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by Bruce Lee

domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2016

What do winter rainy days make you feel like?

How do weather conditions affect your mood? >>>> (Can weather affect your mood?)



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    Im going to tell you how I feel in different weather conditions:

    When it Rains: It makes me feel relaxed and calm. It makes me fall asleep quicker looking at the rain falling on my window.

    When it is sunny: It makes me feel happy and sometimes tired.

    When it is windy: It makes me feel fresh.

    When it is cloudy: It makes me feel exited for look if it rains.

    When we have a storm: I feel sad because my dog doesn’t like the storms.

    How does the weather make you feel?


  2. In this new enter that Albert introduced in his blog, they tell us how can weather affect our mood. Now, I'm going to talk a bit of this issue.

    Nowadays, the weather conditions have an important influence in our mood. Depending of the season we are on we are happier, more aggressive, angrier..etc. However, not all people is affected by this fact. There is a 48 percent who is unimpacted by changes in the weather, a 47 percent is affected by summer and a 9 percent is affected by rain.

    According to studies of the Psychcentral, many of the suicides are caused in seasons when people usually gets depressed such as spring. A datum that that article gives is that outdoor workers were far more likely to commit suicide in the spring months than during the winter months, probably they were buoyed by the increase in daylight and warmer temperatures.

    From my point of view, winter rainy has an impact in our mood because when it rains I feel more depressed and angrier as usual. Furthermore, the more it rains, the more angry I am, I don' know why. I personally think weather affects us on a positive or a negative mood, although many people isn't affected by this fact.

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez 1ºBachillerato A

  3. It is very true that according to this weather our way changes many times we are aware of it because if it rains or sun we do certain things but often unconsciously weather affects us very directly. For example I am not very fan of the hot days when it is very hot I feel tired and without wanting to do things.

    Rainy days or cold are my favorite because to go running when it is cold or do other type of activity I like a lot because it is different to when it is hot. Although cold days not only I like to have sports but they are good days to lie on the sofa and watch a good movie while having some hot drink. Those days make me happy, although I am depressed a bit by the fact that at six o'clock this is already dark.

    But the thing is different for each person, there are people who love rainy days like me but other people who hate it, there are people who love hot days and that puts them in a good mood, or there are people who on cloudy days feel bad , Each person is a world and every weather affects them in different ways

    Ariadna Prados López 1º Bach A

  4. I think that the weather conditions our mood because if it rains or sun we do things unconsciously. For example, when it is cold we are tired and we do not want to leave the house.

    For me the hot days or sun are my favorites because you have a long day to enjoy and you can be a beach day with family or friends, instead, if it was cold we would have to be at home.

    But each person has a different mood for the weather. It depends on the person can withstand more heat or cold, but in others they can not stand and prefer otherwise.

  5. Since always films or the tv series have shown us that the weather can change our mood, in many films when its raining we can listen sad music and the actors talk more quiet

    I think that it is real because sometimes when it's raining I'm a bit sad, and when it's sunny I feel me very good and happy, I love sun and beach,hereby when it's sunny I remember the summer. I hate cold and rainy days because I love to play football and when it's rainning I can't play football in the street.

    I reckon that music can change our mood too, and it is true. Many cientific studies show it's true. In my part when,I feel me sad i love to listen sad songs and when I feel me happy I love to listen happy songs. I really hate to stay sad, some persons can's stay happy all the days. The alteration of the mood because of weather depend of the persons.

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 1º Bach

  6. The affective seasonal disorder is a type of disorder in which the major moment of depression has to see with a specific station, normally sympathetic on the people in the autumns months or winter, though a small percentage of persons also affects him in the springs months and summer. The heat extracts the worse of the people.
    According to Denissen he thought that the influence of the climate has more negative impact on the state of mind of a person, instead of helping to your positive state of mind, some factors like the wind or the insufficient Sun lower a person spirits feels furthermore low.
    The spring is a station of they were waiting for many, on the other hand it is the station of desperation for those that are depressed, probably stimulated by the increase of the daylight and the hottest temperatures.

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  9. In places where it´s hotter, the people are happier, kind, extrovert and they want to go partying but in places where it´s colder, the people are more serious, less kind, introvert and they don´t want to go out with their friends or family because it´s cold and it´s better to stay at home with the radiator or near the chimney. So we can see how the climate affects our mood.

    Also, we can see in the films as in the sad scenes, it´s raining; as in the happy moments, it´s sunny, as in the complicated moments, it´s windy and in the scary moments, it´s stormy. So our brain associates the climate with our mood.

    Same as the climate is not the only thing that affects our mood. Your mood can also vary if we are in the mountain. Also the music affects us. So does the situation you are going through. All this can produce changes in our mood.

    Each person is affected by things in a different way.

    Patricia Rodríguez Martín 1BACHA

  10. Rain can be unpleasant for people who have to work outdoors or who have to move from one place to another. The rain can be an impediment. On the other hand, for people who have nothing to do, it can be something really relaxing. The rain often encourages you to lie on the sofa, with a blanket, a good book and a cup of coffee.

    It´s true that sunny days tend to be much better and motivate you to do things and have a productive day, that is why summer and spring are usually very desirable seasons. Happiness and fun seem to be linked to these seasons.

    On the other hand, the rain and the seasons that accompany it, autumn and winter, are usually the saddest and most serious times of the year. At this time of year, you don´t want to leave the house a lot because of the cold and it´s difficult to take advantage of the days. Maybe this has also been intensified by the cinema that always shows the sad scenes accompanied by rain and melancholic music.

    Raisa Martín 2º BACH

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  12. It is clear that feelings play an important role in our lives. Many of our moods are related with the weather. But, is it good? Or harmful for our mental health?

    In many countries where the sky is almost always grey and the days are sad, it´s very common for people to have seasonal affective disorder. This problem is basically a disorder in which people have to deal with several emotions and behavior problems related to the seasons.

    Lack of light can be a problem for many people. Not only in countries where the weather is always bad, but also in seasons like winter, where the days are very short. However, there are many ways to combat winter sadness. For example, go for a morning walk, do exercise or improve your diet.

    In conclusion,seasonal affective disorders appear when the weather is bad. However, it is not bad for our mental health if we know how to control them.

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 1ºA bach