Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014

How do you see films?

Do you go to the cinema or just stay at home when you want to see a film? 

Tell me what you do and other possible ways to watch your favourite movies or pictures. (Do you know where these words come from and where are they used?)

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21 comentarios:

  1. I prefer stay at home and see film.I hardly ever go to the cinema. When I want to see a film in my home I make a pop corn and a drink of cocacola. I turn off the lights and lie on the sofa. I have in my house a big television of forty-seven inches, it's enormous.
    Joaquin Alejandro España Sanchez 2ESO B

  2. I prefer going to the cinema to see a film because it is more entertaining and more relaxing. I usually buy a fizzy drink and some candies. In my house, there are always a lot of people, and I can't hear anything.

    Margarita Llanes Venegas 2ºA

  3. I like going to the movies for many reasons first because there is much more quiet and relaxing but I like to see them more at home can get up whenever you want and stop when you want to go to the bathroom, I can eat whatever I want for the movie and if I do not like the movie can change it whenever and place another. Whenever I enjoy watching a movie better at home than in the cinema.

    Ariadna Prados Lopez 2ºA

  4. I prefer going to the cinema to see a film because I prefer stay with my friend as see the film in a widescreen. In my house everybody speak and I can't hear anything.


  5. I prefer going to the cinema to see a film because it is more entertaining and more relaxing.When I go to the cinema, I go to Granada or Málaga, where there are a lot of things to do. I go there with my friends or my family, and the fims seem more real in that huge screen! I usually buy a fizzy drink and some candies. In my house, there are always a lot of people, and I can't hear anything.So, I like to go to the cinema at least once a month.

    Margarita Llanes Venegas 2ºA

  6. I prefer going to the cinema to watch films. I like to go to Granada, to kinepolis. The films in cinema have more emotion than home and there is more silence. The films in cinema have shorter as it has adds there. On television there are many advertisements. It is better to see the original films that downloaded from internet. I like the cinema because the projectors is more larger and better resolution. I like to go in the summer because I go to the cinema at 22:00.

    Carlos Bacas Ortega 3ºC

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  8. I prefer watching fims on TV at home, bacause I don´t like the cinema in Motril, there are not good films. To see a good film, I have to go to Granada and it is very far. I like staying at home, I am relaxed although I sometimes seeing good films at the cinema
    begoña fernádez 3ºc

  9. I usually watch films at the weekends with my family. I hardly ever go to the cinema, because I don't have enough time and it is very expensive sometimes. The cinema of Motril is good, but it must be better, because Motril is an important city.I prefer watching films on TV at home, because you can watch whatever you want and when you like. I also like taking films from a videoclub, because there are new film that have just apperead and they aren't expensive. I sometimes download films from internet, like Jungla de Cristal V.

    Nowadays, there are TVs that are in 3D, this type of TVs I don't like them because sometimes you can feel sick and you can't watch TV for more than two hours. Actually, you can also watch films in your mobile phone or tablet, but it isn't my case, because I don't mobile phone or tablet. I know that there are lot of people who download films illegally. but it isn't a really problem.

    One thing that a really like from films is that you can't watch them almost in every language, so if you want to learn for example English, you can watch them in English and learn more.

    BY: WILLIAM :)))

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  11. When I was a kid , I went to the cinema with my parents . I liked walt disney cartoons now , I don't go to the cinema . Because I prefer to stay at home and watch tu or videos . But sometimes I go to my friends house and we watch a film . I hardly ever go to the cinema because it is too expensive .

    Raúl Díaz Rodríguez 2 ESO B

  12. Cinema is a great place where you can go with your friends to have a joyful time and to see the latest films. However, not all that bright is gold. Not only the cinema has advantages, but it also has many disadvantages, if we compare it with the buy of DVDs or with watching online the films that you want from your own house, so you can be more relaxed.

    Today, the cinema allows people to watch the latest films in high definition on a big screen, and in some cases, in three dimensions, with the help of special glasses for it. However, nowadays, the cinema has become a very expensive activity. In the current period of crisis in Spain, very few people can afford to go to the cinema, and if they can, they go from time to time, for example, once or twice a month. This didn't happen a few years ago, since the tickets cost about four euros or less. Thus, the cinema is losing benefits and spectators, and fewer films are generated, because productors don't earn money with them.

    The great phenomenon that Internet is, is replacing the cinema. If you use the Internet, you can watch the films you want and when you want from your home, and free, what's more important. Sometimes this is illegal, but there are websites that allow you to download films or to see them online. I think if they really don't want to ruin the cinema, the government should lower the price and control more these websites, closing them or putting fines to them, because it's a crime!

    Taking all this into account, I think the best option is to buy the DVD, so you can watch the movie as many times as you want. However, the film almost always takes several months to go on sale in DVD format, so I'd rather see them online, and shop it only on special occasions, when I really liked the film. I believe that if cinema was cheaper, I'll go every time that I want to watch a film.

    Clara Prados. 1ºBACH B.

  13. I prefer to watch movies at home with my family or my friends house all my friends together . I'm almost never go at theaters just a few days of summer with my friends . In many vacation days we all got together and chose a movie you can download the USB flash drive we bought a pizza and refreshments and see .

