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by Bruce Lee

martes, 3 de julio de 2012

Spain, world and European football champion!!!

Euro 2012: which is the greatest international side of all time? (The Guardian)


Soccer Live: Spain vs. Italy

What were you doing at the time of the match? Did you enjoy? What are your expectations for our national team, especially for the next World Cup in Brazil 2014?

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  2. I'm very proud of the spanish football team because is a great team!I watched the match with my friends and I was very excited. I think we will win the next World Cup because we deserve it.
    Laura Trujillo Reyes

  3. I watched the match at my friend's house with many friends. We were wearing the Spanish team t-shirt and we also ate pizza. I was nervous until the second goal, and then, I thought it would be impossible to lose the game because Spain was playing very well.
    In my opinion, it would be difficult for Spanish football team to won The World Cup in Brazil because other national teams are training very hard to win us. Our players are maybe the best on the world but, they can’t play forever and the under-21 players aren’t as good as the current.
    However, I am confident in our football team and I hope they win in Brazil 2014!

  4. All the others lasts matches before the final in the Eurocope, I saw it with my friends: the semi final with Portugal, the quarter finals with France... We were nervous but at the end we were relieved.

    However at the final I was at home with my family, we were all very nervous but when we score the first goal. We saw a very easy match for Spain and in this moment we did history.

    All in all I hope win in Brazil 2014, it’s going to be difficult but we can because we have got good footballers and we are the last winners.

    Alberto jr

  5. This day of summer was amazing! Everyday of summer were incredible but the days that Spain played were the best.
    I watched the match at my house with my brother and many friends. We were so excited and we didn’t stop to eat popcorns, sandwiches… before the match started. The match was well and Spain won. I’m proud of the Spanish team because they are the best example of comradeship.
    From my point of view the next World Cup will be very difficult to Spanish team because all the other teams know very well our technique. I hope to be wrong about this and finally Spain can win in Brazil.

  6. That match was incredible, Spain beat Italy so easily, now Spain is the best in the world, and nobody can deny it. In the stadium there was only the Spanish selection, Italy, which had defeated Germany before that, can't do nothing for save the match.
    Italy didn't touch the ball right, if it tried to score a goal, after two second Spain recovered the ball. I saw the match in my house, with my family, I'm not use to watch matches with mi friends, they scream a lot and I don't like the screams. The best of seeing it in my own home it's that I can eat whatever I want. I think Spain is favorite to win Brazil 2014, because it is the best, because they play as a team, maybe teams like Brazil or Portugal have best individual players, but as a group, Spain wins.

  7. I think that the Spanish national football team is the best in the world, because the Spanish national football team has won a World Cup and two European Championship in a row.I saw the end of the European Championship 2012 in my house with my family, it was a match very exciting.
    By: Joaquin Garcia 2ºB

  8. I think the Spanish national football team is the best in the world because its won two European Championship and one World Cup. In the European Championship 2012 Spanish national football team won 4-0 to Italy. I watched the match im my television with my parents and my friends. The match was exciting and very incredible.

    Francisco Garcia Garcia 2B.