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by Bruce Lee

jueves, 23 de julio de 2015

Too skinny for the catwalk!!!!

During the summer time we tend to worry a bit too much about our happy bellies, especially men. Here are some articles about eating healthily, or just eating:
- Politicians eating 
- BBC:

Body image: Men 'most unhappy about beer bellies'

Article from the BBC to read:

French MPs back ban on skinny catwalk models

Another article from the Daily Mail: Are size zero models too thin for the catwalk? 

Listening exercise to do: Are models too skinny? (Can you find and give me synonyms for the word 'skinny'? , would you say this to your girlfriend/boyfriend? Is it a compliment or rather an insult?)

An expression to learn: The penny dropped

And finally a drama to read: The importance of being Earnest or Ernest?   (Who wrote this play? Where was he from? Where are we going this year for our study trip?)

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  2. Now, in the summer almost all the men want to have a lean, strong and muscular body. For it, almost all them don't eat enough and some of them don't eat. There are diets that help you lose weight healthily, others help to win muscle mass and others help to digestive system,......

    In these years ago fashion has been growing in the world. In our society, people buy more clothes for fun. The fashion adverts that you can see in the TV are each time worse because in them are shown thinner models size zero. It can be a problem because many women want to have the same body that the models. And this is almost impossible because every one is as is. And also because in many shops only sell clothes for thin and size zero women.

    I think this word isn't an insult, it is synonymous of: lean, slim and lanky thin, lean, gaunt, scraggy and scrawny .

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez

  3. More and more, the fashion world and the catwalk is open only for the too skinny people, especially women. And sometimes this isn't something nice.
    You look everywhere and you can see skinny women, and it can be a drama for some women. Because they want to be like them, the type of women that the publicity sells us. And it is almost impossibe because everyone is as it is. Even they feel groggy with their bodies. That difference makes you make you genuine.
    I agree with French MPs, if skinny people were forbidden at the catwalk, we would have more self-confident people and fewer eating problems as bulimia and more.

    I say this word as that person, and I think that is an insult. Synonyms of skinny, lean, lanky and slim.

    The Importance of Being Earnest is a play by Oscar Wilde written in 1895. He was from Dublin, Ireland, right where we are going next year for our study trip.

    Andrea Gutiérrez 

  4. Fashion industry is everywhere; social media, magazines, tv or on the streets. And it is represented by their models, that over the years have set the trends and have been the image of the perfect body. So this obviously has influenced people, making them want to have those bodies and look like those models. But, is the fashion industry realistic?

    On the one hand, the fashion industry has settle a canon of beauty where not everyone can fit in. Bodies very exercised and other factors that depend of the complexion and cannot be changed with exercise such as being tall, the color of your eyes, etc..

    For women it is even more specific than for men because it also talks about facial features such as having a small nose, full lips, feminine face, and sometimes make girls think they need plastic surgery or botox.

    Another thing is the amount of people that trying to fit put at risk their own health, by starving themselves in order to loose weight, doing extreme diets or diets they find on the internet that are not validated by any expert and could cause a deficit of some nutrients.

    Also mental health is affected, people are too hard with themselves and think they are not enough, also it can lead them to suffer from anorexia or body dysmorphia.

    Models also struggle with this cannon, and very often they are told by their agencies to loose a little more of weigh for some jobs even when they are perfectly fine. This is dangerous thinking that the normal age for starting modeling is between 13 and 16 (18 is considered very late) and at those ages they are not aware of what they are asked and they don´t know how to say no.

    On the other hand fashion industry is slowly changing. They are diversifying their models, introducing more plus sized models and more colored people to the industry. Last year the "Angels of Vectoria´s secret" catwalk was cancelled for this reason, it wasn´t "diverse" enough and the public complained a lot on social media and stopped watching it ,so at the end the company lost money and had to cancel the catwalk.

    People are talking about those issues on social media and making changes, because they want to be represented too and see more types of body with which they can relate. For example, the movement of "body positivity"wants to demonstrate that plus sized models are equally beautiful.

    To sum up, fashion industry should be more open and diversify their models so everybody feels included.


  5. Now that summer is coming, both adolescents and many men and women want to have a strong, defined body, to appear more handsome or active, and for this there are those who die on muscle mass or lose weight and others simply they eat less or stop eating.
    This is gone in recent years and it has been shown as if the "perfect body" were thin, and that is why many people have also lost weight, and in some cases have also suffered abuse. And this has been thanks to the fact that in TV commercials for clothing they have never or almost never used fat people, they have always called those who have a "perfect body", but in reality there are no perfect or imperfect bodies, each one has a different and unique body.
    I think that for this type of clothing advertisement, both types of people, fat and skinny, should come out, so as not to create complexes, and each accepts as it is.

    Nuria Díaz Ruiz 4 ESO A