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by Bruce Lee

martes, 30 de mayo de 2017

Veganism and climate change

Do these two concepts have anything in common? Read this post about the issue and do this Selectivity exam:

Eating less meat could save 45,000 lives a year, experts claim

Articles related to the issue which are interesting for you to read:



Listening exercise to do: Could you go vegan? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

What does 'vegan' stand for? Can you give me a definition?

English with Lucy: Oxford English

Solutions to the REWRITE exercise in the previous post.


1. If I didn't have to look after my neighbour's children, I would come.
2. Brian advised Tom not to go swimming on a day like that.
3. It is two years since I (last) went to the dentist.
4. He is said to have been all over the world.
5. I hate having to write letters.
6. Although it was raining heavily, we went out.
7. My father hasn't seen his brother for nearly twenty years.
8. The inspector accused Joe of having stolen the money.
9. In spite of my admiration for Shakespeare's comedies / In spite of the fact that I admire Shakespeare's comedies, I cannot agree....
10. If he hadn't given me a lift to the station, I would have missed the train.
11. Mary asked Peter when America had been first discovered.
12. Unless he starts work right away, he'll never finish it.
13. I haven't played tennis since 1990.
14. He asked me if I had seen his brother recently.
15. She asked me (politely) to wait in the reception / if I could wait.
16. Once Terry gets over his illness, his work will be improved.
17. When you arrive there will be someone to meet you.
18. As soon as she read this letter she burst into tears.
19. I didn’t know when John was leaving.
20. When you phoned me, I was having lunch.
21. I’ve worked for the company for three years.
22. When we arrived, David had (already) gone home.
23. I didn’t use to wear glasses.
24. The last time I was at the cinema was two years ago.
25. When did they get married?
26. I am supposed to take out the garbage every day.
27. I apologized for the misunderstanding.
28. I congratulated her for the tournament / for winning the tournament.


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  1. Will be able our planet to forget what we are doing on it? It is usually claimed that the global warming is due to human actions, and when it is said “global warming” we almost always think about cars, deforestation... but do we really know what causes this problem, which is one of the biggest environmental issues?

    First of all, this problem is relied on a bit unexpected fact to us, as it is livestock farming. Nowadays we consume a lot of meat every day so, the animal factories need to have any way to make animals grow faster in order to give us what we eat. Hence, the more we consume, the more amount of gas factories will emit and because of the methane produced by the animals, global warming increases.

    Secondly, today hundred people are going vegan. That collaborates to reduce global warming, as it stands to reason that is more efficient not to give water and grains to animal-rearing, and give the grains towards direct human consumption. Not only that but also eating less meat is better for our health, which is for us, the main gist.

    I personally believe that there are little signs which can save our planet. One such example could be: eat cereals and legumes grown by hand instead of eating meat, or not to get a bath, only get a shower. Moreover, if we use electrical energy, we will be able to reduce global warming. I've been thinking about the question “Could you go vegan” and I concluded that I couldn't as I don't usually eat fruits and vegetables, so if I couldn't eat meat, what would I eat?

    María Béjar 1º BACH

  2. Now, I'm going to talk you a bit about the problems that can have eating too much meat.

    Nowadays, meat is an esencial foodstuff in our day-to-day. We usually eat red meat and we think it's something normal and necessary for our body, but experts have tested that 45,000 lives year could be saved if everyone began eating meat no more than two or three times a week. If we reduced meat consumption, climate change would slow down and deforestation too because rainforests are being chopped down to raise cows.

    From my point of view, this two concepts don't have anything in common, veganism and climate change can be two things totally independents. However, if a person is vegan, it helps to stop the climate change because he or she doesn't eat meat and it means that rainforests won't be chopped down to feed cows.

    In my opinion people should eat less meat during the week. It can produce early death from heart disease, cancers.....etc. People ought eat less meat and more vegetables if they don't want to die early by one of this diseases.

