Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

Have you ever won the lottery?

Have you ever won the lottery, a raffle or anything like that?

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  1. People when you win the lottery or sweepstakes as they spend buying a car trip. but when they have one important thing to pay no money for that many families have gone to ruin. So do not spend money on pudes share a car or go on vacation.José manuel ortiz jiménez 2 de eso A

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  3. Crisis has been a bad moment for people because they have lost their obs and their hauses because I they haven't got anny money for pay.Howerever rich people is richier because they are benefiting in this situation because they buy for less money.In the end normal people has passed to be poor and rich peolple are richier tan earlier

  4. Winning the lottery is usually taken as positive thing but as everything, has many negative things , and some people are not able to appreciate it . I say this because there are many people who win the lottery but does not change their consumption habits, that wants to look like rich people buying cars, houses , jewelry and unnecessary things ... At the end of two years they have nothing of what they won. there will be people who can create a business or store and save money. But mostly just so you get wealth through work , savings and accumulation, gives way in the values ​​and principles about money, is valued more. even more than winning the lottery. A greeting.

    Aisha Márquez Jiménez 3ºC

  5. We are in a crisis situation. The crisis began in 2008. When we focus on something, we think we're going to make money. If I won the lottery would buy many things: a boat, a luxury car, an airplane .... Money isn't happiness, when we have money we do not do with it. We would buy things that we do not lack. If I won the lottery I would go to study abroad and help people who need money to live and eat. I would buy a mansion for my family

    Carlos Bacas Ortega 3ºC

  6. In my opinion the lottery is an exciting thing, but sometimes is a bad thing for some people that spend too much money in the lottery. The probability of win the jackpot is 0.00001%, it is too little the percent so it is very difficult to win the highest price. Another problem is that when you win the price you have to give to the government a percent of the price so if you win 10.000.000 $ you have to give to the government a 1.000.000$.

    If I won the lottery I would be very happy and I would be 10.000.000$ more rich. I know that be rich means be happy, but I would some new things like an expensive watch, a new computer... I wouldn’t give too much money to my father or my brother, I don’t want to be mean, but it is real. I wouldn’t spent all my money because if for example I have spent all my money and I to pay high taxes, I will can’t afford it and I will be arrested. I wouldn’t spend money in expensive and fast cars, because this type of cars consume to much fuel, so I will spent too much money in fuel.

    By: WILLIAM 

  7. Lottery is something that if you won it, you would be rich or at least live better than before. However,does lottery make you happy for all your life? Nowadays, does lottery make you as rich as in another era? In my opinion there are advantages and disadvantages of won the lottery.

    On the one hand, nowadays you can't be rich wining the lottery, because now life style is more expensive than before. It's true that there are a lot of good prices, in spite of you for example the probability of win the jackpot is 0.00001% and you have to give to the government a porcent of this price.

    On the other hand, you can pay your mortgage or go on holiday, continuing your life style. In my opinion you have to enjoy with your friends, doing a party

    All in all, money is good to live better but it doesn't make you happy for all your lfe. And that's something that we have to take care.

  8. Nowadays , we are suffering a big crisis . There are many people that don't find a job , and they don't earn money .
    Some people have lost their flat because they can't pay it . It is a real problem in spain and in europe .

    Raúl Díaz Rodríguez 2 ESO B