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domingo, 5 de julio de 2020

What will jobs and learning be like in the future?

Everything is changing these days. Probably faster because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The way we learn, the way we work, the way we meet people. We have already talked about 'teleworking', but with the new normality we are heading towards flexible or blended working. And so could be learning and teaching!

Let's see what it really means and then we'll have a look at a couple of articles related to the issue:



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  1. I think that, in our future, we going to do everything with more tecnology. In the case of work, it going to be by robots controlled by humans or maybe using "teleworking". If we talk about learning, it going to be by online classes, and meeting friends also could be with virtual reality. With the coronavirus, in the quarantine, there was people that was meeting in videogames using VR.
    Also there is a possibility that everything will be automated, and the humans have to do anything, only a life of fun.

    Daniel del Pozo Quesada 4º ESO A

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  3. Because of the coronavirus pandemic many companies have changed the way to work. Some people who worked in the office have had to learn to work from home. The way to work and learning has changed both in schools and in offices. But, are we really concerned about what will happen in the future about it?

    On the one hand, many businesses have found a lot of good benefits about working at home. First of all, the timetables are more flexible. This allows people to find a balance between their personal and work lives. Moreover, working at home reduces road traffic and people don't have to spend time waiting for the transport. And what's more, the level of contamination has decreased in the latest months.

    On the other hand, some people consider that working in the office has many advantages too. People say that computers take up less space and they can work more comfortable than in the house. In addition, they have the opportunity to socialize with people and have a great time while they are eating something or taking a coffee. However, some people are in disagreement, So, many businesses have invented a new alternative. 'Blended working', a mixture of working at home and work in the office.

    All in all, I think that the way of working in future jobs and schools depend on each country. Nevertheless, I consider it a good idea to mix the work at home and work away from home.

  4. I think that the Jobs in the future will be as always, but keeping the safety distance and with masks. And in schools we should be separate and always have our mask on. In addition to carrying the disinfectant gel. There will be disinfectant gel at the Institute, and what I think they could do would be to call each class on the public address system to go out for recess.

    Rocío Avellanedas Nocete 1°ESO A

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  6. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many people have changed the way of working. For example, people who worked in an office could work at home, but many others couldn't work for nearly three months because they couldn't work at home or they didn't like the idea. Teleworking has many advantages and disadvantages as everything.

    For example, more and more businesses are adopting teleworking as their way of working. Teleworking allows you to stay at home and not to have timetables. It seems ideal, but it is much more difficult, nearly impossible, to concentrate. This happens because you can take your phone, play music or take a break at anytime. Because of this, if someone works at home he won't be as productive as he is in his office.

    But there are some jobs which can't adopt teleworking, like farmers. They had to work during the quarantine, but many people couldn't because their job wasn't considered as essential. What could be the solution? Create robots that can do these jobs. There are already little robots doing some small tasks everywhere, for example, in the bank to pay Bill's or in the supermarket to pay what you want to buy.

    But not all jobs can adopt teleworking that easily and not all jobs can put robots instead of people. For example during the quarantine teachers gave the lessons and sent homework online, but it was more difficult to pay attention in the classes and to organise the time to do homework. Other jobs, like doctors, couldn't be done by robots because they need to consider a lot of things, not only the symptoms.

    I think that teleworking will be more popular in the future, and there will be lots of robots doing some jobs, but some jobs, like teachers and doctors won't change because they need to be done in person and by people, not robots.

  7. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a lot of things like the already foreshadowed rising of extremism due to the fear and all the misinformation we all are exposed to. The situation has also shown people the importance of a quality public healthcare system at the time of facing this kind of disasters.
    Now looking in the working aspect, many people have lost their jobs or have been forced to adapt in order to keep earning money, with regard to the working conditions (for example working at home, or changing the way the work). But this problem has also affected students and teachers making a real challenge to continue the schedule for this current school year.
    As I said previously the pandemic has accelerated a lot of things and now many people feel more comfortable working at their homes than in the office or their previous workplace and some companies are also noticing that some employees are doing a better job than before, so the debate is open!
    So at the moment the only thing we can do is to wait and see what the future has prepared for us and how we can overcome it.

  8. Actually, with COVID-19, we didn't have school this last term of the schoolyear and we maybe be in quarantine this first term of the new schoolyear because we don't take under control the virus at the moment, so take advantage to this situation and take good marks.

    I think that in the future we will use internet for the classes and do everything at home, is more comfortable and with determination we can learn like at school. Maybe we can use Virtual Reality (VR), I know that a lot of people can't afford this, but in a future, I think that people will introduce VR into normals TVs.

    In my opinion, work from our houses is very comfortable and enough, so if VR doesn't appear to our lifes, we will study like we did all these years or studying at home like this quarantine.

  9. In my opinion in the future we will do a lot of things with technology, for example, the hardest jobs like working in the fields. This work will probably be done by robots, and the jobs like working in an office will be done by teleworking from your own house.

    In my opinion, it could be good, because I think that if you work in an office, you will be quieter if you work from your home. As well, this could reduce pollution as not so many people would need to get to their jobs by car, and they would pollute less.

    Talking about learning, I think that one day it would be all online, but I reckon that you learn more and better if you are going to face-to-face classes because you are more attentive than in online classes.

    So I think that the technology will be an important thing in our future, especially in the jobs that we will get.
    Francisco González López

  10. Due to Covid-19, many companies have had to close, many people have been laid off and are unemployed and others have had to work from home.
    Are people concerned with all this? Could it get worse?

    On the one hand, many people have found it better to work from home, since they did not have to get up so early, they had more flexible working hours and they spent more time with their families.
    Due to working from home, many companies have benefited greatly. As a result of the virus and not leaving home, road accidents have decreased.

    On the other hand, many people preferred to work in their office or workplace, since they related to more colleagues, they also said that the concentration of work was greater in the office than in their home, since their children distracted them at home.

    I think that now with all this virus and so that it does not spread, the way of working should be done in a mixed way so that so many colleagues do not relate to each other, while some work from the office while others do them from home and the week next upside down.

  11. Have you ever thought about what jobs and learning will be like in the future?
    A recent study has shown that in the future we will both study and work online,I think that this will be very difficult.

    On the one hand, learning online is not as good as learning in a classroom. From my point of view, if you have any questions, the teacher will take longer to answer you. In addition, there are a lot of problems with our WIFI connection, so we lose many classes. Therefore, we don't study as much as we should.

    Furthermore, not all jobs can be done online. A lot of jobs can be done online but sometimes they lose quality.However neither jobs like painters nor shop assistants can not be done online. Moreover not everybody knows how to use a computer to do their work. Due to this and coronavirus a lot of people in Spain have lost their jobs.

    Last but not least, working online will protect us more from Covid-19. So, if the children study on their own online, there is less probability that they will get the virus. Besides, if there aren't as many people who work outside their homes the rate of infection will decrease. So, if you can work at home, you should do it.

    Taking all into account, not only do I believe that learning and working online is more difficult, but I also think it can be much easier and more practical in the future.