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by Bruce Lee

domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

The human brain (The boy with the incredible brain)

Amazing video suggested by Elena (2º ESO A) 

And here's something I found about the topic of the other Selectivity exam we had ("We can thank human brain for keeping our race alive all these years"):

Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs We Literally Couldn't Live Without

Have a look at all the top 10 scientific findings and give me your opinion.

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  1. I think that the factor which made us live all these years is our own existence. With this I mean our existence as a society because if we are still alive, it's due to we work as a team. Animals also work together, but the haven't our communication capacity. We can communicate, reflect, and reach a conclusion more effective. By contrast, animals only do what their leader commands and it's irrelevant if he's right or not. In conclusion, we can say that thanks to our existence, we have security that we will continue to reign the earth for many years.

  2. Human brain is amazing! it has the same general structure as the brains of other mammals, but is larger than any other in relation to body size. Our brain is our most precious treasure and it has got and has many interesting parts that we don't kanow yet.
    Last year we studied the brain in Philosophy and we could see that it has a specific area for each of our actions.
    Text says that we need a fur to protect us from the elements but i think it isn't necessary. Other animals live other animals live in a danger world where resistant organs are needed. I don't think we're fragile creatures. We are different and we must develop our brain to be better.

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    2. Mr. Tarifa when you said that "I don't think we're fragile creatures" I don't agree completely. If we hadn't had our brain so developed with regard to other living beings in the same conditions I'm not sure we woould be in the top of the strongest species. However we were lucky to develop our brain, and that's the difference we have to the other mammals and the other living beings.
      Thanks to this, we have been able to govern the world and to be the strongest specie. So it is incredible how we are so different from other mammals in spite of having the same structure.
      Studying human brain brain must be incredible! As you said, we studied last year with Jose Luis the different areas we use to do a specific action, and... I suppose there are many more left to discover!

  3. The human is the worst type of animal which is very interesting, because it do thins good and bad.

    What makes the difference between human and animal are the human brain. We have the capacity of doing things we need without depending on anybody

  4. I think we are a specie as others, but the only different with others species is that we have survived due to our brain, and every day we do many things to improve our lives.
    For example: if we haven't got a tough hide we make clothes to wear us.

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  6. Our human brain is very complex and very intelligent. It has got many different parts, to feel, think, do sport... And if we hadn't got brains, we wouldn't be able to do those things.

    The difference between our brain and other brains is that we are more intelligent, we can comunicate better and faster. That has good thins but also bad things, for example we think the clothing that we are going to wear tomorrow.

  7. Human brain is fascinating. It is the reason why they got such development. Human are really incredible creatures, not because their strength but because their ability to adapt the environment to their needs by means of their intelligence. Life expectancy is rising and that’s because scientific and technologic progress which makes our life easier. However, although humans have become superior to other species, at the end of the day, the nature is stronger than everything else and catastrophic events such as earthquakes, volcano eruptions, climate change, or whatever, can be dangerous for their being, and shows that they aren’t all-powerful creatures.

  8. I don't doubt of that humans are the only reasonable animal of all realm. However, I think that we, people aren't, we weren't and we won't be everything we could be. Humans have advantages and good features, but we also have a horrible part as selfishness, avarice and superiority which entails to factors as the Capitalism or the Racism, moreover of divide to world in two political hemispheres; "the first world" and "the third world" (or countries in developing, that is more elegant).

    Is true that our brain have a masterful ability and that during the human history, we have did things which no living being would have done, but we should change our thought.

  9. In my opinion our brain is very complex, because it has got a lot of parts and each part do differents things. Our brain is important for example, because controls and coordinates the movement, behavior, heartbeat ... If the brain couldn't controls those things we couldn´t live.

    We are better than the animals, it isn´t because we are strong or agile, it is because we are intelligent. For example we can`t fly like a bird, but we have invented planes. Another example is we can`t run as fast as a leopard, but we have invented cars, bikes, trains... Other is we can't swin as fast as a dolphin, but we have invented boats.

    Between humans we can comunicate. The animals also can comunicate between, but not as specifically as us.

    In general our brain is amazing!!! But our body it isn't as good as animals body.

  10. In my opinion the brain is the organ more important of our body and it's very sensitive.
    Our brain is better than the animals and it's more stronger and agiler.
    About my brain, I think is very big but I'm normal girl and I'm lucky.

    Paola Quirós Pozo. 2ºB

  11. Our brain is the most complex and important part of the human being. All acts and movements of our body depend of it.

    Thanks to the brain, there have been invented many things. Our brain is more complex than the brain of any animal.