    Joaquín Alejandro España Sánchez 1ºABachillerato

  3. For a long time, the people debate whether to be vegetarian. More and more people become vegetarians. Also, there are vegan people. The sciencist has dicovered the advantages of not eating animal food. One of this reason is the climate change; According to the latest studies, eat animal food helped to the climate change, which is harmful to the world. Many people want to do make a appeal against animal food. All this could lead to an excess of animal population, and many people too, consider that the animals are made to be eaten. For this reasons, there are a debate of the people.

    In my opinion, we need eat all kinds of food, because I think that is the best for the world. All type of animals are cared for the people eat them. Also, is good eat saludable food because our health need them. I personally, eat all type of kind, although I prefer the animal food, because I like much more.

  4. The topic I’m going to deal with is veganism. Nowadays, it is well known that eating less meat could save lives. It is because low-meats diets would stop an amount of deaths from heart disease and from cancer. It is true that we don’t need to go vegetarian to look after ourselves, but it would slow down climate change and deforestation in South America, where rainforest are being chopped down to raise cows, which are later exported to Europe.

    Furthermore, it may sound crazy that our roast-beef sandwich contributes to environmental degradation of the planet, but this impact requires our attention and action as global citizens. It is said that the best option is veganism. Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.

    According to experts, the Mediterranean diet is good for us because is the one that includes lowers amounts of animal products. Although, it still produces emissions. By the way, the vegan diet, by eliminating dairy and egg, would reduce emissions the most, as confirmed by a study. Adopting a plant-based diet is, therefore, one of the most powerful choices an individual can make in mitigating environmental degradation and depletion of Earth's natural resources.

    As I see it, everybody has the right to choose what they want to do. I think the best is trying to find a balance between what we eat, that would be good for our health and helping to reduce the environmental degradation. If we do these things, we will live in a better place; as well we will be healthier.

  5. a españolClimate change is caused by the consumption of meat to which Western humans have irresponsibly arrived, causing wild deforestation and emitting millions of unnecessary breeding animals, methane gas, a hundred times more polluting than the carbon dioxide of cars.
    You can see much information on this subject and also falsehood of almost all the great environmental companies of the world and how they shut down before the real problem. In this report already it was assured that the major cause of the climatic change is the industrial cattle raising with a quota of guilt of the 51%, in front all the oil burned by all the vehicles of the world that represents only 13%.
    Incredible, but we must expand this information for humanity to wake up and collaborate becoming vegans.
    According to the study, the vegan diet could help save nearly 8 million lives by 2050. Savings in money, in terms of medical costs and improved productivity, are valued at $ 1 trillion ($ 885 billion Euros) per year. In addition, it assures that livestock is responsible for 14% of greenhouse gas emissions and that by 2050, the food sector could cover 50% of all emissions, if other sectors implement the measures of cut that are raised nowadays. A significant change in diet could reduce livestock emissions by 70% and 63% by the whole food industry, according to the British study.

  6. Veganism is both the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals, the person who has this type of diet is named vegan. There are many different opinions about veganism.

    On the one hand, people defend veganism. They said that this type of diet is very good for our health since it is a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, they also say that natural fruits or vegetables don't have additives that could produce serious illness as cancer. I have read on the article that veganism can save the planet because it reduces the consumption of meat, then, factories that manufacture meat will reduce the gas emissions. Therefore, global warming and other problems with the environment will be improved.

    On the other hand, there are persons that are against that. One of the main reasons is that vegans can't get all vitamins and proteins necessary for their health without eating food of animal origin. Another problem about veganism is that there are parents who force their children to eat this type of diet and it can be bad for the health since they still aren't developed.

    In my opinion, each person should choose what type of diet he wants to eat without been obligated. All of us are responsible for what we eat and the consequences for our heath.

  7. I'm going to write about the veganism and the climate change.

    Veganism is very practised by the persons because they don't want to kill animals and they think that to eat plants is good for the body. I reckon that the veganism will have problems of health because they don't have proteins and other things that the meat has.

    Also you musn't eat meat all the days, but to eat meat often is enought. The peolple eat animals, but we don't eat all the animals. From my point of view, we don't eat those animals because we think that the animals are harmful, but probably those animals are good for the health. In the other countries, the peolple eat animals that we might not eat.

