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jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2013: Denmark crowned Eurovision winner for song Only Teardrops

Denmark crowned Eurovision winner for song Only Teardrops

Mr Tarifa, following Mariano's steps, wants us all to pay more attention to the next Eurovision song contest. Here are two articles to read:

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  1. I really like Eurovision Song Contest. Every year I watch it on TV with my family at home while we eat a pizza. I don't like most of the Eurovision songs because they are horrible! It is a contest where the music is not valued. The most important are the political interests. Each year it is held in a different European city. This year, the chosen city is Malmö, which is in the southernmost province of Scania. It's Sweden's third largest city by population after Stockholm and Gothenburg, and is one of the largest cities in Scandinavia.The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Sweden for the fifth time and is the second time that this event welcomes Malmö.
    The group that will represent Spain is "El sueño de Morfeo". It's a fantastic group but, the song isn't very good. Bonnie Tyler will represent United Kingdom. She is one of the best singers of all time but, In my opinion, she will not win.

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  3. I’ve always watched the Eurovision song contest. When my sister and I were children, we found it very exciting and we liked every song. However, since a few years, I watch it because it’s a quite entertaining event which is only held once a year and not because I think they make good music there at the festival. In fact, the songs sound all the same every time and, year after year, making a huge show around the songs seems more important than the song itself. Furthermore, the winners are also always the same ones: south-eastern European countries are the most voted and that's because of their geographical situation. The number of votes strongly depends on the number of neighboring countries they have. I'm not a Eurovison fanatic, but I like spending one evening a year watching the show as it is something different and I've always done it.

  4. I've always watched the Eurovision song contest and the more I watch it, the less I like it. It’s true that sometimes there are singers who have really been prepared for the contest, but sometimes the singers make a mockery of their countries and just go to have fun.
    Specifically, Spain is a country that in the latest years has got the last places with rock or pop songs because their choices hadn’t been successful. Last year my favorite singer was the winner, Loreen, who sang this song called ''Euphoria'':

    This year, Spain has chosen a song called ''Contigo hasta el final,'' composed by ’’El sueño de Morfeo’’. Personally, I don’t like it and I think that, once again, we haven’t made the right choice.

    María Rodríguez Martín 2º Bach. A

  5. Every year I and my family watch the Eurovision Song Contest; it has become a tradition in our house. My brother,my parents and I vote for the ones that we like and we have our own winner. This year the winner for the Perez family was Germany. My brother likes Cascada, and I think she's quite good. The actual winner was Denmark with Emmilie De Forest with the song Only Teardrops. I liked the use of drums and the use of the tin whistle.

    However it always seems to me that the songs that are chosen for the Eurovision Song Contest are a little insipid. There are very few songs which have proved perdurable. The most famous of these is '' Waterloo '' which won the contest in 1974 and is still played today on the radio. It was performed by the Swedish group ABBA who were launched into fame after their victory. The only other song that has lasted is "Ne partez pas sans moi '' sang by Celine Dion. I think this speaks for itself about the quality of the songs.

    It is true however, that the songs have to appeal to a very wide audience; the voters being from different cultures and composed of different ages. Perhaps it is because there is no target aged group that the songs have lacked impact in the music world. It always surprises me that the Eurovision Song Contest remains so popular when it receives very negative music reviews. I wonder how many years my family and I will continue watching it.

    ELENA 1ºA