Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

viernes, 2 de octubre de 2020

Here comes October!!


  ...and here's the October song by The Corries (lyrics)

Here are some interesting places to visit in October:


Peak Fall Foliage in New England (Experience Autumn)


Two interesting New That's English episodes (Module 12):     Unit 3A            Unit 3B  (Advanced passive & white-collar crime)

The latest on the COVID-19 pandemic>>>

Trump Tests Positive for the Coronavirus (The New York Times)



And some other activities for you to do: 


Towards a plastic-free world.....

Researchers race to make bioplastics from straw and food waste (The Guardian)


  • Episode 200930 / 30 September 2020    >>>  Making 'plastic' from peas -    Language related to 'technology'.  Need-to-know language: engineer, protein, microcapsules, perfect & microplastics.

A listening exercise for you to do: How to make the web a better place (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


A good tip by MAKEEN about Agile Methodology: Managing successful IT projects with Agile.  

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  1. O my god, October came so fast, we need to change all the summer clothe to de winter one, the time pass too quickly and we don't take care, but in true I was wishing to have cold time, I don`t soport the hot weather. I don't like too much The October Song, it's a bit boring and doesn't have rhythm, it`s the type of music that I will heard when i'm bored and I don't have what to do.
    This morning I saw on TV, that Donald Trump has been positive in coronavirus test, I'm not surprised, that men doesn't take care of anything, it goes with out mask all the time and we doesn't thing in any moment in the situation that we are, I think that he is going to be well, because he has the enough money to be in one of the best hospitals of the world, I wish he put better but I thing that this situation will help he to take more care the next time.

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  4. October has come very fast. I don't like autumn because it starts to get cold and I prefer high temperatures. This month's song I think is very bad and boring. Since the coronavirus began, Donald Trump hasn't used the mask until now and has never given good advice on this topic. I think it was good that he caught COVID, so he will be more careful.

  5. In my opinion, October is a good month since autumn comes in and in November it is my birthday on the song it seems boring to me since the rhythm is very slow and that bores me but on the covid the subject is a bit boring since I return to the Boring summer and classes make them heavier. People like Donald Trump seem awful to me as a person he should behave like President, which is by keeping the safety distance and putting on the mask.


  6. October is a good month because fall begins. It is neither hot nor cold. Christmas is coming. I like October because the last day of this month is hallowen Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love to see how the leaves of the trees change in heat and some of them fall. I like October because it is the month of the pilgrimage although this year there has not been because of the covid 19. I am looking forward to going next year. I also like this month as the time change occurs and I can sleep one more hour. TO HIM MARTINEZ PADILLA 2A

  7. October is one of my favorite months because the landscapes are very beautiful because of the arrival of autumn which is one of my favorite seasons along with summer. Hallowen will not be able to celebrate due to covid-19, hopefully by next year there will be the cure to be able to celebrate events such as Hallowen or Christmas with the family.
    Oliver Lozano Martín 2A

  8. October has just started and for me this summer has been really quickly. I don't like too much the summer for the hot temperatures, I prefer the cold temperatures. But this summer has been also so rare, for the COVID.
    About the October Song, i don't like this kind of songs but it's not so bad.
    I hate the virus but I hate more the people like Donald Trump, he is pretty ignorant. He is the president of United States and for this reason He should perform like the president of United States and put on the mask. Also he should stop doing meetings because I don't know if he know it but we all are in a global pandemic.
    Luckily in a month are the elections and it's probably that he lose.

  9. A few days ago June was starting and today is 4th October. Time goes so fast. I like October because we start to wear winter clothes.
    The coronavirus is a very dangerous virus that can infect all people. It's the same if you are a famous people or not.
    In many occasions we had seen that Donald Trump didn 't comply with the security rules putting the people in danger, he said that if you drink bleach, the coronavirus would disappear. He even said that the Coronavirus didn´t exist and that it was a conspiration to stop and destroy his campaign.
    In the beaches, mountains, oceans and all parts in the world there is a lot of rubbish, plastic and waste thrown in all places. When I go to the street, there are many times that i find waste thrown away on the floor and near it there is an empty bin. I think that it is so easy to go towards a plastic free world but with the help of all people, because it is something that if all people don´t do, it is impossible to change.

  10. Time goes so fast, it's already autumn.
    October is one of my favorite months because it's cold in the morning, you have to save your summer clothes and I like that a lot.

    When I saw that Donald Trump had caught the coronavirus, it was to be expected because he didn't wear the mask and he hasn´t respected the safety regulations to avoid the covid, he seems to me to be a very ignorant and disrespectful person and more being the president of one of the countries with the most infections due to coronavirus.