Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

domingo, 23 de agosto de 2020

We'll do it OUR WAY!!

Very shortly, we'll be coming back to school, or at least try to do it. Something is for sure, with effort and willingness you can succeed, as all those you have made such a great job making comments in this blog, writing compositions, preparing for your B1 & B2 exams, reading the compulsory books and doing the digital projects... during this summer, as you can see in our SUMMER SCOREBOARD. We'll do it our way!!


 Aloe Blacc - My Way (Official Lyrics Video)



And here's an older version by Frank Sinatra: the famous I did it MY WAY.

Revising the PAST TENSES with our 1º ESO students:

            SPORTS TIME

(Cambridge University Press)  You will do the exercises  on pages 85-86.

And now some exercises for my 4º ESO & 1º Bachillerato students for the preparation for the B1 & B2 exams >>>


USE OF ENGLISH. Multiple-choice exercise. Choose the appropriate option:

1. By the time the horse finishes eating, the race ...................    (A  will finish    B   will have finished   C  is finished   D   has been finished)

2. The rider on the ground wishes he  .................. at home.    (A  stayed    B   has to stay   C  had stayed   D   stays)
3. The crowd ........................ the races since one o'clock(A  will be watching    B   have watched   C  have been watching   D   are watching)
4. Larry ..................... off his horse a few seconds ago.     (A  has fallen    B   is falling   C  has been falling   D   fell)
5. The horse started eating the grass after it ........................ its rider.   (A  was losing    B   had been losing  C  having lost   D  had lost)
6. The crowd ............... very worried, do they?     (A  looking    B   do look   C  looks   D   don't look)
7. Some of them can't stop laughing, ............ ?     (A  cannot they?    B   can they?   C  can't they    D   do they)
8. Fortunately, Larry .................. .     (A  hasn't been injured     B   isn't injure   C  hasn't injure   D  had not injured)
9. If he hadn't fallen off, he ................... the race.   (A  won     B  won't win   C  might win   D   might have won)
10. The people ................ laugh at Harry.        (A  oughtn't      B   couldn't   C  shouldn't   D   wouldn't)
11. When Larry was a little boy, he .......................... like riding.        (A  used to    B   was used to   C  did use   D  used)
12. It's no use .................... him if he still likes it.  (A  to ask him   B  to have asked   C  asking   D  ask)
13. It's time Eric and Bill ................. the horse to move.   (A  persuade    B   have persuaded   C  persuaded    D  are persuading)
14. They would sooner ........................ for a drink.         (A  going    B   be go   C  to go  D  go)
15. By the time Larry fell off, three other riders .......... thrown off their horses.   (A  were being    B   have been   C  been   D   had been)
16. Eric and Bill are trying to make the horse ........... eating.   (A  stopped    B   stop   C  stopping   D   to stop)
17. They are counting .................. helped by Harry.   (A  to be   B  being   C that they are   D  on being)
18. Poor Larry can't help them. He doesn't even remember .................... off.   (A  to fall    B   have fallen   C  falling   D   fallen)
19. He ...................... feel very dizzy.       (A  must have    B   ought   C  must   D   must be)
20. Everyone was surprised when they saw him ................ through the air.     (A  to fly    B   fly  C  flown   D   who flying)


Some activities for you to do: 

Stories for Children >>> Best job in the world (BBC Learning English)


  • Episode 200819 / 19 August 2020    >>>  Famous London museum reopens -    Language related to 'museums'.  Need-to-know language: airy, galleries, exploring & extensive.

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  1. Everybody know we must to do all exercises, projects, readings, etc. They are important for the teacher who give it to us and the students who do it. With that we can if the students learnt the leccion or we are studyin in class...

    But in the subject of inglish and the teacher who learn you it, it is some different because they ask to their students more work than in others subjects.

    With my teacher is a nightmare because we must work his subject every day with the comment in his blog twenty-five every school year, the compositions " it a undetermined number ", study how all the subjects we have and we must not stop in the summer because he said that we would lose a big part of thing we have learnt.

    I think there are subjects mor easier than others but learn a lenguage is one of the worst for a lot of people for that it need a lot of work.

  2. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  3. All the plans we had during this year have been canceled due to the coronavirus, when the summer began everything calmed down more but we are returning to the first months, with many infections. During the quarantine, many studies said that this virus is like the Spanish flu of 1918, that during the summer everything calmed down but after the summer there were many infections and this is what is happening.
    The next course is approaching and they still don't know what they are going to do. The Government has said that we all have to return to face-to-face classes, I don't see it well and think that they should do as in other places, give the choice whether to take their children to school or through the Internet.
    All this is affecting a lot of people, because if many people lock us up again they will not work and they will not have money. There are many infections and the current government does not close schools, bars, shops because otherwise it will lead to an economic crisis.

  4. This year has been and is being a bit strange, all our plans have been canceled due to the coronavirus.
    After being locked up for three months, they let us leave in May, since the situation began to be calmer. When the summer began, the situation was calm but in August they are beginning to be infected again, even more than in March and in April.
    Every time I turn on the TV and watch the news, they only talk about outbreaks in different towns.

