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sábado, 28 de septiembre de 2013

Women in Saudi Arabia

The situation of women in Saudi Arabia will probably sound amazing to most of us, especially if your read this newspaper article:

Uproar over Saudi women's 'SMS tracking'


and if you listen to this podcast:

 Saudi women campaign for the right to drive

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  2. I've just read the article and listened to the podcast, and yes, you've said it, I think it's amazing that Saudi women can't travel without their husbands' consent, I mean, they are people like men, why can't they drive without their husbands' consent? And the idea that an SMS goes to their husbands' phone automatically...If they left the country without saying anything for something will be?
    With regard to the podcast, I want to say that it is a good piece of news that they are doing movements and activities to have more rights like men.
    María Martín Arnedo, 1º Bach. B.

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  5. To begin with, I think that women and men should have the same rights on ther world.
    This week, all people are speaking about a new reported in the BBC newspaper. In some countries like Saudi Arabia women can't travel without their gaurdian's consent an also barnned from driving .

    If a Saudi woman decided to leave Saudi Arabia, a notification will be automatically sent to her husband.

    The text alert are part of an electronic passport system launched by saudis autorities last year. Consecuently, women are always controlate for their husband.

    In my personal opinion, I think that Saudi women are the second-class citizens. However, they have a right, they could vote and run in the future municipal elections.

    In conclusion, I think, all people should protets to stop things happen. By doing this, will cease to be citizens first or second class.

  6. In my opinion, women and men should have the same rights. In the BBC newspaper there is an article about Saudi Arabia women can't drive without their guardian's consent.

    -If an arabian's woman left Saudi Arabia, a message will be send it to her husband.

    -Women are always controlate for the husband with an electronic passport system.

    I think women should protest to stop those things that are happening in Saudi Arabia and also protest for a better live for women in Saudi Arabia.

    By: William:)))

  7. Nowadays, it is unfair that a man has more nights than a woman, because both are human beings.
    Regarding it is laws, we can say that Saudi Arabia is a chauvinist country, since women depend deeply on their husbands.

    For instance, Saudi women aren't able to leave the country without their husbands' consent. Moreover, they are banned for driving too.

    In my opinion, it is a shame that, in the 21st century, there are still so conservative minds. We are lucky to have been grown in a democratic country.

    Alicia Arellano Bautista, 1ºB.Bach.

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  9. I think women and men should have the same rights. Women aren't animals or children that have to be supervised.
    Why does a woman have to travel withher husband? Why can't she travel alone? It seems unfair because if they travel alone, their husbands will receive a text message. This means that they aren't free, they can only travel with their husbands' consent!
    Besides Saudi Arabian women can't drive so they do protests to get the right to drive without anyone's permission.
    In my opinion they should continue fighting for their rights. I believe that one day they can enjoy their rights.

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  11. In my opinion I think women and men have the same rights. But, nowadays there are some people that think that men are superior to women and they abuse, mistreat women. In some countries such as Saudi Arabia, women can't go out without their husbands' conseint and without an electronic passport system, they can't drive without her husbands...

    In Spain it isn't the same but they are also husbands' abuses. Last year there were more than sixty dead women, because their husbands kill them.

    All in all, things are getting better and women have more rights and there are fewer deaths than other years.

    Alberto jr.

  12. I've just read and heard these articles and I think that the fact that women in Saudi Arabia can't drive without their guardians' permission, it's a big step back in time.
    Nowdays, all the people on the planet are free, as the United Nations' law says: "Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security."

    In my opinion, women in Arabia Saudi should demonstrate and protest for their rights, through general strikes, for example.

    On one hand, the government should support them more and help them. They should take out the surveillance devices or the microchips that send text messages to their husbands, because women aren't dangerous animals to be controlled, they are free to do whatever they want.

    On the other hand, their husbands should be more open-minded and trust their wifes, allowing them to work or to go alone driving, and don't keep them locked up at home as a pet.

    Taking all into account, not only the Saudi Arabia women should protest for their rights, but also the rest of the world should do something to help them.

    By: Clara Prados Rodríguez. 1º BACH B.