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by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 29 de julio de 2020

Unfortunately, not a good time for live music


Unfortunately, any gathering of people can be the cause of an outbreak, so no live music, no chance to go to a football match, or a tennis match, or a basketball match and, of course, no time for boozing all together!!!

Some interesting articles for you to read about the issue:



However, ....

News Review: A plan to bring live music back (BBC Learning English)

Going on with our revision of the FUTURE TENSES with our 1º ESO students:

                               WE 💗 HOLIDAYS !!! 

(Click here to have access to the digital book: Cambridge University Press)  You will do the first 5 exercises on page 97 to work on your listening skills and vocabulary. Then you will revise the GOING TO future for plans, intentions, decisions... on page 98 (do the first 5 exercises). Por ejemplo, si nosotros decidimos o tenemos la intención de ver películas en inglés durante el mes de agosto para mejorar nuestro nivel de inglés, diríamos:

Example: I'm going to watch films in English to improve my level of English during the month of August.

The English We Speak: What does the 'new normal' mean? (BBC Learning English) Check its meaning below.

And now here's a quizz: ZERO AND FIRST (REAL) CONDITIONALS    (for my 4º ESO students)

mmmEnglish   >>>>  What is a GERUND? 😣 Confusing English Grammar




Last night I watched the film "Me Before You", whose soundtrack was really nice, apart from the touching issue it deals with. Here's one of the songs:

Ed Sheeran - Photograph • Me Before You


Other bits from the film:  1   2   3 


USE OF ENGLISH. Multiple-choice exercise. Choose the appropriate option:

21. "If I shut my eyes," he thought, "................... asleep."   (A  I'll fall    B   I'd fallen   C  I'm falling   D   I was falling)

22. As he watched, .................. cloud appeared.    (A  an other    B   that other   C  another   D   any other)
23. ........................ looked like the head of an American Indian(A  This one    B   One   C  Which one   D   The one)
24. He seems to be ferocious, .....................?     (A  isn't it    B   isn't he   C  doesn't he   D   does he)
25. Indian warriors ........................ their faces before going off to fight.   (A  used to paint    B   used paint  C  used to painting   D  were painting)
26. Then they ..................... to the rhythm of drums.     (A  had danced    B   were dancing   C  would be dancing   D   would dance)
27. Peter thought he ............ the sound of their drums.     (A  would hear    B   could have heard   C  should be hearing   D   could hear)
28. He didn't realize it was thunder .................. .     (A  from far     B   away far   C  far away   D  as far off)
29. When clouds build up, it often ................... rain.   (A  is meaning     B  means to   C  must be meaning   D   means)
30. There were ................ clouds now.        (A  much      B   many more   C  much more   D   more than many)
31. One cloud looked .......................... an umbrella.        (A  to be    B   it was   C  being   D  like)
32. .................... a raindrop fell on the little dog's head(A  In that time   B   Just then   C  When   D  Therefore)
33. Poosk ................. .   (A  woke up    B   awakened   C  awake    D  woken up)
34. She knew ........................ .         (A  that was coming    B   what will come   C  that will be coming   D   what was coming)
35. "It .......... rain," the dog thought.   (A  must be going to    B   will be   C  ought to have been   D   has had to be)
36. ........... this is just what it did.   (A  Because    B   Although   C  And   D   However)
37. "Come on!" Peter called. "We ....................... stay here any longer."    (A  couldn't    B   can't   C  hadn't to   D   mightn't)
38. Peter and Poosk jumped up and ran .................... the rain.   (A  through    B   under   C  down   D   below)
39. He ...................... an umbrella.       (A  ought to bring    B   can have brought   C  should have brought   D   must bring)
40. "As soon as I ................ home, I'll have a hot bath," he promised himself.     (A  have got    B   will get   C  get   D   am getting)

Solutions to USE OF ENGLISH exercises in the previous post.

1.  d   2.3. c   4. a   5. d   6. b d b   15.  c   16.  b   17.  c   18.  b   19. c   20. b

Tennis  >>>

Stefan Edberg vs Boris Becker | Wimbledon 1990 Final | Full Match

the new normal = "la nueva normalidad"

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  1. In Andalucía they have not yet set a limit on meetings with families or friends, but in Spain in some provinces the capacity has been limited in meetings with families.

    In Madrid it is already mandatory to wear the mask 24 hours a day, it seems good to me that they have put that rule, to avoid infections. Also that the clubs are reduced hours, it is only until half past one at night.