    By: María Béjar Rodríguez 2º ESO A

  12. I think the brain is the most important organ of our body.

    Thanks to it we could invent many things very use every day and all acts and movements of our body depend of it.
    Also thanks to it we can study and memorize many things for an exam, so that I think this organ depends our intelligence

    Alberto Pineda Montoro 2ºB

  13. The human brain is one of the most important because it allows us to think and do actidades ain infinity that we cherish the brain parts.
    Jose Antonio Ruiz 2 Prados ESO B

  14. I think our brain by the heart are the most important organs of our body because they perform the most important tasks. The human brain does a lot of tasks, in general we can say that is responsible for regulating and maintaining the functions the body as if the body where is the mind and conscience of every person. The brain controls and regulates the actions and reactions of the body.
    Ariadna Prados Lopez 2ºA

  15. In my opinion the brain is the most important organ in our body, we depend it, Our body is delicate but our brain is the most delicate organ in our body. We need the brain to all things we do. We are better than the animals, because we are intelligent. Thanks to our brain we have inveted a lots of things. the young people thing the most important invented is mobile phone.
    The brain is fantastic! :)
    Irene Ramón Arellano 2ºA

  16. Daniel Tammet is a very unusual boy with an incredible brain. He can do extremely difficult calculations in a very short period of time. Daniel, however is not actually calculating as most people do, he's doing maths but he doesn't even know it. He claims that he sees each number as a particular shape which gives him a certain feeling. As you can imagine, the mathematicians were very skeptical about his talent. Daniel, never-the-less, managed to prove that what he claimed was true, when he carried out all the tests that they gave him. The scientists at San Diego's Centre for Brain Studies, California were very skeptical when they first met Daniel, but by the end of the experimental sessions they were convinced. They summed up their reaction when they said ''were just blown away … this could be a linchpin which spawns off a whole new field of research''.

    Other extraordinary maths savants have existed before, but they often suffer impediments in other areas, such as their social behavior and their ability to communicate with other people. Daniel however has an extraordinary ability to communicate, he has taught himself 8 different languages and is very articulate.

    He seemed like a normal child when he was born, although he cried a lot, but after a seizure he started to experience the world in a different way. His testimony is proof that the way that the vast majority experience the world, is not the only way. This means that the boundaries that give sense to our lives; such as space, time and numeracy might not be boundaries. A whole new world is out there!

    Elena 2ºA

  17. The brain is the most important organ of our body, also the heart that is very important too. I think that the intelligence that we have gives us an advantage over the animals because the intelligence win the force. I think that without our intelligence, perhaps people would be different and the world too. All this for we have brain.

    Patricia Rodriguez Martin 2ºA

  18. The brain the most important part of our body, although our heart is quite important. Our brain can do lots of things but Daniel's brain is more advanced because he can do very difficult calculations in a short period of time.I wish I had his ability to do such huge calculations.

    Alba Arenas 2ºA

  19. In my opinion we couldn't lived without our brain. It is one of the most important part of our body, but it isn't the most important. For example, we can't have a normal life if we haven't got heart, lungs or stomach. Probably, we could live without them but it will be very difficult and expensive, so maybe, most of the people could not afford it and only rich people could afford it.

    Well, it's true that we couldn't live without our brain. It control our movements, if we have musles and bones we need someone to control our musles, so we need our brain to control our body. Our brain control practically almost every part of our body. Certainly, our brain is incredible, he does all kinds of things simultaneously. It receives information, sends oders and thinks .

    In my opinion our brain is incredible, and we need it to be alive.

  20. When I see on TV competitions of people who have great intelligence, I was amazed. It's great to see a 4 year old who is able to memorize all the countries and capitals of the world for example. I wish I had a special ability.

    Our brain makes us different from animals although some people use those skills for evil and not for good.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 2 º ESO A

  21. The human brain is the most important because of the demand for the shares to body parts and can do many things.With no the brain we do things we could not. For example if you want to play football the brain sends shares hit a kick to the soccer ball
    Álvaro Ruiz Rodriguez 2A

  22. The brain is the most important part of our body, although our heart is quite important too, but our brain can do lots of things but Daniel's brain is more advanced because he can do very difficult calculations in a short period of time.I wish I had his ability to do such huge calculations.

    Alba Arenas 2ºA

  23. In my opinion the brain is the most important organ in our body. With it you can think, speak, make a maths calculations, eat and the most important: coordinate all the muscles. Thanks to the brain we are more intelligent than the other animals. The brain is the organ of our body most developed. In the story there were a great scientifics with amazings brains:Einstein, Newton, and many more. They are people very intelillent.
    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez 2B

  24. Our brain is the most important part of our body, everything depends on it, our intelligence depends on it too. It is the most developped organ of our body. All acts and movements of our body depend of it.
    begoña fernández 3ºc

  25. The brain is the centre of the nervous system in all animals, the function of the brain is control the other organs of the body, how I could see in the video the Daniel´s brain can do very difficults calculations, a few months ago I road an article about Brain Facts and this article really surprises me, because it said that your brain uses 20% of the total oxigen and blood in your body, it´s a very important quantity of oxigen and blood for only one organ.

    Another thing that I road at the same article said that there´s a virus that attacks human DNA making people less intelligent, when I road this fact I tried to find out about this virus, because I didn´t thought that this could be real, but yes, there´s a virus that makes you be less intelligent, be carefull.

    Finally I like to say how powerful is our brain, In 2015, the most powerful computer in the world tried to simulate, a only one second, our brain. How much time do you think that the computer took to simulate it?

    40 minutes, just awesome

    Eduardo Pérez Muelas 4ºB