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miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2020

Bubión on fire, but...



BREAKING NEWS from las Alpujarras >>>> At around midday we were playing tennis in Pampaneira when we saw some blazes up in the ravin between Bubión and Capileira. The fire has affected mainly Capileira because of the wind, but thanks to the helicopters, planes, firefighters and people helping, it seems it is beginning to be controlled after nearly ten hours (now it is 9 p.m.).


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  1. Wildfires are firefighters' nightmares every summer. We all try to do our bit and pollute the forest, but there are inhuman people who dedicate themselves to burning and polluting the atmosphere and the forest.

    People who are arsonists, I don't know what's wrong with their heads, I think they get a psychological break on the head, and they think that burning the forests can heal, but their personality is very similar to those of a kleptomaniac.

    The arsonists burn the forests just like that, but the best is yet to come, when half of the people who are sentenced to trial, give them freedom without being reported, because they have no charges, (complaints, robberies ...). If these people are given a harsh sentence, whether it is public office or jail, it is the best thing to do, not that some cases give them freedom without charge.

    This fire that has happened in the Alpujarra of Granada, is devastating, it is a pity that so many hectares are burned, because we leave garbage, and these high temperatures cause fires to occur. I hope that in the near future we can avoid this and do our part, so that our flora does not suffer more fires like this.

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  3. The fire in the Alpujarra of Granada was stabilized yesterday at nine in the morning. The firefighters were working all night to put it out. The wind was a big complication for firefighters.

    The fire started on Wednesday at two o'clock in the afternoon. They deployed to Bubion, one hundred ten people and six autobombs. The fire has burned land of high tourist value, in the Sierra Nevada National Park.

    The forest fire are a threat in the summer. At this period the temperatures are very high and it interacts more with the environment. It is very important not to throw rubbish into the forest or anywhere else.

    Finally, we have to avoid fires because they are very dangerous to the environment. We must all be aware that we must not contaminate the forests.

  4. Every year there are many fires, most of them are in forests since it is easier than in a city, because trees and plants burn before a house.
    Some of the fires are caused by nature and others are caused by man and can be willing or not.
    I think that some fires start from the things that we throw on the ground like plastic, glass ... and I think that this should not happen, we should not throw things on the ground since they could cause fires or that some animals eat it and die , and not only do not throw things in the forest but also do not throw things into the sea since the animals eat it and can die.
    I think we should take more care of the environment.
    This year the fires have decreased compared to other years due to the confinement and the weather.
    During the confinement there has been less contamination since we could not go out to the street or go to work.

  5. Always there was and will there are wildfire. But nowadays we are more careful and we have interest more interes about it. I am going to talk about to things: why it happened? And the consecuences.

    Why it happened?
    We know there are two. Natural causes and human causes.
    When wildfire start by natural causes we only cando do one thihg that is fihgt with the fire to try save the biggest wild superfice which we can. But when it starts by a '' human
    wrong'', we do the same with natural causes but this is the worst because we cause a lot of demage.

    Usually they are the same. Firefighters are putting therir life' s in dangerous, a lot of money that we pay with our tax free and the worst is the demage to the wild which need years to regenerate. And with human causes if the police caught he, he will to pay a fine or or you can also go to the jail.

    In my opinion we have to be careful because we are destroying the wild and it produced our air.

  6. Around the year there are a large number of fires, which can be man-made or natural. This usually happens in the hottest months of the year.

    About a week ago one occurred in the Alpujarra in which firefighters were working for hours to eliminate it.

    It is necessary to avoid throwing cigarette butts or glass among other things to avoid worse evils.

    In my opinion we should do more campaigns to clean up the forests.
    Marta Rodríguez 1ºA

  7. Nowadays there are a lots of fires around us, for example this fire in Bubión and Capileira, that was in the field, like this, almost fires burn in the fields, but it may also burn in the middle of the city, for example the fire in a cafeteria in Motril.

    The fires can be very frightening and, of course, dangerous, and for this reason exist the job as firefighter, the person who must put out fires, and these persons can save the life of a lot of people. I reckon that it's a very difficult job, because they must pass a lots of strength test, and for this reason they must be in good shape, and they can't be scared of any fire. This job is very dangerous because they could lost their life in the fire. I couldn´t be a firefighter!

    The fires can be cause natural, or can be cause by persons, with only one match, you could fire a whole forest, and nowadays, almost all fires are caused by persons. For this reason, turn on fire even in your property aren't allowed. If you turn on a fire in your property and the police catch you, they will report you.
    Francisco González

  8. Every summer there are wildfires because the weather is warmer. Some of them appear because of natural causes, like a thunder, or an accident, but sadly most of them are caused by people. Wildfires are usually extint after a few hours thanks to firefighters, but some of them are very dangerous and they burn a lot of fields. Sometimes they event get too close to some towns that they even burn some houses!

    Nearly 2 weeks ago there was a wildfire in the Alpujarra, and it mainly affected to Bubión and Capileira. More than 100 people were needed and they needed nearly a whole week to extinguish it. The wildfire burned around 28 hectares.

    I think this is a serious problem and we have to avoid wildfires. They burn a lot of fields and sometimes kill animals or even people. They also pollute the air so if we want to have fresh air and see a beautiful landscaoe when we look trough the window.