    I still think that if we keep ignoring laws, contagions will continue to rise and we will stay locked. What is boring is that you cannot go to soccer stadiums, basketball courts or tennis courts, but hey it's all for health.

    Hopefully in the near future we can go see the games.

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  3. We have been locked some months, when the situation was horrible and lots of people were infected with the coronavirus and many of them were in a critical situation or even died. Now, the situation is better and there are less people infected and less deaths. Because of this we can go out and meet other people or go to a restaurant. To do this and avoid being infected we have to wear a mask and respect social distance.

    But some people aren't responsible and they are going everywhere without wearing a mask and respecting social distance. Because of this there are many regrowths. Some of them are so big that people from that place had to stay at home again and restaurants and other places had to close!

    Tourist know about these regrowths and are also cancelling their holidays to Spain. These are bad news because tourism is essential here. If there are no tourists, many people who work in hotels will earn very few money or even not earn money at all!

    In my opinion we have to be responsible. We have to give a good image and make our cities safe places. If we aren't responsible there will be many regrowths and we won't be able to go out or go to events like a football match or a concert.

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  5. Unfortunately this situation has taken away our ability to go to concerts and go to football stadiums, etc. But we have to understand that we have to be precaution of the virus, until they find the vaccine.

    Many singers have not been able to celebrate their concerts and have lost
    many money. In addition, people working in tourism have been affected this situation. People from other countries do not travel because there are many restrictions in their countries and because they are scary.

    Football teams, basketball, etc. Are suffering a lot of losses, because people don’t go to stadiums. I think if we keep ignoring the laws, The virus will never disappear and many people will die.

    Finally, in Spain the outbreaks are increasing because people have forgotten the virus. Put at risk the people around them, celebrating parties
    and not respecting security measures.

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  9. Nowadays, we can say that we have already lived an extreme situation, which has improved, but not much. Our lives have completely changed, and we are used to following some hygiene protocols and security measures to keep us safe from the virus.

    Masks are the principal obligation indoors and outdoors even if there is a safety distance. This measure started a few weeks ago in some autonomous communities, and little by little more cities were adapting this step. Furthemore, if we are going to go into a shop or supermarket, we have to wash our hands with hydroalcoholic gel or use plastic gloves.

    Consequently, lots of events and national and popular festivities have been cancelled. This has affected many artist or any other person whose jobs depend on the attendance of audiences to their performances, like concerts or sport events . During the quarantine, singers have sung through social networks, but it isn’t the same. Mainly because they aren’t earning as much the money as they could.

    Besides, people who work for tourism, for instance hotels or hostelry, are also in a bad situation. This is because there are many restrictions to go to other countries. And at this moment, there are more outbreaks everywhere because of the parties.

    To sum up, I think that we have to be responsible and conscious that the virus is still among us and if we don’t take care of ourselves , we are going to get worse

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  11. Nowadays, it is not posible to attend music concerts because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    People don’t respect the distance of security and don’t always wear face masks.

    So if we want to stop this pandemic, we will have to work as a team.

    I am Francisco Toledo López de 1A

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  13. Things have changed a lot in the last few months. In this situation we have to be sensible and try not to form crowds of people because the Coronavirus is still among us and the situation can worsen if we do not take care of ourselves.

    Masks have been compulsory for a month. We know that the only solution to this problem right now is wear masks, apart from keeping social distance and having a good hygiene. If everybody used a mask, Coronavirus outbreaks would not continue to grow. But some people are irresponsible and they go out without masks and they don't respect all the measures set or the social distance.

    On the other hand,many concerts and big events have been cancelled to avoid that there are more infected people. As a result, singers have given concerts through social networks during the quarantine. However, in the last month the situation has improved, so, many places have opened to receive these artists but always respecting the security measures. In fact, some concerts have mixed the face-to-face concerts with online concerts.

    To sum up, masks are obligatory at least until experts find a vaccine. In my opinion concerts can wait because the most important thing is to stay healthy.

  14. The coronavirus have changed our lifes in a lot of ways. One of us and the more difficult is one mettre and fifty centimitres between people, for that we hadn't got concert, normaly school, etc.

    In my life i have assisted once time to a concert that was fantastic and it was a beautiful, exciting and interasting night and concert. The singers haven't liked, for that i think when i will go to a concert with a singer that i like him or her music i am going to die for the exciting.

    We are going to return to nomality but we must and have to be careful because if we think that the worst had happened we are luckies or very stupids.

    For that i think we have to follow the 3 simples rules and our lifes will become to normality again

  15. We are living a very difficult situation. Coronavirus has affected in everything related to social life. Our lives have changed because of the extreme situation we have lived.
    Wearing face-masks is compulsory. We must follow the hygiene protocols and security measures.