    Climate change is a problem very important for the persons and the world because in the world can be important catastrophes. For example the cities of the coast can be flooded by the sea, in the places that to rain very much, this places might dry off and don't rain. Also many plants and animals flame out.


  8. First of all, I´m going to talk about veganism This activity it´s a way of living which eliminate the use of animal products and exclude all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. People choose to be vegan for health, environmental or ethical reasons. Many vegans choose this lifestyle to promote a more humane and caring world. They think they have a responsibility to try to do their best and take care of our world. The base of a vegan nutrition is variety. A healthy and varied vegan diet includes fruits, vegetables, plenty of leafy greens, whole grain products, nuts, seeds, and legumes. There are many versions of veganism so there´s a version of this to suit everyone.

    There are a lot of positive things that we can talk about veganism. One of the main positive about this is that vegan diets are cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat. Another positives things are that vegan eating usually increases antioxidant intake and promote greater self-control needed to eat in a vegan way can be extended to others behaviors requiring self-control commitment a dedication. But there are many negative things about a vegan diet, for example going vegan is a huge change and can sometimes be even more complicated if you can´t eat certain things such as soy, it´s a potential interference with existing medical conditions for example with conditions such as diabetes or osteoporosis and there are a loss of essential vitamins and minerals, vegan diet doesn't contain vitamin B12 and it´s low in calcium and vitamin D.

    In conclusion, veganism can be such a good lifestyle but before you begin vegan you need to think about every positive and negative thing about this way of living. Because although you eliminate animal products and you could think you´re living the healthier lifestyle, you have many negative things that can affect your health. Anyway, I think that is a good way of living if you know how to handle it and you save millions of animals that were going to die for many activities and at the same time you are helping yourself because eat less meat could save your life. And for your question, I think that I could begin vegan if I wouldn´t live here because it's really going vegan in a little town because you can buy the ingredients that you need.

    Secondly, I´m going to talk about climate change. Nowadays you can see everytime you see the news things about climate change. For example, lately, Donald Trump has been appearing on the news because he´s destroying everything that Obama did to help climate change. Donald Trump thinks that climate change is something fake and it´s not happening right now. In my opinion, we´re destroying our world and we don´t have any place to go when we finish off destroying what we have.

    According to The bahraining of New York, we´re not ready for what´s coming at the end of this century. They talk about “Heat Death” At 11-12 degrees of warming half of the population of our world would die of a direct heat. They talk about “The End of Food” because influenced by the temperature the food such as cereal won´t grow because it needs a certain temperature and if it´s higher, as usual, it doesn't grow so it´d produce millions of deaths because of famine. As I mentioned before there are people like Donald Trump that are skeptics to this reality. But there are many respected people who support this, but science gives them all the answers they need and they don´t want to accept what it´s the truth.

    Ariadna Prados López

  9. Nowadays, it is well known that eating less meat could save lives. It is because low-meats diets would stop an amount of deaths from heart disease and from cancer. if we are vegetarian we don't save any life but it would slow down climate change and deforestation in SA, where rainforest are being chopped down to raise cows, which are later exported to Europe.

    Although It is said that the best option is veganism, it is a way of living which seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, etc.

    the Mediterranean diet is good for us because is the one that includes lowers amounts of animal products. Adopting a plant-based diet is, therefore, one of the most powerful choices an individual can make in mitigating environmental degradation and depletion of Earth's natural resources.

    As i think about it, everybody has the right to choose what they want to eat. But i reckon the best is trying to find a balance between what we eat, that would be good for our health and helping to reduce the environmental degradation. If we do these things, we will live in a better place and futhermore we will be healthier.

