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sábado, 12 de mayo de 2012

People from here who have success in life!!!!

Some time ago we talked about José Callejón and there are other famous sportsmen whose origines are connected with our whereabouts. For instance, Pedrosa or Lobo Carrasco, who played for FC Barcelona some time ago.
However, it is not only sport where our fellow countrymen are famous.
Here are some examples:
  • PORTY, electric guitar player and part of an incredible family of artists (Ramón Portillo, Aurora Oliva & Darío Portillo, painters)
  • JUANJO GUARNIDO, a Spanish illustrator and the co-author of the comic book series Blacksad, whose sister (Lucía Guarnido) is also a famous flamenco dancer.
Tell me other famous people from our whereabouts and send me articles about them (in English, if possible).

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  3. I didn't know who were they when you mentioned them in English class on Thursday, and now as I read some of their biographies, I know who they are.
    After thinking about what famous people could be from Granada, for example, I have remembered Rosa López, Pablo Aguilar, Mario Gómez, mago Migue, Miguel Rios, Estrella Morente...

    Rosa Lopez, Miguel Rios and Estrella Morente are singers; Pablo Aguilar is a professional basketball player, and he is currently playing for CAI Zaragoza; Mario Gomez,is a football player in Bayern Munich, and although he is German, he grew up in Granada because his father is from there; and Mago Migue is a illusionist.

  4. There are a lot of Spanish people that have become famous such as Elsa Pataki, she's a good actress and model, and she recently had a baby.
    Another Spanish person who has become very famous is Penelope Cruz, she's one of the most internationally recognized actresses. There are also spanish men who are very famous too, such as Pau Gasol, he's one of the best basketball players in the NBA.
    Spain has a lot of talent even in the terrible economic crisis that we are in right now. This economical downfall makes Spain look like a country of unemployed people.

    By: Aurora Justo 1ºB Bach

  5. A lot of Spanish people who live in a small villages, now are famous. Einstein, who is the most famous scientist, lived in Ulm, a small village in the south of Germany.

    I don´t knew that in our city, there was famous people like Porty, who is an electric guitar player, and JuanJo Guarnido, who is an illustrator and her sister -Lucía Guarnido- is a very famous flamenco dancer. I saw this video of her and I think that it's incredible how she is dancing in this video.

    The are other famous people that was born in Spain like Monica Naranjo. She was born in Figueras (Girona) and actually is one of the best singers in Spain.

    By: JuanJosé Rovira Medina 1ºA Bach

  6. this is very interesting because notice talks about former athletes who have gone through these teams but there are also important England artists like Pary Hilton.

  7. I didn't know who was Porty, but when I arrived at home my mum explained me who is he. I can't imagine many people who lives in my province and in my village are famous, for example Juanjo Guarnido who his parents have got a floor in Salobreña beach. A level spanish many people have became famous like Penélopez Cruz, Pau Gasol, etc.

  8. There are many Spanish who have become famous in recent tiempos.Nuestro country is one of those where the spare talent everywhere.
    For example, in the sporting side there are many such as Dani Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez in Moto GP, Fernando Torres, Juan Mata and David Silva in the succeeding aspeco football and especially outside Spain as in the case of these footballers in England Rafa Nadal in tennis or cinematic look Penelope Cruz or Antonio Bamderas in Hollywood.
    All these celebrities have fought hard to get where they are and why they are the best in their profession.

  9. Nowadays the teenager ,who living in Andalucia, don't know about artist like Juanjo Guarnido nor David de María, who is another famous person around us. Maybe, it's could be because we usually read and watch more about other international famous people in TV or magazines like Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga, but in my personal opinion is more important to know about famous people who was born near where you live. For example I love songs like "Relojes de arena", to David de María. He was born in Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera, his career started when he was just 14 years old, but when he really began to be famous was in 2005 with his album called David de María.
    He is only an example of a person that now is famous and lived in Andalucia but you and me know that there are more people who began to be famous and they have lived near us in the past or might, they are currently living near us.

  10. The people who came from here aren't only sports people or artists, they're soldier too.
    Our history teacher, Jose, told us that there were soldier of Molvizar in the Second World War, and in particular, there were Molvizar's soldier in Pearl Harbor, the famous ship.
    They weren't famous sportsman that we will remember for always, probably we will forget their names in three or four days, but they fight for us for today we are here.

  11. I don't know famous people that live in Salobreña, how ever I have heard that some years ago some important peolple used to live here, but they arrived at Salobreña. I know that you can find famuos people in Motril and in Granada. These last months, my classmates have been talking about people who lived here and has come so far, particularly athletes.I've been very surprised, because I thought so, but I think very well.