    For 3 months more or less we cannot see our friends and family face to face. Now we can see them with caution. We can go shopping, we can go to cinema, we can go to a restaurant and we can travel. But we can not go to concerts, festivals, matches of different sports or dance in a discotheque.

    During the time we have spent at home, in most cases, our entertainment activities have been listening to music and doing sport. If we had not had these activities we would have gone crazy. Thanks to these activities we have been able to clear our mind and don't think about the problems outside.

    Singers have had to cancel their concerts. They cannot be with their fans in the same way as in a concert but we can listen them by youtube, spotify or other musical platforms. They will lose too much money and they cannot be compensated. People who have bought the tickets and the concert has been cancelled will have no problem. Concerts have been postponed to next year and people who had tickets for this year will enjoy the concert with those same tickets.

    To sum up, we have to be conscious about coronavirus and don't do crazy things. Concerts could be infectious points and it can harm many people. Waiting for a concert seems eternal but the moment when you can enjoy it will be more magical. We have to be careful and take care.

  16. Nowadays, we are living a complicated situation due to the coronavirus. Little by little the situation is improving, but we will not return to normality in our lives until there is a vaccine against the virus. Therefore, the only way to reduce coronavirus cases is by following security measures.

    Masks have been compulsory for a month ago in some autonomous communities and little by little more cities are following this security measure, which according to experts is the most effective. Everyone must wear the mask indoors and outdoors even when we are in a safe distance. This way, people who do not wear the mask can be fined if they are seen by the police. Moreover, we should respect the social distance and wash our hands with hydroalcoholic gel.

    Consequently, lots of concerts, big events and festivities have been cancelled. As a result, many singers and other celebrities whose jobs depend on the attendance of audiences to their performances. Although, some of them have given concerts during the quarantine through social media. Fortunately, the situation has improved and many artists are working giving concerts or sport events but always respecting the security measures. However, the situation is still worrying since they are not making as much money as they could.

    To sum up, everyone should follow safety rules to avoid spreading the virus further until there is a vaccine against the coronavirus and we return to normality of our lives.

  17. This is getting out of control, people go to concerts, discos ... Without a mask, which is causing outbreaks without control. I am not saying that they cannot go to concerts, because if they go with their masks, maintaining a safe distance, and when they enter, they take their temperature, nothing would happen, but since people do not do any of this, then, later when we are locked up at home again, let them not complain because it was their fault for not complying with the rules.I also find it very sad what is happening in the United States, the fights, the great big outbreaks that are there, and the president does nothing about it. Well, that seems horrible to me, because to be a President, discriminate against people and do nothing against the coronavirus, to do that, it is better not to be president.

    Rocío Avellanedas Nocete 1°ESO A.

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  19. We are living a complicated situation because of the coronavirus . We all have to wear a mask everywhere we go , even when we are in a safe distance .

    But , we are not the only ones who are living a complicated situation , but also people whose jobs depend on public events , concerts or football matches , that is , celebrities. They are probably the most afected with this situation , but as it is said on the radio , music is the only thing that does not need distance . For that reason , during the quarantine artists have been doing their own concerts trough social media.

    The same happens with football matches . Stadiums have been closed for a few months and both footballers and people have missed the crowd in their matches. They had to continue with their training without people .

    Finally, step by step , we will reach the "normality" in our lives , but first we have to follow the security mesures and of course , keep the distance .

  20. A concert is a live music performance in front of an audience. The performance may be by a single musician, sometimes then called a recital, or by a musical ensemble, such as an orchestra, choir, or band. These shows are very popular between people of any age. Everyone enjoys listening to their favorite artist's music live. However, because of the current situation (caused by the Covid 19), the celebration of these concerts has to be cancelled.

    On the one hand, there are many people who agree with the suspension of this kind of shows. Currently, we are living a global pandemic and we must take many measures to prevent the transmission of the virus. Moreover, concerts are not an essential activity, and you can still enjoy the music of your favorite artists through platforms like Youtube or Spotify. Besides, the more we follow the established rules and keep the security distance, the sooner this virus will disappear and we can return to the normal life.

    On the other hand, there are other people who don't agree with this. For many people, enjoying live music is an essential activity in their lives. Furthermore, there are measures that can be taken to avoid infections, such as everyone wearing a mask all the time, there being delimited areas on the floor to be able to maintain a safe distance or you having to spend the whole concert sitting down. In addition, as we all know, the fact that there are no concerts means a loss of money not only for the singers, but also for the rest of the team who have a job related to this.

