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lunes, 1 de mayo de 2017

Travelling to Ibiza and Dronies

Do you like travelling and making photographs?

Here's a Selectivity exam the University of Granada proposes to do: Welcome to Las Dalias Hippy Market (you can find a link to download the exam in my site: 2º Bachillerato) and here are some articles related to the issue you can read:

And when travelling, photos are just essential. However, there is a new trend these days that you can read about in this proposed Selectivity exam (Dronies: a new trend to replace selfies  >>  again you can find a link to download a copy of the exam in my site: 2º Bachillerato  ) and in these related articles:


Discovering Veracruz in Mexico taking dronies, selfies.. Just amazing!!

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  1. Spain has very beautiful places, beaches, monuments... but one of the most beautiful places of Spain is Ibiza. Ibiza is an island located in the mediterranean sea and together in Mallorca, Formentera and Menorca all the Balearic archipielago. This island is known for the beauty of the coves and beaches, and the quality of the waters. Also, for his parties and his discos, which attract numerous tourists. The port area of Ibiza also attracts many tourists for its nightlife.

    For can enjoy of this places, take pictures is very normal, and the people use drones for can see better this beautiful island. The drones allow see the city better, his most hidden places too. I considered the drones a good invention because this can fly easily and they can doing the day to day more easy. They even transmit football match for see better all the players.

  2. Firstly, I'm going to write about Ibiza. Ibiza is one of the most famous islands to visit in the world. It is said that there are a lot of parties there, since a lot of tourists from other countries visit it for the parties. I think a lot of tourists come to Ibiza in summer because of its fantastic beaches and weather, most of them come from countries as England, Scotland or Germany since they don't have such fantastic weather. Personally, I've never been there, but I think I would like to visit and discover it in the future because it isn't very far from me and people that I know who have been to Ibiza said to me that they enjoyed a lot.

    Secondly, drones are aerial vehicles that don't need a crew, you can control it using a remote control and you don't need a special permit to control one of them. I have just read about a new trend called dronies, it is similar to selfies, but people are recorded in short videos by a drone. Then, they publish theirs videos in a social network.

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  4. First, I'm going to explain if I like travelling and where I would like to travel. And then, I'm going to write about what dronies are.

    For me travelling is one of the most important things in my life. I love trvelling and I go anywhere if I have the opportunity. My parents and me have gone on holidays at least two times every year since I was born, so we have already visited almost all the country. Moreover, every summer we used to go to Cazorla with some friends and we always had a great time. However, my parents and me, we travel less and less since we haven't got so much money as before and they have to work during all the summer.

    For me travelling is the same as reading books. Travel gives me time to think, observe and learn new things such as culture, food and history. I love meeting new places that I've never seen before. In addiction, I'm a traveler who likes adventures. Some of the things I want to do while travelling are: To do scuba diving, skydiving, snowboarding, rafting, etc.

    When I'm eighteen years old, I'd like to go to Ibiza, which is one of the most famous islands to visit in the world. Ibiza is said to have a lot of great parties and it also has such good beaches. It isn't very far from us, but I reckon it's a bit expensive to go.

    Finally, I'm going to talk about dronies. The latest fashion we have seen on the Internet is taking photos or recording videos with an areal vehicle that doesn't need a crew. It is called 'drone' and you can control it using a remote control, so you can make incredible images or videos from the air. I think it's similar to selfies, but you must have enough money to buy one.

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  6. We can say that Spain is one of the places that most people visit along the year. People like travelling to Spain and it can stand out our food, our climate and all the beautiful places that we have. We can say that one of the places that most people visit when they come to Spain is.

    Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea on the east coast of Spain and very near to Formetera, Menorca, Cabrera and Mallorca. We can say that Ibiza has great beaches and all the parties that they are. Many famous go there to pass a weekend and go to famous music festivals that are organised in Ibiza and they have sun almost all the time.

    I would like to visit Ibiza when I have eighteen because I think that is a great city and I think I would like it a lot. My parents have been there and they say that it is amazing and they told me that when they were there, they met a friend which has a dronie that its makes great photos. We also can say about dronies that they are really expensive.

  7. I really love travelling, during my life I saw many places of Spain like Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Malaga , Murcia etc... But I think that it's better to travel abroad of Spain, I saw somes places abroad of Spain in my life, but the best and the most beautifull was Monaco.

    When I stayed in Monaco I saw things that you can't see in Spain, I know that the life in Monaco is too many expensive, but some citizens have a lot of money, because Monaco is a turistic place thats generate a lot of money. I like travel because I love to discover new cultures and places that I didn't see in my life, and you learn much about of the place that you visit such as culture, food and history.

    Ibiza is a really tursitic place in Spain, because it's very beautiful and in summer is the best place to take a holidays , I have never see in my life Ibiza, but I would like to going in the future.

    Respect to the dronies, I think that's a fabulous idea, because if you put a camera in the dron you will can see the Island from above, and there is a beautiful views.

