Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

martes, 3 de mayo de 2016


They turned everything upside down!!! (have a look at the meaning of this expression & here in BBC Learning English)

Another expresssion to keep in mind: 'inside out'

News Report : Leicester City win the Premier League (Episode 160503 / 03 May 2016)

Is it a fool's paradise?  Do all the activities proposed and learn a lot of useful expressions.

Is chivalry dead? (Listening exercise, 6 Minute English, BBC Learning English) No, never!!!! Dreams, romanticism, epic moments.... sometimes come true. Just have a look at what Leicester City has done in the Premier League in the UK:




....and did you know that Gary Lineker was born and played there: Gary Lineker celebrates Leicester City's title with champagne (BBC)


Could they really imagine that they could play the Champions League next year????

News Review

Upper-intermediate / Unit 22 / Session 2 / 03 May 2016

Leicester City win the Premier League


INTERESTING: Check the pronunciation of the toponym 'Leicester'. How would you pronounce it? And what about 'Worcester' (do you remember the Worcester sauce?)?

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  1. Epic, memorable, unique, unrepeatable; there are some of the words most listening in the wold this days. The Leicester City achieved the impossible. Claudio Ranieri manager of the Leicester arrived last summer with the intention of Leicester leave in the premier league one more season. But this player want more. A team that it did not cost more than 30 millions: Schmeichel, Simpson, Morgan, Huths, Fuchs, Drinkwater, Kanté, Albrighton, Marhez and Vardy; today is the team more sound in the world, every people wants football know this alignment.

    Now, the leicester should think in a new objetive is the UEFA Champions League. Do a good job it will be very important for this team who is already part of football's history.


  2. Awesome, amazing, no adjectives , no adjectives to describe the season that has made the Leicester.The Leicester team has always been a little low on the Premier Leguae. It has always been low or humble jobs or positions, this team during its history has been very humble, this is the first Premier League who earn them. It is a team with a low budget, in which its workforce is valued at barely 30 million euros , with players like :Goalkeeper K. Schmeichel, R. Huth Defence, C. Fuchs Left Side, Right Side D. Simpson, J. Vardy Forward, Striker R. Mahrez.J. Vardy Forward, is the top scorer of the team, which has had a very important role this season , He has scored goals in movements and most important matches throughout the competition.

    After this spectacular year, Leicester thinking of next year to participate and win the Uefa Champions League

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 4ºB

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  4. Only one month ago, one of the humblest teams in the Premier League, was proclaimed champion. This team, which last season slipped to the bottom of the league table with only 19 points from 29 games, has won one of the most prominent and toughest leagues in Europe. However, did anyone know them before this happened?

    In fact, not many people in the world knew the existence of an English team called Leicester, which last season had had so many problems to survive in the English Premier League one more year (I included myself). Nevertheless, at the beginning of the season the commitment they made to do their best has ended in such an incredible achievement. Another important variable has been their players, many of whom played in the second division in other European leagues, or even in the English seventh division!!! before joining this team, as Jamie Vardy). They have given us a lesson of team sport and bravery.

    This team has reminded me when our football national team (before winning all that it has won in the latest years). Nobody trusted that we were even going to go through the quarter finals of European Team Cup of 2008, and they won it, and then the World Cup of 2010 and afterwards the European Team Cup of 2012 (and far more to come).

    All in all, now I’m not going to say that I’m an unconditional supporter of Leicester, only for winning the Premier League, because that would be dishonest (and my favourite English team is Liverpool), but apart from that, I think that everyone who likes football now has a small part of the Leicester team in their hearts, as Ranieri said “Why can’t we continue to run, run, run? We are like Forrest Gump!”

  5. In the 2014/2015 season the Leicester achieved salvation in the last game and a miracle. With the season so bad that the president took action and the first thing was to get a new coach.
    The chosen one was Claudio Raniere, they started the season a bit bad, but with the passing of the matches the team improved, they started to play spectacular what motivated their fans, the team's objective was not to descend but their game was so good that They sneaked into the top positions.

    After months the team went first and I finish in that position, no fan could believe it since the season were about to descend. Achieving the title was thanks to the hard and good work of the coach and the players.

    For me since I got the premier it became a strong team, I think it has a lot of potential and a lot to prove.