    In short, concerts are very fun and cool events. Besides, you can go to have a good time with your friends there. Nevertheless, because of the current situation it is difficult to determine if it is right that concerts should take place or not. From my point of view, although I love going to concerts, I think this is not the time for live music.

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  22. We are in a situation that we didn't get in before, we have been locked down for some months and now we can go out, but we can't do the same things as before.

    Nowadays, we can't go to concerts without a face-mask, and with fewer people,but not only this. We can't go anywhere without our face-mask, I understand that it's for our own health and to make the number of infected people decrease, but in my opinion, it's nonsense that we must wear a face-mask if we go for walk in the countryside with our family, or if we go cycling with our friends.

    Although we must follow all the security measures that the government says, and we don't do crazy things, like going to concerts or parties without face-mask, and think that if we follow all the measures everything will be okay.
    Francisco González

  23. We have lived and we are living a very difficult situation that we have never lived. The situation we have experienced due to the coronavirus has changed our way of life. Little by little things are improving, but that does not mean that we return to normality, although things go better we must and we are obliged to follow the security rules that the government tells us to continue improving and that there are fewer cases of infected.

    The mask is mandatory, they made it mandatory recently. You have to wear it everywhere, both indoors and outdoors, if you go to the supermarket, even if we are complying with the safety distance we must wear it.

    Everyone is having a hard time, restaurants since they do not have as much business as before, teachers and students who are a month away from starting the course and do not know how they are going to do it, musicians, singers who cannot give a concert like before though
    Fortunately, the situation has improved and many artists are working giving concerts or sporting events but always respecting the safety measures such as a small number of people, use of the mask ...
    footballers and athletes who cannot compete or compete but without an audience.
    Singers, musicians and those in restaurants are having trouble with money.

    Many have been canceled. concerts, events, festivals. People who have bought the tickets and the concert has been canceled will have no problem. The concerts have been postponed to next year and people who had tickets for this year will enjoy the concert with those same tickets.

    In my opinion, we have to be aware of the situation that we have experienced and that we are experiencing that the virus is still entering us, we have to be responsible and comply with security measures until there is a vaccine, as long as there is no vaccine we will not return to normality .

  24. Everyone is living a hard time. It is hard for restaurants, which what they are going to do is having less customers than they´d like; for students, who, in August, they don´t know what are they going to do in less than a month; for musicians, who can´t give concerts, etc. These ones have been singing and playing instruments online during the confinement, but most of them haven´t earned anything with this, so they are having money problems.

    Nowadays, musicians can give concerts, with only a few fans, but it´s the only way they can do their job in the times we are living. Others are trying to release some albums and sell them, and others are trying something else, for example some singers and football players have joined Twitch, a streaming web, where they make concerts, talk with fans, or play videogames. Related to sports tournaments, they are happening without many problems, but without spectators, like the football Champions or the football Spanish league.

    However, there are other events or tournaments that have been cancelled, like the Olympic Games, which are going to be held next year if the COVID-19 disappears.

    So, in this situation, everyone is trying to do their best, and searching different ways to earn money, hotels are offering some reductions, restaurants have reduced their capacity, singers are giving concerts to a few people, athletes are trying to compete without problems, and everything seems to improve steep by steep. So, maybe, in a few months, this nightmare may end and a vaccine will be found, then we´ll be able to finally recover our daily routines.

    David Bacas Posadas

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  28. It´s been six months since the coronavirus pandemic was declared. Unfortunately, the virus is still among us. Therefore, in order to protect ourselves and others, we must wear a mask everywhere we go, keep a good hygiene and maintain a social distance of at least 1,5 meters between each other. So, are mass gatherings a good idea nowadays?

    Mass gatherings are events characterized by the concentration of people at a specific place and can include a single event or a combination of several events. There are different types of mass gatherings such as sport competitions, concerts, religious events, and others.

    In the context of COVID-19, mass gatherings could significantly increase the risk of the virus spreading. In our country, at the moment, the situation is still critical, as the number of cases keeps rising. The authorities have decided that it is essential to implement strict social distancing measures which are aimed to hold back the spread of the virus. As a result of that, mass gatherings are being prohibited in our country until the situation gets back to normal.

    In conclusion, mass gatherings are not a good idea during this global pandemic. I personally think that mass gatherings are prohibited worldwide at least until a vaccine is found. Everyone should continue keeping their distance from other people whenever possible and a good hygiene should be maintained.