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by Bruce Lee

domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

ROYAL WEDDING: Were you invited?

Here are some articles to read and some news to watch about the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.    1    2    3    
You can also write down vocabulary and expressions that are interesting for you.

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  1. I will talk a little about Kate Middlenton. I think is a woman who loves the fashion and with a unique style. The way that she celebrated her birthday when she got sailing lessons instead make a big party says to me that she is a quiet person. I think that she should be just like that because now she is the princess of England and she must to give example.
    She reminds me to Leticia Ortíz, our princess because she comes from the normal people too and her style is also praised.

    By:María González 1ºBach

  2. the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton has been one of the most interesting acts in the year 2011.
    Kate Middleton, who comes from a middle class family, got married with the grandson of the queen of England (William), who is Descending to the crown of England and one day is going to be the King of England.
    The wedding was great, was held in a huge place with hundreds of guests around the world,and not invited either, but invitads of all royal houses of Europe.

    Enrique García Prados 2ºA Bachiller

  3. I love the style of Kate Middleton. When I marry with the soon of the Prince Felipe of Spain (Leticia and Felipe soon will have the child, who will call Antonio Borbon and he will fallin in love of me), I will have million dresses seems to the dresses of her and a boyfriend more handsome than Prince William.
    I saw the wedding on the internet, and it was incredible, although it's rare that only they could invite 100 people each one.
    This wedding was very important in England and it was published in all the magazines and on TV.
    Expression which is interesting for me:
    Low-key weekend which means a weekend of relaxation.
    By: Noelia Fernández Béjar 2º Bach A

  4. This royal wedding has been very important in England and there were news about it all around the world. Many people compared this event to an other important wedding, Charles and Diana's one. However, although the ring was the same in both cases, there are differences between both of them. For example, the church were it took place, the number of guests, the style of the dress, etc.
    I think for Kate it isn't easy to be a member of the Royal family because she grows up in an ordinary English family, but I think she had the right personality for her position.
    By: Anna Rodríguez 1ºBach A

  5. The royal wedding between the Prince Willian and Kate Middelton was a little royal wedding because there were only six hundred guests approximately and the half of them were invited to the evening event.
    The Kate Middelton´s royal wedding dress was one of aspects of the wedding that I liked very much because although it was very expensive, I think that the dress was very nice and plain. It was a suitable dress for this marriage.

    María Rojas Robledo 2ª B

  6. In England this wedding between the Prince Willian and Kate Middelton, has been very important and it was published in all the magazines and on TV. I think thet Kate is a very glamorous person and she looks like a quiet and pretty woman.
    I think like María that Kate reminds me to Leticia Ortíz, she comes from a middle class family too.

    Alba Pineda.

  7. A year after the Royal Wedding, I think, actually, prince William and Kate Middleton are one of the world's most popular marriages. They always transmit happiness and confidence to the people. In my opinion, they are preparing to be a good future kings of England and she tries to become the new Lady Di because Camilla Parker Bowles has not been so fond of people like kate middleton. I think English people prefer them to be the future kings. They are young people with new ideas that can give a more modern impression of the Royal Family.