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  11. Is very important look after our planet because only have one and if we don't the look after, who Is going to do it. A lot of people only think in the capitalism and they do not care destroy the nature for search of his benefit. These people who only think of capitalism, do not understand that if we destroy the world we will not have anywhere to live. But until they do not understand this we will continue to destroy all nature

    I think that veganism and climate change are two concepts relacioned because the principles it defends the veganism help to conserv the world and that this there will not be climate change. I remember once trying to be vegan because I do not like the overexploitation that exists in the world, but since we are so used to eating meat it was very difficult to leave that addiction

    But for other the veganism and climate change dont have nothing in common, because the veganism only help the animals this is because they dont eat meat, but a lot of vegan are capitalist. There are many vegans who only claim to be so and that messes up a lot of other people's thinking about veganism, they say that they care about nature but in fact the only thing that matters to them is the fame they gain in social networks

    I think that we must help to world to conserv the nature, and stop deforestation of woods, i think personally that we must stop of to large companies that only think in the own benefit

  12. I think the change climate i9s very important because we are destroyed the world and if we not if we do not take care of it, we will run out of it and it will disappear. I save this process is slow, but this process is very advance because the poles are destroyed and the station are change the time in the that introduce as the summer are stayed in july or august and finish about october or november, the autumn are very little and also the winter. The ocean are very dirty and the vegetation are disappear. The people they do not finish being aware in taking care of our planet and improving it instead of destroying it. I think the people they do not finish being aware care and ours planet advance destroyed. I think this situation should be the most im portant.

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  14. It is very important to look after our planet, because it´s the only thing that we have. And if we don´t do anything, we will destroy it. But we have the power to change it. What can we do?

    The main problem is our diet. Most people eat meat, fish and other foods from animals. This is not bad, but it can affect the climate change.

    To avoid this, we can follow a vegan diet or at least avoid foods from animals. This not only helps the environment and the climate change, but also that people eat more healthily.

    Front my point of view, we have to stop pollution and eating unhealthily. And the best way is that all people help to look after our planet.

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 4ºA.

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  16. Nowadays everyone knows our situation about the climate change and about food. Some articles explain the relationship between climate change and food for people, we should reduce our amount of meat in our diet and be concious about this topic. Some people don't think about this and only think about money and don't respect the environment, in a future we will die because of global warming.

    Veganism is a group of people who only eat fruit, vegetables, cereals,pulses and nuts, they don't eat any type of meat or food coming from animals like eggs, butter, milk. It is not only that they don't eat meat, but it is also a movement which is against animal explotation. For example, they don't were fur clothes, use creams or soaps which have an animal origin and they are against experimenting with animals.

    From my point of view, it is important to look after the enviroment and I think that veganism is a good movement that everyone should do to reduce the global warming and other problems in the world. Moreover, we can reduce the animal abuse and other problems.

  17. Nowadays, veganism is a much talked about topic. In addition, it's quite related to the environment. Veganism does not only consist of stopping eating animal products to feed oneself, but it is also the abstention from the use of animal products and services, whether for food, clothing, medicine, cosmetics, transportation, experimentation... If the majority of the world's population adopted this lifestyle, many things would improve, among them animal exploitation would be reduced and climate change would be slowed down. But... what does the vegan lifestyle have to do with climate change?

    Veganism used to be heavily criticized because it is a different way of living and eating than the traditional way, but actually vegans get all the nutrients their body needs, without the need to consume meat. Furthermore, veganism is directly related to the opposition to animal abuse and, as we all know, the factories that work with animals emit gases through their chimneys that are part of the appearance of the greenhouse effect. Moreover, the greenhouse effect is something very serious and dangerous, as it is one of the main causes of climate change, which affects us all.

    To try to reduce the amount of gases that these chimneys emit new technologies are inventing new machines and there are currently many projects in progress on this. However, instead of waiting for other people to solve this problem, we can all try to collaborate. "We do not expect everybody to become vegan. But the climate change impacts of the food system will require more than just technological changes. Adopting healthier and more environmentally sustainable diets can be a large stop in the right direction" say many experts.

    In short, veganism is an environmentally friendly lifestyle that is highly recommended. Nevertheless, no one is forced to be a vegan. From my point of view, even if you don't want to be a vegan, we should all try to reduce our meat consumption as much as possible and of course not support companies that test their products on animals or make clothes or accessories from them.