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martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

And what about our ÑBA players?

Yes, what about our Spanish basketball players playing in the NBA? Read about them (Pau Gasol, Rudy Fernández, Calderón...)

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  1. I think they are all very good, but Pau Gasol is a bit better than the others. I reckon that he runs very faster and he plays very well in team
    Nerea Benavides de haro 3,B

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  5. I think it's important that we've got some basketball players in NBA, for me the best league of basket, because it would enable them to adapt to the game of the best players in the world. Pau Gasol, Rudy and company had this experience so they would know how to play them when they had the opportunity to play with their respective national teams for "selections". That's why Spain is now one of the best basketball national teams, nearly as good as USA.
    By the way, in my opinion Pau is the best pivot in the world, that's why he is in Lakers playing with the best players. Rudy, Calderon and more Spanish players are a step below his level.

  6. I think basketball is the best sport. I like very much basketball and I see all the Spanish match. Spain have a very good team with players who play in the NBA, which is the best leaugue of the world. My favourite player is Pau Gasol, I think he is one of the best players on the world, but we have very important players in Spain like Navarro, Calderón, Rudy,Felipe Reyes ...
    I think the lockout is good because we can see in the ACB very good players like Rudy who is in Real Madrid or Pau Gasol who plays in Barcelona.

    Ana Béjar Sánchez 2ºBACH B.

  7. I think like Pablo and Ana, NBA is the best basketball league in the world. In fact, my favorite player is going to play in it this year. He is Ricky Rubio and for me, he is the best. He is the youngest basketball player who has played in the ACB, he started to play in the el DKV Joventut with only fourteen years old! And he is the only European player who has won all the competitions too. But, I really like him because he is very handsome for me. I hope one day he would teach me to play good basketball.
    BY: María González 1ªBach A

  8. Yes, indeed, we have not only got some of the best players in the world, but remember that their most outstanding virtue is that they are a team. And as team, they play wonderfully!
    By the way, who was the first Spanish player ever to play in the NBA and in which team?
    by Albert (your English teacher)

  9. The basketball in Spain is excelent. We have got a lot of importants players like Pau Gasol or Rudy Fernández. I think Pau Gasol is the best basketball player in Spain and in the world. He can do a lot of "magical" things when he's playing.

    By: JuanJosé Rovira Medina

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  11. I love basketball, and I'm on a basketball team. I couldn't live without basketball.
    The Spanish basketball team this year is the best in the world. At the World Cup they played in Lithuania (where I was born :D) and won all the matches. Although I wanted to win the Lithuanians, but I knew that Spain would take the victory. I could tell all team players, but my favorites are Navarro, Calderon, Pau Gasol, Rudy Fernandez and Ricky Rubio. I feel small next to them.
    Hopefully someday I can see them play live because they are wonderful. The things they do are impossible to recreate, it seems that they play like angels.

    Laura Leliugaite 1ºbach A

  12. The Spain Basketball team have a lot of players who play in the NBA, which is the best basketall league in the world. The most famous Spanish player is Gasol, but I prefer Navarro. Navarros is my favourite player, he plays for the Barcelona team, but I think he could play on the NBA. I think that Spain will never have a team like tha again .
    Miguel Román

  13. I think that nowadays Spain has the best players in Europe and probably one best player in history, Pau Gasol. Comparing teams I don´t think that the spanish basketball team is the best, but as team there are actually the second best team in the world in my opinion, the only one that I think is better is the USA selection. My favorites players are Navarro and the Gasol brothers because they appear in the difficult matches, but I am a Madrid fan, and because of this reason I like Rudy, Reyes and Llul too.

    Carlos López Ruiz 1ºBach D

  14. Spanish players aren´t as good as American players, but there is a little group of Spanish players who are so good that have come to play in the NBA, I really like Pau Gasol for me is the best player in actually but I think Ricky Rubio
    (who plays in the Minnesota Timberwolves) will be the Pau Gasol of the future.

    José Ramón Mira Bosch 1ºA Bach

  15. This persons are incredible basketball player!I like Pau because for me he is the best Pívot from Spain of the history ! Although the other "ÑBA" players are fantasctic too. But spain have great players that they don't play in the NBA like Felipe Reyes, Navarro, Sergio Llul...
    Spain is becoming in a great rival for the other countrys in basketball.

  16. They are very good players, the player who I more like is Pau Gasol,I think he's the best in the Spain and I think that he's in the top ten of the world and of the history.
    Other player that I very like is Juan Carlos Navarro,If I were player of basketball I would be a Navarro, I think is incredible.

  17. The Spanish NBA players are very important to us, they represent us in USA and around the world, and if you like basketball, these people will be a delight for your eyes, because they are the elite of baskteball, so they play incredibly well. My favourite Spanish player in the NBA is Pau Gasol, because he have the best trophy, and because he is in my favourite basketball team, LA Lakers.

  18. I love basketball and the NBA even more
    I think Spain has become a great power by basketball players like Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol and my faboritas uan Carlos Navarro. They have made our country a giant in the world.
    The best basketball league in the world is the NBA, there are l have been the best players like Michael Jordan (best) Magic Johnson or Larry Bird.
    Now there are new stars like Lebron James, Kobe Briant, Kevin Durant or my preferred base Derick Rose Chicago Bulls.
    Basketball in Europe is not far behind, here we have players like Gasol brothers in Spain, Kirinlenko in Russia or the current champion of the NBA Dirk Nowitzki, who are true stars in America.
    I conclude by saying that basketball is a team game, not individuals which respects the opponent and always play fairly is for this reason that I like.

  19. They are very good basketball player. I think Pau Gasol is one of the best players in the world. Pau Gasol played in Memphis Grizzlies (2001-2008) in the NBA and now plays in the Angeles Lakers. Others players who have played in the NBA are Rudy Fernámdez (Denver Nuggets), Juan Carlos Navarro (Menphis Grizzlies), Raúl López (Utah Jazz).
    By: Joaquin Garcia 2ºB

  20. I love basketball and the NBA even more.
    Our Spanish NBA players represent us in USA, we can see Pau Gasol, that is on the top 5 pivots for americans, his brother Marc Gasol who is incredibly good player, Ricky Rubio a young promise for NBA with only 25 years, Nikola Mirotic who is tituar at Chicago Bulls, Ibaka, who plays for Oklahoma City Thunders, he doesn´t take rebounds and defense he can do three points shots.

    USA have the best players in the world like: Lebron James, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, James Harden, Demarcus Cousins, Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler and a few more, but basketball in Europe is not far behind, here we have players like Gasol brothers in Spain, Kirinlenko in Russia or Dirk Nowitzki

    Eduardo Pérez Muelas 4ºB