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miércoles, 4 de junio de 2014


What do you know about our king and his son, the future king of Spain (Felipe VI)?

Can you send me all the pieces of news you can find as this may be a very suitable topic for next year's Selectivity exam?

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  1. Today has ocurred a historical fact because Spanish king Juan Carlos I to abdicate

    All tv news have reported about this. I think that´s Spain need this chage because Juan Carlos I can´t asist to all conferences

    i think the new king can asist to all conferences

  2. The king of the Spain abdicated the last 2nd June 2014. Juan Carlos announced the news of his abdication with seventy six years old on television with a speech. The firts announcement about the abdication came from Mariano Rajoy, the Prime Minister. Later it was announced by the TV. He said his son, Felipe, has the necesary preparation to be king.

    The next king of Spain is going to be Felipe VI. He is forty five years old and he has been training all his life to became king of Spain. I think, and the most of the Spanish people, he is preparing and he is better than his father. He is married with Letizia Ortiz, who was a news presenter, and now she is going to became the new queen. They have two daughter, Leonor and Sofia. Leonor is going to be the new princess of Spain. Juan Carlos is married with Sofia, who was the princess of Greece.

    This abdication, I believe, is a good idea and it is necesary because Juan Carlos is too old and his son is more prepared for this position for his age. For me, he is friendlier and more handsome than the last king, his father. I think, also, Juan Carlos, in the last years isn't an exemplary king, for example when he went to hunt elephants. It's horrible that a king do this tings!

    Currently, the government doesn't want to ask for a referendum, that it to say that Spanish society can't choose between the third republic or a monarchy. Why it is? The main reason is the economic crisis and the hight percentage of unemploiment.

    Andrea Ligero

  3. Last week, we all live the abdication of the King of Spain at 76 years and after 40 years of reign.

     For starters, this is not a decision that the king has taken lightly as it takes several months thinking about it. In addition, he has said that his son, Prince Felipe, has the training and maturity to be the new king of Spain. The prince with his youth give a new breath of vitality and a new approach to deal with the situation and the problems facing our country today.

    Last year, two European monarchs did the same giving the throne to us by children who thought these were ready to assume this responsibility. By doing this, people see it as a younger person is responsible for the current circusntancias.

    Recently, the Spanish monarchy has lost popularity due to some ugly cases where this was concerned. For example, the case of corruption of Infanta Cristina and her husband or the king's luxury travel in the middel of the crisis in the country.

    In my opnion, is a good time to make changes to the monarchy and although some people are asking a republic, I sincerely believe in our monarchy.

    1. This comment was made by David Fausto Fajardo Garcia 1ºbach B

  4. I don't know exactly what the functions of a King are, but I think that Juan Carlos is too old to be the king of Spain, so, I think he has taken a good decision. I really think that his functions could be done by the president of the government, as in other countries like France of the USA (they are republics). Spain could be a republic too, although I think that Felipe and Letizia could do things better as they are younger and more modern.
    Here, there are some links that can be useful:
    Margarita LLanes Venegas 2ºA

  5. Some days all met by the news that the king abdicated. I've always known as King Juan Carlos I and I do not understand why a king may abdicate as King in stories is king until he dies.

    Now I understand some reasons for the king and his son will be the new king. Some reasons have been health problems, age and some family problems.

    People think it is good to have a young king who is well prepared for the future. My family has explained the different forms of government in the world, and the monarchy is one that can adapt to lead our country to have a good future.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 2 º ESO A

  6. Nowadays there are a lot of problems such us the economic crisis, unemployment, poverty... But, these days people only talk about one thing the abdication of the king Juan Carlos I of Spain. However, why do we need a king?. Do we live in the Middle Ages? Does someone ask us what we want republic or monarchy?

    On the one hand, we have to think that the king is very old and his son ought to be king one day. But, do all the kings abdicate at this age? I don't think so, because the English Queen is older than the Spanish king and she still hasn't abdicated. Another thing to take into account is that he's ill so he needs to rest at home.

    However, nobody has asked us if we want a king or not, a lot of women think that his son is handsome, but they don't think that some people want a republic in Spain. I don't think that many people don't want to have a king , but at least they must ask us.

    All in all, there are so many problems nowadays that people pay attention to other things which are more important.