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martes, 30 de septiembre de 2014

City skylines

We have always heard of famous city skylines such as the one in New York, especially when the Twin Peaks were still there. By the way, your English teacher was up there himself a long time ago!!!!

Read the following article about London skyline:

London’s changing skyline: Are new skyscrapers good for the capital?

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14 comentarios:

  1. I think London is a beautiful city and there are very large buildings. There are low buildings and more traditional. I think the city is still nicer if people don't build skyscrapers. Tourists travel to see interesting things and no tall buildings to see that when you see one you've see all.

    Cristina Bejar Lopez 3ºB

  2. I think it is normal that the cities have skyscrapers. In the pictures I see in London in Internet I see that there is as big as the ones in New York, for example buildings. I think it's good to have skyscrapers where in a few mettres can live many people and also may have many offices and saves space.
    Alvaro Ruiz Rodriguez 3A

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  4. I like skyscrapers because you can look all the city.
    They are very high. I live in a house, but i like living in a skyscrapers.
    I tink skyscrapers are very good..

    Ruben Rodriguez Garcia 1A ESO

  5. I like skyscrapers are too large in most countries there are a lot of skyscrapers usa especially my give me a little scared skyscrapers that as you go up as high as it gives you much I love the skyscrapers fear

    Alexia Martín Ferrándiz 1ºA Eso

  6. Nowadays, big cities have high buildings called skylines which change their image of the horizon. Is that good or bad for the city and his citizens?

    Currently, it is thought that if a city has many skyscrapers, it means that this place is very advanced and rich, and sometimes it can be true. However, some cities like Detroit has a lot of great buildings abandoned. In addition to this, the construction of large buildings completely change the image of cities tracional like Paris and London. Some architects think that the skyscrapers, in this kind of cities, should be constructed in groups. By doing this, the image wouldn't be damaged.

    On the other hand, as many people say on the news of the BBC because of the large windows of skyscrapers, suffered damage to their cars, clothes, ect. It can even cause skin cancer as already happened in another city with large crystals.

    In my opinion, I think that in the future there will be a lot of skyscrapers and the image of the traditional cities will change dramatically. For this reason , I reckon that in this kind of cities, musn't be built skyscrapers.

    David Fausto Fajardo Garcia 2º Bach B

  7. In Europe, big cities are usually very traditional. This is because Europe began to be more civilized before than America. Although, this is becoming a very big problem, because now builders have to be very careful with old structures and they can’t build as they like, their new buildings must be similar to old buildings. But, are big European cities respecting these factors, or not?

    In some countries, like in Paris, they have a lot of dilemmas with these two problems. But, they are trying to respect them, and they aren’t building any skyscrapers or modern structures inside the city. There are other capital cities in Europe that are more modern like Madrid, as they haven't got so many monuments, and they can live wherever they want.

    In spite of this, there are other capital cities that have very old structures, like London, and they only want to preserve the city centre, and in the rest of the city they are building big skyscrapers. And, why are they doing that, there is only one reason: money.

    All in all, we have to be sensible, we had got a very big crisis, and now countries need money, so the richest men in the world are investing in that. Europe also needs to be modern, but I think that cities were more beautiful before than now, with the old structures.

    Glosay: skyscraper, dilemmas, investing, preserve

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  9. First of all, skyscrapers are the type of buildings which give personality to a city or maybe one city is recognized by some specific buildings.

    On the one hand, I think that skyscrapers are useful in big cities because they are home to different companies. That means it is good for the economy of a city/country. However, on the other hand, local governments should be aware of the risks that skyscrapers might bring. For instance, architects and engineers must design an excellent building for future earthquakes or meteorological issues.
    Nowadays, the most important issue is security.
    We can remember what happened with the Twin Peaks 9/11 in New York. Appart from that, I agree with the construction of this kind of buildings.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 3° ESO A

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  11. A skyscraper is a tall building with many floors where people live and work. It's designed for office, comercial and residential use.

    In my opinion, London's new skyscrapers are good for the capital city. All the cities always have tall buildings, but some of the biggest cities also have skyscrapers. When a fantastic city has them, this city becomes more beautiful and bigger.

    I reckon, London is as beautiful as New York, but New York has more skyscrapers. When you're in the highest part of one of these, it's a magical moment, because you can see all the city. It's amazing!! I live in a house with two floors. However, I think I'd like to live in a skyscraper. I think I would be scared, though.

    Maria Jose Garcia 3ºA

  12. In modern and big cities is normal that they have skyscrapers. For example, in Madrid there are two large skyscrapers of Bankia. In my opinion in Madrid are nice because Madrid isn' t a very traditional city, because people don't want to watch the horizon as a traditional city and wants it as a modern city. I reckon that skyscrapers are useful because they can have in their inside hundreds of people in a small area.

    In my opinion in London the skyscrapers are bad because it is a modern city but with antique aspect. London is a beautiful city with interestings traditions and a lot of cultures. Most of the buildings in London are traditional so make skyscrapers for me it is a bad idea although they are a very difficult contructions because the engineers have to make them resistant to earthquakes. London is better now.
    Joaquin Alejandro España Sanchez 3ESO B

  13. I think that the skyscrapers are very useful, because in the small space we can construct many floors where it can have offices, commercials and residences. The first building considered as skyscraper was the Home Insurance Building, designed by the American, William Baron Jenney , it was constructed between 1884 to 1885 in Chicago.
    For me the skyscrapers in London are very beautiful. I would like to visit London to see some skyscraper, and to see the city from the highest floor of the skyscraper.
    I believe that a disadvantage is that always it is necessary to rise in the elevator to go from a floor to other one, and there are persons who don't support the spaces closed as the elevator.

  14. A skyscraper is a tall building for people to live or to have offices. I think that tall buildings shouldn´t exist in cities because they are very ugly and don´t improve the beauty of the cities.
    I know that sometimes ther isn´t enough space to build houses in big cities, and it can be a solution for that problem, but city councils should find another solution for that. the skyscrapers I have seen, for example in Madrid, are horrible, and don´t let people see the views of the landscape or trees.
    London is a beautiful city, but skyscrapers could make it less beautuful.
    Margarita LLanes Venegas 3ºA