  9. Every summer a lot of wildfires take place and leave several hectares burnt up behind. Sometimes these wildfires start due to natural causes, but most times the causes of these wildfires are connected with men either if someone want to start them or not.
    These fires are a great threat for wildlife and we need to do whatever is in our hands to prevent from happening. But many people don’t even seem to care about the forest or their own fields, throwing trash everywhere.
    The threat for the wildlife is just not for vegetable life but also for animal because of the destruction of their natural habitat and drastic change in the environment.
    Lucky for everyone many people come to help fight wildfires along with the firefighters mitigating the effect of the disaster.

  10. Every year, around summer season, many wildfires appear as the heading of the news. They are becoming more and more frequent as well as bigger. Moreover , this is a catastrophe for us, humans, but also for the animals, plants and overall the whole planet where we live.

    On the one hand, many of these fires are caused by a human-action. Whether intentional ones or accidentals (due to the rubbish we have thrown there), they still are our fault. As far as I am concerned, we are not doing enough to prevent them ,so we ought to apply hasher measures. For instance, in those cases where the fire has been intentional, there should be no-other solution but a jail sentence. And in the other case, a great solution would be creating a fine for any kind of rubbish thrown, even if it is just a cola can.

    On the other hand, sometimes they happen because of natural reasons. Lightnings sometimes reach the top of a tree and burn it down, unluckily that cannot be prevented, but we could pay more attention to the forest when a electric storms stars, as it is easier to stop a fire when it is little.
    Also, a wildfire can begin because of what they call "rule of 30" (+30º temperature, -30% humidity ,wind of +30km/h and +30 days without raining),conditions which are given more often because of the global warming.

    All in all, wildfires should be at the spotlight during all summer. Quite recently we have seen fires in Bubión, a really big one in Huelva and yesterday one in Motril. Because of that we should invest more money in developing the existing technologies to detect fires before they occur.

  11. The trouble with fire is that you hardly ever know whether it is provoked or natural. In my opinion, if provoked, people have reached a level that they don't even know what they are doing. If the trees are burned, the ozone layer is destroyed sooner, the animals that live in that area will have to leave, the people who live in that area will be in danger ... For me, the people who do that are crazy

    Rocío Avellanedas Nocete 1°ESO A

  12. Each year the number of fires increases worldwide due to pollution. Almost all of them are detected in the forest due to vegetation as the fire in the alpujarra. Besides, during the month of August, fires have expanded more rapidly due to dry weather, wind and heat. But even during the dry season, large fires are not a natural phenomenon in some places. Due to, many people conscious or unconscious start fires such as leaving a cigarette butt un extinguished near trees. Therefore, according to experts, most of the fire flames are caused by people.

    The fire that started in the Alpujarra of Granada occurred on August 12 at around two in the afternoon. The fire originated in the ravin between Bubión and Capileira. However, the fire mainly affected Capileira due to the wind. Although, between firefighters and other people who helped, it was possible to control the fire as soon as they could. In this way, the fire began to be controlled around 9 at night, after almost ten hours of fire.

    So, the situation is very dangerous because everyone on the planet benefits of plant oxygen, without which we could not live. Due to, trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen instead. Therefore, the forests have a very important role in the extraction of greenhouse gases that heat the planet from the atmosphere. Besides, if trees and plants die, they would release billions of tons of carbon that would make it impossible to escape from a climate catastrophe. In addition, people closest to the fires will have the most immediate effects because they already have trouble breathing. Besides, fires can destroy houses and even towns especially in the mountains.

    To sum up, together we must take care of the planet. So in my opinion, if we are careful in the forest, there will be less fires. Although, many fires are caused naturally but if we take care of our forests, there will be fewer fires.

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  14. A wildfire is an uncontrolled fire caused by nature or human activities in forests or rural areas. Wildfires usually occur in hot and dry climates and they have become a global issue. But, why do wildfires happen?

    On the one hand, the main factor for increasing wildfires is the climate change. It causes high temperatures, droughts, and strong winds in the summertime. Therefore, dry vegetation becomes fuel which results in wildfires. The dry season has become longer, so wildfires have become more and more frequent, nowadays.

    On the other hand, human activity is another cause of wildfire ignitions. The most common direct human causes of wildfire ignition include having a barbeque in the forest, dropping burning cigarettes, fireworks, fire camping, etc. As a result, grass and trees can be set on fire and turn into big forest fires.

    Wildfires occur all over the world and are a big issue, nowadays. According to Global Wildfires, in Europe, the number of wildfires reaches over 40% on average. Moreover, recently, The United States and Australia have suffered the worst damage and largest wildfires ever.

    In conclusion, most of the wildfires occur in dry seasons and will continue to affect us in the future. Therefore, wildfires will become larger, wilder, and more frequent around the world due to climate change. I think we should all take steps to reduce global warming and avoid, this way, wildfire ignitions.

  15. Summer is the time when there are more fires. This year we have had less fewer fire than last year. Some fires are caused by nature, the sun, lightning... and other are caused by the humans, because we throw things on the ground like plastic, glass, papers, trash, cigarrete butts... because we don't put out a fire properly, or we want to provoke it. The fire destroys nature, trees, flowers, kills animals and even people. The people must look after nature, we must not throw trash or cigarette butts.

    Francisco José Prados Espinosa