    Normally download movies online is illegal but me and my friends were the unloaded .
    I really like action movies and careers: Full Gas, Jonh Rambo, Pirates of the Caribbean etc ...
    My father taught me when I was little movies and many of them are very good
    I love watching movies

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 2ºB

  14. I prefer watching movies at home with my family and friends
    also lately i see lots of movies with my father and the truth is that it is very enternerning

    I don´t know how thw movie will see in the cinema because i never go to the cinema but i think that it is a little boring because you can´t posting what happens throughout the movie
    i really prefer to connect to the internet search for the movie you would like to see and download it
    and simply see it

  15. I hardly ever see films, but I prefer watching films at home when it is raining. I sit on my sofa with the lights off and I eat popcorn. I prefer doing this when it is winter, In summer it is different. When it is summer I prefer meeting with my friends. In summer in my town movies are sometimes played in the square. My friends and I buy sweets, chips, drink soft drinls and eat ice-cream. I hardly ever meet with my friends to watch films. If I meet with my friends we ill see horror films. For example: La mujer de negro.
    I also see movies when my friends and I do sleepovers. In the last sleepover we watched a horror film. A lot of people don't like horror films, because they are afraid. I have some tips to not be afraid:
    1) Remember that the movie isn't real.
    2) Think of something positive or something you will have to do tomorrow.
    3) Talk about the films. That helps you.
    4) When you are watching the film, make a funny comment.
    5) When the film says "The film is based on a true story" it is false.
    6) Remember that nothing happened to the actors will happen to you.
    Irene Ramón Arellano 2ºA.

  16. I prefer to watch films at the cinema, but not this bad an afternoon with friends watching one of your movies favoritas.No can choose none, because none this bad.
    My favorite movie is 'A Walk to Remember'.
    I love that movie, because those who are very "cool" then fall in love with you were laughing before, we must learn not to laugh at people without knowing.

    Lourdes FEZ

  17. There are many ways to see a film: at home with your family, in the cinema with your friends... But I prefer to see a film in the cinema if I have time and I'm not very tired, and at home if I'm tired and and it's not in the cinema. However, most of the films I see are at home.

    In fact, there are a lot of ways to see a film, for example in class when the teacher wants to recreate the theme that he is explaining at the moment. Another example is in a car cinema (I don't know if there are in Spain, but I think that there are in the USA), which is very comfortable if you are travelling,

    Anyway, nowadays many films are also watched on a computer , because people can download films easily and free. And that's a very big problem for producers.

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  19. What will cinema be like in 20 years' time? Which will people prefer, watching a film at home on video or watching it at the cinema? In our day-to-day lives, the cinema has decreased the amount of ticket’s sold significantly and apart from that, home viewers' number has increased.

    First of all, watching a film at home on video is more comfortable and what's more, it is cheaper than going to the cinema or even free if you are able to search it in a free film website. Conversely, one drawback of cinema could be that you have to be silent and cannot express your feelings. You can take neither food nor drinks.

    Secondly, at the cinema there is such a big screen, therefore the scenes seem more real. Not only you go out and get distraction by being surrounded by people but also you can watch the latest film released which isn't on the Internet yet. Apart from that, at home, you have to take much time to search for the film.

    On balance, as far as I'm concerned, I believe it is better to watch a film at home on video. I'd like to point out that when you are watching a film at home you can make as many breaks as you want and you also decide when when you prefer to watch it because you can do it at any time.

    María Béjar 2º Bach

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  21. Watching tv films or tv series is one of the activities that everyone does in their day to day lives. It is an entertaining activity and that almost everyone enjoys. There are all kinds of films such as action, love, thriller, mystery and horror movies among others. Moreover, it is an activity that everyone can do wihtouth leaving home and during the quarantine that we had on March is something that everyone has done to spend some time. Nevertheless, not everyone likes watching films and they get bored while they see them.

    Firstly, you can watch a film at the cinema or in your own house. Many people prefer watching the film in their house because they have all the amenities and they feel more confortable. You can eat whatever you want and without paying a lot of money. Furthermore, there are many websites where brand new films can be seen and which have just come out. They have a good quality and you don't have to pay a single euro.

    There are other platforms such as Netflix or Hbo that release their own movies and series premieres. These platforms have a monthly rate, which you 7 euros more or less and you can watch the films at any time and as many times as you want. The quality of the movies is great and you can see it on TV, on your computer, on your tablet or even on your mobile phone.

    Talking about the cinema, I have to say that it has advantages and disadvantages. Among its advantages, it is obvious that the screen that you have in your house is much smaller than the screen of the cinema. In the cinema the screen is enormous and you can see it perfectly from anywhere in the room.The speakers are fantastic too and you have the possibility to see it on 3D or even in 4D. Another advantage is that you can see it the first day that the film goes out. Moving to disadvantages I have to say that going to a cinema to watch a film costs around 7-8 euros more or less. It depends on the cinema you go. It is expensive for many people and for this reason many people don't go frequently. There is a spectator day when the tickets are cheaper than the other days. I believe that it is on Tuesdays. Another disadvantage is that you cannot bring your own food, you have to buy it there and the food is very expensive.

    To put all in a nutshell, I think that going to the cinema is a good plan to do with friends or with family, you spend time with the people you like. However, it is a bit expensive and not many people can go to the cinema every week. In my case I like going to the cinema but I don't go too much because I am not really keen on new films and I only go to the cinema when I know that I will really enjoy the film. I prefer watching films in my house.