Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

viernes, 16 de enero de 2015

Bucket lists and time capsules



And what would you put in a time capsule? (Listening exercise: TIME CAPSULES)

Have you ever thought of doing a bucket list? What does it? Do you think it is worthwile?

Some ideas to do a bucket list

Have you seen the film The Bucket List?

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  1. This comment I am going to talk about my bucket list, the things I would do before die. I think I have to do lot things before I go to the other world.

    First of all, I would like to visit the whole world or most of it. I think I would like to visit Italy, USA and Canada. These places have very interesting things, like the Empires States, the Tower of Pisa, the beach of California... Also I want to learn more about these cultures.

    Before I die I want also to have a family, because I don’t want to be alone when I get older. I anyone want to live alone all his life.

    All in all, I haven’t finished my bucket list yet, because it is very big. Visiting the whole world or most of it and having a family are the most important things for my bucket list.

    BY: WILLIAM :)

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  3. A time capsule is a kind of container in order to keep pictures and objects of our present to be found by other generations or to be opened by us within a certain amount of time, over 30 or 50 years later. On the Internet we can find time capsules in digital format; they can be photos, audios, texts or videos.

    The capsules can help us to remember past events which we may not remember as they happened, and a photo can remind us more information. But from another point of view, the capsules do not provide much useful information. Also, many buried time capsules are lost, because their interest disappears and the exact location is forgotten, or destroyed by any cause.

    Capsules were found, for example, in 1975 with what Samuel Adams and Paul Revere left in a cornerstone in the Capitol of Massachusetts. This capsule sas found almost 220 years later.
    In the time capsules we introduce personal or sentimental items such as photos, some messages, some special clothing, an old watch, bracelet, etc.

    I would like to put in a capsule a video talking about how our generation is currently showing our environment and our customs.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 3º ESO A

  4. A time capsule is a historic cache of goods or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists or historians. Time capsules are sometimes created and buried during celebrations such as a World's fair, a cornerstone laying for a building or at other events.

    In the time capsule you can put all you want, for example, you can put CD, a letter, a video… I believe that I would put in the capsule a video which characterizes today's society. I think this is a good idea because future people can watch how we are, what we do and much core things! I would like that we could watch how the past people lived, but it isn’t possible… It’s a pity!

    A bucket list is a list of things to do before you die. People, normally, write in it all they want to do. I’ve never thought in doing a bucket list, but it is a good idea. I think I am still too young to make, but when I am adult I’m going to do one! In my list I will put the trip that I want to do, the new experiences that I want to live…

    In conclusion, with the time capsule you can keep your living essence in the future and it is a original idea that I would like doing. And a bucket list is a list where you can put all your wishes and it is a form that you don’t forget them.

  5. A buket list is a list of the things you want do before you dye. I want do a lot of things after I dye. I want go to Croatia because there is Game of Thrones and too Ireland. I want read a lot books too because I like read Harry Potter and go King Cross to platform 9 3/4. I want to do bungee jumping and see the walk of Fame in Hollywood. I want visit many places and be wiht my family many time.

  6. The bucket list is a list of many things that you want to do before you die. Usually there are things like travel around the world, make skydiving or even meet some famous.
    From my point of view make a bucket list is a good idea to young people because they have time to preparate the adventures that they want to live and time to enjoy it without limited time.
    When I am 18 years old I would like to create my own bucket list where I am going to put the different things that I want to get in the future. For example in my bucket list I would put have the driving license, travel to a lot of parts that I would like to know like Venecia or Maldivas.

    A time capsule is something that is usually put to be historical where usually people put into photos or documents. I have seen in films differents time capsules. People pt into the capsule important things, later the save it in a sure place. 30 or 40 years later they open it and remember all the things that they put into.
    I would like to do a time capsule with letters and photos of my loved ones and when I open it remember then.

    María Prados Espinosa 1 Bach