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by Bruce Lee

viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

STEVE JOBS, an example to follow.

Let's begin with an Apple commercial.

Have you ever heard of Steve Jobs? He has just died. Let's begin by reading something about him.

And now two news reports about his death:
CNN     The Guardian

Here are some of his quotations. You can make a comment about any of them.

And finally listen to his amazing speech (part 1 and part 2) at Stanford University (Spanish subtitled version).

Another good opportunity to listen to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates: part 1 and  part 2.
To end, let's listen to Steve Jobs' funniest joke.

26 comentarios:

  1. I think that it´s amazing that a person who dind´t finish university could create these electronics products that have made our lives easier. This person has shown that it isn´t necessary to study a university career to be an important person.
    By: Miguel Román Fernández 1º A Bach

  2. I think Steve Jobs is a very intelligent people because he has invented a lot of new electronic devices without having ended the university and without having the qualifications adapted for it. I also think that he is a person who has suffered a lot in the life and in spite of it he is very happy.

    Mireya González Paredes. 2ºA BACH

  3. I think that study at the university it´s important but I think the most important thing is be confident and believe in yourself. If you do that, you will get everything you want, like Steve Jobs. In the other hand, is interested that the company that he created , dismissed him. Fortunately, he returned to his own company for make new incredible products.
    By María González Vidal 1ºBAch A

  4. I think that it is incredible that this person, Steve Jobs, has achieved that his brand of electronic devices is the most famous label of the world, he also didnt finish his career by the time he died, which shows us that there can be very intelligent people that can have a very good life without even having a finished carrer, with just having an ingenious idea and a lot of dedication.

    Carlos López Ruiz 1ºbach D

  5. Steve Jobs is an intelligent person who has invented a lot of electronis devices and this are very useful for our because they do our life more easy. But I think that the most important of him it isn´t their inventions, therefore his courage,his mind of the life,etc because he had a lot of problems since he was a young and this have done that he love his work and his life more. I think that this person is an example to follow.

    Carmen Presenta Prados Ramón 2ºA BACH

  6. When I heard for the first time that Steve Jobs hasn't got a degree, I was surprised. I think he is a enviable person, he has achieved being one of the main characters of technologie and he's always continued being modest. In my opinion, Steve Jobs is an example of that you can get everything you want if you work on it and you belive in yourself.

    By Anna Rodríguez Pöhnlein 1ºBach A

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  8. From my point of view, Steve Jobs was a very brave person because he had a lot of problems and despite this he carried on with his plans. I think that the most important thing is not to lose confidence in yourself and to struggle for what you want.

    By Eva Orozco Alonso 2ºBachB

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  10. I knew nothing of this man and what he did but for what I have read has been a very important person, intelligent and spectacular for your technological inventions.
    By Jesús Guirado Paloma 1ºbach-C

  11. I think what this person has done is incredible because it has become one of the most influential of modern technology because he revolutionized so that, nowadays, we are using all electronic devices he had designed. Besides, I think he has more merit because I didn't know he hadn't finished the university.

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  13. For me Steve jobs was the most important creative person in the world. I have got an Ipod Touch and I think that's his device is incredible I can listen to music, play games, chat with friends and Surf the internet! There are a lot of reasons to take account of Steve Jobs as one of the most illustrious persons in the history and he's gone forever.

    Rest in Peace Steve!

    By: Juan José Rovira Medina 1ºA - Bach

  14. I had not heard of him until the day of his death, but I had heard of his great company Apple. This man has been very important for technological progress and surely could have gone further if he had not died. On the other hand I think that the same importance we have given the death of a man who earned millions, it could lead to millions of people who die every day because they have nothing to eat.

    By: Laura González Fernández 1ºA Bach.

  15. Steve Jobs is an incredible person, when he died all the media is talking about this news. A lot of person think, he was a simple person in life, because until his death nobody knew him or his inventions, but all computer, mp3, iPhone and a lot of electronic things, which we usually use, were made through him. I didn't know anything about his live but I knew, for example, he was the inventor of Pixar and he made the film "Toy Story". In my opinion he was a genius in life and his death is a pity.

  16. Steve Jobs has been the designer of a lots inventions that almost of people use every day. Nowadays, his job is very admired and all people want to have one of his devices because they are sophisticated, innovative and with a casual modern style. So he has managed a great sucess in a short time around the world.

    María Rojas Robledo 2º Bach

  17. In my opinion, Steve Jobs is a person very important in the technologies world of the actually. Thanks to the curiosity and investigation on electric devices, we have incredible format digitals. Moreover, is a good example to follow because in spite of all the problems who he had endured and to die very young, he had left footstep. By Belén Pérez Giménez 2ºA Bach.

  18. I think Steve Jobs is an intelligent and great person, for create a lot of electronic devices and for to be a fighter. I was impressed because he suffered much in his life, but also he was brave and he could have a family and be happy with them. Although he died very young, everyone will remember him and his dramatic history.
    By: Noelia Fernández Béjar 2º Bach A

  19. Steve jobs was a person very intelligent , he had not finished the university . But he revolutionized the world of a computers , so that he is known worldwide. Although Steve Jobs was died, I think he is an example of overcoming because he was facing a cancer.

  20. Inventions' genius's life has thrilled for many years the technology world. The things that this person has managed to do are worthy of a overcoming spirit, given the fact that he has revolutionized the informatics devices without to have ended the university. Therefore, Steve Jobs has merit, because he has designed great things that have become famous and most prestigious people use them everyday. In my opinion his death has been an enormous loss.
    By: Laura De La o Sánchez 1ºA

  21. I think that Steve Jobs has been the more revolutionary of the computer science, the telephony and the industry of the music. Through the fault of the disease of cancer that tape-worm has died. Nowadays we can enjoy his advances since it are the I-pad and the I-phon between others.

  22. Steve Jobs was and has been one of the forerunners of today's society.
    It was one of the best technological inventors of the world, his greatest invention was the creation of Apple, one of the largest computer and technology companies in the world.
    His death is a heavy stick for the world of technology and society in general, is a genius and above all an ambassador of freedom of expression.

  23. Steve Jobs was a very intelligent man who invented Apple Incorporation without to have ended the university. Many people use every day his invents, computers, iPhones, IPods… because his invents are of good quality and very technologically advanced. In my opinion Steve Jobs was a big genius and his die has been a big loss for everyone.
    Alba Pineda Montoro.

  24. This person makes me think that if you have a degree course, it is not a reason to think that you are more important than other people who haven´t studied. It has made our lives more enjoyable and easy with these new electrical appliances. With self confidence you can achieve your purpose, at least you should try to do it.

    Por: Laura Trujillo Reyes 2ºBach.B

  25. I think that Steve jobs isn't a genious, like many people say.
    He is just a hard-working person, to who the life has smiled. It's true that he has done a lot of incredibles things but there are much more people who have done more for the humanity and who we have forgotten.
    That's doesn't mean that he isn't important for the actual society, in fact thanks to him we can be on-line everywhere or write with a lot of differents styles.
    I know that my oppinion could be a little bit different from yours, but it's just another point of view.

    Javier Pulido Álvarez 2ºA BACH

  26. The first time I heard about Steve Jobs I didn't know who he was. I investigated for a while until I discovered that he was a man who hadn't finished his career but he has created inventions that we now use every day and make our lives easier and, I think that without them many people couldn't live now.
    Computers,iPhones,iPods… are inventios that he created and that now they are part of our lives.
    Now I'm reading many of his books, including his biography. I think is amazing.