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jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017

GAME OF THRONES, a hacked story?

It seems to be that this famous series is really based on historical facts (Game of Thrones):

Well, two years ago this was the topic of a Selectivity exam. Have a look at it and try to do it and you'll see how important it is to read regularly authentic English in the press or whereever>>>>


You can do this crossword on MILITARY WORDS 

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT  >>>>  Instructions to the English exam in the New Selectivity exam in Andalucia.


Rewrite these sentences using the beginnings given.

1. It is a long time since he last visited us.    He hasn’t...
2. It is too cold to go swimming today.    It isn’t ...
3. I’d rather stay at home than go to a bad film.    I prefer ...
4. ‘Isn’t it a beautiful day?’ exclaimed George.    ‘What ....’ exclaimed George.
5. Although he felt ill, Jeremy still went to school.    In spite ...
6. The meal was so awful that they refused to pay the bill.    It was ...
7. Are you still doing your homework?   Haven’t you ...
8. ‘Anne, what about staying for dinner?’ Jane said.    Jane invited ...
9. Somebody will steal your bicycle unless you lock it.    Your bicycle ....
10. I’ve never been to a safari park before.    This is the first time ...
11. ‘I did not take the money’ said Simon.   Simon denied ....

Solutions in the next post 


Episode 170215 / 15 February 2017   >>>  Expressions presented: fall from grace, rip-off goods & a range of.
SOLUTIONS to the VOCABULARY exercises in the previous post:  2. make 3. brand  4. heavy  5. ruins 6. fit   7. hard  8. desire  9. average  10. seriously  11. discover

MAKE...a mistake, a decision, trouble, progress, money, the beds, a noise, a cake
DO....  harm, the washing-up, well, the cooking, the housework, homework, someone a favour

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  1. The War of the Two Roses, was an intestinal war developed in England on the occasion of the succession to the throne, that was developed between the years 1455 and 1485, after the English were expelled from France. The descendants of Edward III, formed part of the Plantagenet dynasty, from which two royal houses emerged: Lancaster, whose symbol was a red rose, and York, whose emblem was a flower of the same type, but white . Both houses clashed in this conflict, whose name "War of the Two Roses" was adopted later, in reference to the roses that identified both contenders.

    On the other hand, this series shows in detail how society was at that time and a point to highlight were the mutilations in this era, which were very bloody and cruel, these were made to get valuables like rings of the enemies.

    To find up, we can see that wars of powers have existed since the beginning of time and are still existing today,but with other extrategies with less physical damage.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 1º Bach A

  2. The war of Roses is like the war of the Lannisters and the Starks, like the Lancasters and the Yorks. The war finish and the York win the war. In Game of Thrones the finish is not yet and we not know who win the war. The map in the series is like the map of England and Scotland and the the free cities are like Europe. Game of Thrones is the best TV series and it finish this april. We not know who wins but I like the Starks to win the white walkers and Cersei and the Lannisters. Danearys is going to be the Queen.

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  4. Game of Thrones is a set of books written by George R. R. Martin. He started writing this story (in the books called "songs of ice & fire") in 1996 and he has not finished the story yet. Game of Thrones is also a Tv show created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss and produced by HBO. This Tv show is being issued since 17th April 2011 and will end 19th May 2019.

    Game of Thrones shows the experiences of a lot of characteres from different noble houses in the fictional continent called 'Westeros' with a lot of battles and wars to have the iron Throne and to govern the 7 Kingdoms, Moreover there is a army of the dead led by the night King who wants that everyone dies. The most important noble houses are the Stark house, the Targaryen house and the Lannister house.

    This Tv series is based on the war of the two roses between the Lancaster and The Yorks, this war was developed in England between the years 1455-1485. It was about the succession of the throne. The symbol of the Lancaster was a red rose, and the symbol of the york was a white rose. They were the same flower but different colors. This war was bloody and cruel like the war on the tv serie.

    The main difference between the war of the two roses and the war of the tv show is that this last as long as the reign of 5 kings. We don't have to forget that is a serie and it has dragons who burn cities.
    This Tv serie is very famous and has many fans, it is one of the most expensive series of all times and It is watched by a large percentage of people around the world.

    I always advise people to watch this serie. I love it so much and I am looking forward to watching the new episodes. I don't want that the Night King kills my favourite characters.
    I only can say good things about this TV series because it shows what life was like before.