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 1º Bach

  8. Firstly, I'm going to write about Ibiza.Ibiza es una de las isla del mediterraneo y una de las mas famosas del mundo, a la que cada verano van muchos turistas y famosos a pasar sus vacaciones alli. En un futuro me gustaria viajar y conocer lugares nuevos y uno de ellos es ibiza por sus playas y sus fiestas. Espero ir algún día.

    Secondly, drones are aerial vehicle you can control it using a remote control. Today is one of the great inventions that help the human being and easy to achieve. Some contain cameras that allow us to record places where we do not arrive. For me it is one of the best inventions of today.

    Francisco García García 1º Bach

    1. Firstly, I'm going to write about Ibiza.Ibiza is one of the Mediterranean island and one of the most famous in the world, to which every summer many tourists and celebrities go to spend their vacations there. In the future I would like to travel and to know new places and one of them is ibiza for its beaches and its festivals. I hope I'll go some day.

      Secondly, drones are aerial vehicle you can control it using a remote control. Today is one of the great inventions that help the human being and easy to achieve. We have not got any cameras. For me it is one of the best inventions of today.

      Francisco García García 1ºBach

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  11. First, I'm going to talk about Ibiza. Ibiza is one of the most famous islands in the world. This island stands out for its magnificent parties, many foreigners visit it. Although it also stands out for its climate, its beaches and the monuments that you can visit. Personally, I want to visit that island because it draws my attention.

    Secondly, I'm going to talk about drones. Drones are known around the world. These devices don't have a crew. They are small or medium in size and controlled remotely. They can carry GPS, infrarred sensors, high resolution cameras and radar controls.

  12. First, I'm going to talk about Ibiza and then, I'll talk about photos with drones and its importance.

    Today, Ibiza is the most visited place by young people because of its bustling nocturnal life. It is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It forms next to Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera and several smaller islets, the archipelago and autonomous community of the Balearic Islands in Spain. The capital of the island is Ibiza, the island is famous for the beauty of its coves and beaches and the quality of its waters, as well as for its parties and discos, which attract numerous tourists.

    When we travel, it is essential to take photos. Today, with the advance of new technologies, experts have invented drones that can take photos and also selfies. You can be in a mountain and you can turn on the drone and make it fly around the mountain making photos, it's brilliant. It's usual that the drones have good cameras very resistant because they might have accidents with trees, birds....or even crash.

    For me, taking photos is one of the most beautiful things of the world. You can immortalize moments of your life and see them when you want. By this reason, when we travel, we often take photos to places that we've never seen.

    On the one hand, I think Ibiza is a fantastic place to travel, I hope to go when I'm eighteen, it would be amazing. On the other hand, I think drones are a good way to take fantastic photos on the air, like in football matches.

    Joaquín Alejandro España 2ºBach

  13. Travel is a thing that many people want to do it. When we travel, we want take photos to us or to things that we are seeing because we want to catch the moment for remember it and never forget it. Nowadays, people share these photos in their social networks. Selfies are very popular in the world because it´s a good way to do photos.

    First selfie of the history is an image of Robert Cornelius in 1839. His family had a camera store where he did it. In that time, take a photo need a few minutes which allowed do a photo without to help.

    Drones are very popular because it´s a fantastic way to do photos. Drones allow do incredible photos and videos that it looks scenes of a film. Also, we can do photos with a different perspective.

    I think that drones become new trend to replace selfies because it´s a better way to do photos.

    Patricia Rodríguez Matín 1BACH

  14. Ibiza is more than just another island in the Mediterranean Sea, more than just another holiday destination, Ibiza is a way of life...a state of mind. With a large area of nightlife, DJs and clubbers, and with one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth, Ibiza is sure to continue long into the future. Ibiza is described as the island of parties.

    But, in addition to that, Ibiza is creating a rather interesting trend in recent months. Drones are depicting the new way of recording memories in a more original and striking way. The drones also allow to take selfies or photographs in general when we want; Just control it with a remote control and tell you what you want it to record or take photos.

    From my point of view, technology is progressing day by day, and the drones are going to move ever more, until they put themselves ahead of anything to record or take photos. Concluding with the theme, it is well known by all that, something may be fashionable, but for a short time. However, the drones are coming to stay.

    Nicolás Benitez 1ºBACH

  15. i like travelling because see the world is something amazing, in the world exists places wonderful a example can be Madrid in Spain this city is amazing, if you never have walked in the park called `` retiro´´ you dont know what you is losing.

    Other place amazing in Spain is Sevilla when see the ``Giralda´´ you feel something that you dont describe it only you feel wonderful. when you stay looking this amazing monument you want learn more on he

    Travelling is amazing, my dream is to visit all Spain, and other places as they are Alemania, Paris and Noruega, i want visit Alemania because the history is amazing. I wish I could live all my life travelling
    Miguel Gonzalez Ortega 1ºBach