    We are about to start the new course, and the government has not yet decided how we are going to start, nobody tells us how we are going to go to schools, how many students there can be in each class, how many days we are going to have each week, yes we are going to have recess all together or by class or if we could have some subjects. as PE.
    It is difficult to decide how to start as it is a very difficult situation to cope with.
    I think that it should not be mandatory to attend face-to-face classes, since some people do not want to take their children to school because of fear, they should choose either online classes or face-to-face classes.

    Some governments say there is going to be a lot of security and a lot of security methods, but most of the people are not happy with them. We should demand the highest security and security methods possible.

  5. This is such a weird year, all of our plans have been cancelled and the future is very vague. Now, it´s August, 6 months after the confinement, and we can see that the problem is happening again. When we switch on the TV and watch the news, they only talk about outbreaks in different towns, and how they are going to establish the confinement for everybody again. This is hard to many people that work in tourism or hostelry, but this is bad for us, too.

    We´re about to start the new school year, and we don´t know what is going to happen to us. No one tells us how we are going to go to schools, how many students there can be in each class, how many days we are going to have every week, if we are going to wear a mask the whole day or if we could have some subjects like PE.

    This is hard, because we have lost the last months of the school year before, are we going to lose this whole year too? If it is right, how are we going to be evaluated the next years? Is selectivity going to be like every year? These are questions all of us wonder about, but no one answers them, so, when is the government going to answer us?

    Some local governments told us what they are going to do to make the year good for everyone, but most people aren´t happy with them, because they don´t guarantee our security. Some parents who have young children aren´t going to take them to school, but, I think that isn´t the answer. We must demand better measures, so this year, we can learn as much as other years.

    David Bacas Posadas

  6. We all know that this year is going to be a little different because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Jobs and schools will use different methods to stay safe. However, we don't know what methods are these and how we will return to class as schools start in few days.

    To begin, I will say that we haven't received any information about how will be the back to school in September. It's for that reason that many people have a lot of doubts about it. They wonder if we will all start at the same time, how many pupils there will be in each class or even if the classes will be totally face-to-face or a mixture of online classes and in-person classes. There are many questions about it, but the truth is that we still don't know anything.

    On the other hand, for many children and teenagers, schools are places where they stay safe while their parents are working. During the pandemic, many students couldn't take classes because they didn't have a computer or Internet connection. That is why many of them want to return to classes, but in the safest way. To keep safe, there are some measures that schools should take to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, such as social distancing, use of masks and cleaning and disinfection of common areas.

    To sum up, it's sure that we will return to school but we don't know how it will be. In my opinion, if we want back to school in a safe way, we have to follow all possible measures to avoid a new confinement.

  7. Back to school is getting closer , we have a week of summer holidays and then we go back to class, but actually , we don´t really know how is going to start the school year.

    There are many unknowns about this school year and and some parents are worried about the security of their children . This fear has increase because of the new people infected every day and some parents have decided not to leave their children going to school for a while . It´s this a good idea ?. The concern of these parents is perhaps , due to the fact that they are not sure of the security measures that are going to be carried out .

    On the other hand , there are the parents who are going to leave their children at school because , one thing is true : we have to continue with our "normal life". This year is going to be a bit different , maybe , we are going to have semi-face-to-face classes , surely we are going to be about
    20 students per class and we have to keep the security distance.

    I think that we all have doubts about this year but , we have to be prepared because anything can happen.

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  9. Some days ago, the government have decided that children and teenagers will have to go to school despite the pandemic. Nobody knows how this is going to be, nor if it will be the right decision. They think that schools and high schools are going to be safe and virus free places.

    However, not everybody thinks so. There are parents who don’t trust the measures proposed by the administration. They think that it is something crazy and kids should stay at home and continue taking online lessons as during the pandemic. Moreover, we don’t know how it is going to be, what we will have to do nor the established protocol, and school year has already started for some, and will start in a few days for the rest of students. All of that whereas some schools have already closed because of a positive.

    Nevertheless, it can go well. Besides, there are students who find it difficult to study only through the internet. This happens because if we are in our home, we have more distractions and we must be very focused during the lessons. In addition, it is not the same doing all with the computer that writing in paper. Due to the quarantine, most students have had to learn to use digital skills, something that they have improved, because they did not know how to use it. This may have been a problem too. Additionally, subjects like maths, it has been more difficult because it is not the same listening to the teacher talking about numbers that looking at him doing the problems on a blackboard.

    To sum up, I think that the best option is a blended learning because there are subjects which can be learned through the internet, listening to the teacher and doing projects, but what I said, some of them like maths are more difficult if we only can use the computer.

  10. Have you ever thought about how the high school is going to be this year? The government has decided that children and teenagers will have to go to school. In a few days the school will start but the students still do not know the safety regulations due to the coronavirus that will be.

    On the one hand, there are many people who think that it is a bad idea to open schools. Moreover, they think that the security measures that the government has decided are not enough to protect against the virus. Therefore, they say that it is not necessary to go to school if we can do the classes online from home as in quarantine. Finally, others people think that the best option is for the students to give the semi-face-to-face classes.

    On the other hand, a lot of people think that going to school is a good option for many reasons. First, there are children who can’t study at home because they don’t have any computer or internet. In addition, other people believe that students have more problems to study online. Par exemple, they have more distractions. Besides, if they are used to writing on paper, doing everything on the computer is more difficult.

    To sum up, this year is going to be a very different because of the Coronavirus pandemic. However, if we are careful, there will be no more problems of contagion of the virus.