, a world pandemic that is causing a lot of damage to people's health. The coronavirus is a virus that is easily transmitted from one person to another. Besides, there are many ways to contract it, among them, the air. When a person is talking near you, there are micro-particles of saliva that can reach you and infect you. For this reason, the government has forced citizens to wear a mask every time they leave home.

    On the one hand, wearing a mask can be very uncomfortable, especially in the summer. There are places like Sevilla or Madrid where it is very hot in summer and wearing a mask makes you feel even hotter and sweat a lot. In addition, many people claim that breathing with a mask is very inconvenient and that they can even get dizzy. Moreover, people who wear glasses have a problem with masks because their lenses get fogged up. Also, recently the government has made it obligatory to wear a mask all the time. However, there are times when it is not really necessary to wear one, such as when you are alone in a place.

    On the other hand, the use of masks prevents thousands of infections, and therefore, thousands of deaths as well. According to statistics, if we didn't use masks, thousands and thousands more people would die from this disease. Furthermore, although we may often find that masks are expensive, there are many different models to select from, and we can also create our own masks using different materials. Besides, this virus is something very serious and it is necessary that we all collaborate putting on our masks to try to eliminate it as soon as possible.

    In summary, masks are very important at this time and, although they can be uncomfortable, it is very important that we use them. In my opinion, everyone should follow the instructions given by the government and doctors to try to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

  9. Most of us have been wearing face masks for several months and they have become part of the personal items we always carry when we go out . Maybe that´s sounds crazy , but we have to do it to help prevent the number of infections .

    The use of the mask has created controversy among people about if they are really useful or about what kind of mask is better for you . What is clear is that when you wear it , you are protecting others , and when others wear it , they are protecting you . So , it´s almost like a selfish act not to wear it in public .

    I saw some people wearing a mask while they were driving , but they are supposed to be used for a limit time because you can start to feel bad , so you should only use them when you are in contact with other people, when you are in public places and you can´t keep the distance .

    Summing up , wearing a mask is as important as keeping the distance , so follow the rules and respect other people if you don´t want to get infected you or infect other people.

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  11. Nowadays masks are just another part of our daily clothing, a common thing we always wear. But some months ago, it was different, nobody used this. In about 5 months, a whole country was wearing mask everywhere they were going, so as you can think, now there are many different designs of them, brands and artists have decided to create some of them, to make them look different and colourful.

    At first, this was a controversial garment, because some doctors said that it wasn´t effective against Covid-19, but nowadays, everybody agrees that it is really helpful. A few weeks ago, most of the country decided that this masks should be worn wherever you went, and if you don´t wear it, you will be punished. So, details, like personalised masks, can help people wear them.

    I think this is a great idea, it can make funnier the fact that we must wear this when we are going out, even when we go to a speacial event like a wedding or a first communion, so if people want to look better and not just wear a white or blue mask, they can buy one similar to his dress or shirt.

    In summary, if everybody wears masks, I´m sure we will defeat the virus before we can even notice, or, at least, people won´t die until a vaccine is found, so keep strong and wear masks!

    David Bacas Posadas

  12. As i had written in others of my comments use the mask have been one of the three protagonist in this quarentena with one mettre and fifty cemtimettres between people and wash with soap our hands.

    Nowadays people keep using the mask but this is for fines no for people are afraid of coronavirus. The biggest porcent of people than do not use well the mask or do not use are teenagers. If we wear the mask we don't use all the time, we will put on the arm or we use correctly if we see the police.

    For that the new born of coronavirus between people is for teenagers. We go out with a lot of people and don't use correct the mask, and whe we will go back to our houses we infect our families and these to other people.

    For that i think the ne quarentina and the new deaths are going to be for that reason.

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  14. COVID-19 is a disease caused by the coronavirus and it spreads from person to person by the drops that remain in the air when infected people talk, cough or sneeze. Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared in March 2020, face masks have become very common among us.

    Medical face masks are recommended in order to prevent the spread of the virus. There is an increasing evidence that both symptomatic and asymptomatic people can contribute to the spread of COVID-19. That is why an appropriate use of the masks is important along with other preventive measures, such as social distancing, hand hygiene and avoiding touching our face, nose, eyes or mouth.

    At the moment, more than 50 countries in the world require people to use the mask when they leave home. Putting on a mask every time we go out is like a ritual nowadays. In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus in our country, masks are to be worn everywhere to keep safe. The use of the mask is compulsory for everyone older than six. On the contrary, we risk a fine of €100.

    To end up, even though the use of face masks in public is compulsory, it should be considered only as a complementary measure. It is extremely important that we all practise good hygiene and keep the social distance of at least two meters.