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by Bruce Lee

sábado, 11 de febrero de 2017

Car-free cities in the future?

What will our future cities be like?

Will we ever get a truly car-free city? (The Guardian)

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VOCABULARY. Word combinations. Choose the correct responses.

1. Your marks are OK, but there is still ................... for improvement.   (A  area    B   room   C  space   D   place)

2. The course was so difficult that I didn't .................. any progress at all.    (A  make    B   do   C  create   D   produce)
3. The manufacturers are advertising a new ........................ of soap powder.  (A  mark    B   brand   C  pack   D   box)
4. Caring for her younger brothers is a  ..................... burden for her, but she never complains.     (A  sour    B   bitter   C  large   D   heavy)
5. I'm tired of looking at ancient ........................ Let's go somewhere modern.   (A  foundations    B   remnants   C  ruins   D   constructions)
6. I've put on so much weight that my clothes don't ..................... me any more.      (A  match    B   suit   C  agree with   D   fit)
7. Getting divorced was a ............ decision for us to make, but I'm sure it was the right one.     (A  hard    B   firm   C  strong   D   large)
8. He has a very strong ................ to see his country again.        (A  desire      B   want   C  liking   D   feeling)
9. The ................... age of the population in most western countries is rising fast.   (A  medium    B   general   C  average   D   middle)
10. Several soldiers were .................. wounded in the battle. They needed a lot of help.     (A  completely     B   hardly   C  seriously   D   utterly)
11. Scientists everywhere are trying to .......................... a cure for AIDS.        (A  conclude    B   invent   C  discover   D   make)


__________ harm     _________ a mistake    _________ the washing-up    __________ a decision
__________ trouble     _________ progress    _________ well    __________ money
__________ the beds     _________ the cooking    _________ a noise    __________ a cake
__________ the housework     _________ homework    _________ someone a favour 

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8 comentarios:

  1. Pollution is an alteration that affects the condition or conditions of the medium or an element.

    On the one hand, today we have a high level of pollution and it's because they have taken decisions like only cars with even register can be driven on even days and vice versa, like the townhall has done in Madrid. I think it's a good initiative to reduce pollution, but the most amazing things are the number of diseases that can be aggravated by pollution. Another clear example we have in London where you can't enter in the center with the car unless you pay.

    On the other hand our vehicles could be replaced by electric cars that don't emit CO2 and only works with solar energy.

    To sum up, it's a good idea to have car-free cities because it would reduce the amount of pollution and the number of people who die from traffic accidents and I reckon it's one of the best ideas that can be taken.

    Paola Ruiz 1º Bach A

  2. I reckon that our cities will be much greener, because in the future the cars will be electric and they won't contamine.That vehicles could be cars that don't emit CO2 and only works with solar energy. I think too that in the future the cities will have a lot of trees ant a lot of big parks, with animals.

    Everybody will going in bicycle or go walking. There will be electric buses and electic motorcicles.Many cities have taken steps to reduce the contamination in the ambient. For example in the capitals, only can circule the cars that have pair matricules and in the centre of the city cars can't circule, and if they want circule they will pay for this.

    In my opinion this ideas to reduce the contamination are very good for the planet and for the humans, we have to aport to reduce the contamination .

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 1º Bach

  3. Today, the world is invaded by contamination produced by cars, factories,etc and this little by little this provocated the global warming worsening our quality of live. We usually aren't conscious of the consequences of our actions. If the world continue in this way, we will destroy our life and the world where we life. We should change this and do something.

    I think that in the future cars will emit water vapor and they will need to work only electricity. And I think that the cars will be less dangerous because the tecnology will continue getting better. With this the contamination will decrease and the air that we will breathe, will be cleaner.


    Patricia Rodriguez Martin 1º Bach A

  4. Have you ever thought about a city without cars in the future? Do you really think that it is a good idea? The world is polluted by almost everything and something should have been done.

    On the one hand, the dissapearement of cars would make the city more walkeable, everybody could walk without take as many care of no to get in danger with cars and motorbikes. Moreover, children could play freely and they wouldn't be as worried, so they would have more time to enjoy with their friends.

    On the other hand, how would we move among in the cities? Will we have to walk? And people with ilnesses as wheelchair users? They would get exhausted and that could damage their health.

    Me, I personally believe that it will never exit a free-car city considering that more and more cars are being manufactured, and mechanics make them better. Not only that, but also we are so lazy that we make what we can not to move, we are very inactive.

    María Béjar Rodríguez 1º Bach

  5. Most of the pollution in the cities are by cars and motorcycles.
    I believe that in order to have a clean city without pollution in the future, you should create cars, motorcycles and electric buses so as not to pollute. But if electric transports are not created, we should walk and use the bicycle more.
    We would live better in a world without pollution because there would be no accidents or dangers in the street and no acoustic pollution.
    I believe that if we do our part we get

  6. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

  7. Can you imagine a life without cars?. I can´t . Cars are the vehicles we use the most but also the ones that pollute the most , so, it could be quieter not to see cars in the cities.

    On the one hand , a city without cars could be a quieter and a walkable city , where people could walk without danger and children could play freely. In addition we would pollute less and we would have a cleaner city . Maybe , there would be more space in cities and we could build more buildings ,shops.

    On the other hand ,a life with cars is more stressful , with a lot of traffic and pollution . The number of accidents increases and also the noise of the city , so , it could be a good option to go on public transport because it reduces the pollution , the stress and sometimes you can save money and time.

    To sum up , I think the best option to reduce the pollution is using public transport ,bycycles, scooters and why not , on foot.