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by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Javi's hint

Javi would like you to have a look at this video:

Spain Taken the street for a TRUE DEMOCRACY - May 15th 2011 - 

And more about the issue by Javi (19th May, 2011):

Very interesting vocabulary to look up.

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  1. Thanks for upload it. We need a real democracy, immediately. The parliamentary system which have stayed for 35 years -more or less- must be destroyed now. A real democracy is a direct democracy. The politicians say that a parliament is necessary, but I say that NO. It's time to request a real government -presupposing that all wants a government, being it for me unnecessary-. Banks and industries have 90% of world wealth. Is that justice? They wants manipulate our thought through publicity and mass-media, controlled by multinationals. It's time of change, it isn't moment to calm down, it's moment to fight for our rights. (Here should be the mythical scene of Braveheart)

  2. I agree with Javier. The situation has exceeded, and at last the students have reacted in view of the seriousness of the situacion. It was a matter of time that students called off, but there are people who is going too far. There have been a lot of damages because many people use violence, and it mustn't be like that. I don't know as much policy as Javier, so I can't think and express like him :P. Albert, excuse me for not attending to your class, but I have to study so much. I'll do the speaking exercise as soon as I can.

    Ángela de la O Medina 2ºC

  3. Firstly, I would like to make a question to everyone of members of this blog, it's the next: Why have we waited so many time to do something like this? We had to have done that before. To me the answer is that a lot of people have had a very good life and they hadn't worried about if the system was enough good. Nowadays, Spanish people are suffering the serious consequences although at least we have reacted. I'm agree with this uprising and with their message, it's necessary a true democracy, more transparency, etc.

    Postscript: We have to get it, but peaceably.

    Miguel Figueroa 2ºBach A

  4. Miguel Figueroa have young people got a good life? are you sure?? I don't think so. Young people have a lot of problems when they are studying, most of whom must have got a job because if they haven't they can't pay their carrer.They are tired. It's time to act! I's time to revolution! We must claim a life without corrpution. Go spanishrevolution!!
    Águeda Muela Martín

  5. I have watched the 15-M revolution on TV and I agree with their objectives. There are a lot of people that think like them but others only complain because a little part of them is violente. I'm happy for this, I wish this revolution continues and put end to the political corruption.

  6. Why people who are in Puerta del sol are called hippies? All young people are not hipiies! Politicians only know insult them because they seem to be scared .. Why? Have they got something to hide? It's not fair. I think they must respect this revolution which is pacific.
    Águeda Muela Martín

  7. The mass-media do their jobs very well (ironically, of course). The name of the movement has been distortioned. Now it's called "15M", not "Democracia real ya". The name "15M" don't invite to reflection, but the old name, for the man or woman who doesn't know anything about the movement, yes. I'm sure that politicians are waiting for the violence (between citizens and polices), then, they will have a pretext to destroy the rebellion by the brute force.

  8. I agree with the manifestation because nowadays politics don’t help young people who look for improvements in their labor condition. We want a new society that gives priority to the life over economical and political interests. We want a change in the system!

  9. We need a change, a radical change. We can't allow the current situation. This was necessary! I agree with Javier: the mass-media doesn't inform us correctly. 'Democracia real ya' is growing, and this should have a reponse from politicians. I don't know what will happen from now, but I hope we get a real democracy, as we ask. We must say very high, WE WANT A REAL DEMOCRACY!

    Andrea Coello Gómez 1ºA

  10. This revolution is fantastic because is a pacific medium to ask for this that we want. The people fight for a real democracy and for a just system that we need immediatly.
    It’s time to change, all we must go out to the street for change this society where all the riches be in the hands of the banks.

    I hope this uprising will can put end to the corruption, but it’s to difficult.

    Really, the situation can be summed up in a few words: I think, then I hinder.

    Vanessa Castaño Román 1ºBach.A

  11. I think that the situation is terrible and people who go out to the streets are very brave. We need a true democracy, because we live in a lie. The goverment control all of our lives and if they have a mistake all people pay the consequences. It´s also bad that everyone complains about the situations but when they have to do something they didn´t do anything. I hope that the actually situations improve because our future looks very bad.

    Ana Béjar Sánchez 2ºBach B