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viernes, 8 de diciembre de 2017

Are mobile phones really suitable for children?

Mobile phones, and now smart phones, or any other of these similar electronic devices can be the solution to many things, but it can be the cause of many problems, especially when talking about children and teenagers. Can you, please, tell me which problems mobile phones can be the cause of?


Activities for my 2º ESO studens:  You can write your comment bearing in mind these questions:

Have you go a mobile phone? When did you get it? How much do you think it costs? How many hours do you spend using your mobile phone? What do you use it for? How heavy is it? What colour is it? How old is it? Why do you think it is useful? Did you get it as a Christmas gift?


Read the story included in this newspaper article and some other articles related to the issue:

I regret giving my children cellphones, but not for the reasons you’d think (The Washington Post)

What would you have said if you were the man telling the story? "I wish..."



Here's a listening exercise to do: Do you need to upgrade your phone? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)

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  1. I got a mobile phone since 3 years ago. I got it as a Chrismas gift. I think the prize of a smartphone depends on the make and how old it is. According to this, a mobile phone can be very cheap or very expensive. My mobile phone is big, black and a bit heavy. I don't spend many hours with it because I prefer to do other activities like reading books or painting pictures. I use my smatphone to search information and play games. I think it's useful to search information and to comunicate with other people.

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    1. The advances of technology affect people around the world, both positively and negatively. It is an open secret that mobile phones have been the ones that have had the greatest impact in our life since they have become an essential part of our everyday.

      On the one hand, mobiles phones have a lot of advantages, for example: they allow us to stay in touch with our loved ones anywhere at any time, they are really useful in studies and business, and they are a source of entertainment.

      However, not all that glitters is gold, as there are a big number of downsides. From my point of view, the main disadvantage is its addiction. Its principal example is students, who prefer wasting their time with them than studying. Apart from its addiction, it has been proved that mobile phones have a negative impact on health as well.

      Taking all into consideration, I reckon that parents should not provide their children with mobiles phones during their childhood, as I believe this period of time is for enjoying with your friends and play.

      Irene Ramón 2ºBach

  3. Nowadays, many children are provided with mobile phones since early ages in order to, according to some parents, keep in contact with their parents when they are out home.But, are we aware of the risks that new smartphones have? As I see it, new technologies and children should be controled by adults as far as possible.

    My main reason to think this is a psychological reason. Young children are not able to understand the risks and problems that smarthones can produce. Children want to be as their classmates, to be in fashion.

    Another reason is internet and its wide world connection. It is a well-known fact that loading photos to internet means lose your privacy. When a picture is loading in known social networks as Facebook, it is imposible to know where the picture ends up.

    Moreover, they say that having a rechargable card is a good way to control the spent money by children. I can be agree with that, children today go out more than us in the past, and it is a good way to know where are they.

    To sum up, I strongly believe that we should teach our children about the new technologies´risks. From schools and homes we have to talk with them about it. New technologies emerged to improve our life quality, from the knowledge they can fulfill their designated purpose.

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  5. Children's access to new technologies seems to have no brakes. Before, the concern was limited to children who spent too many hours in front of the television, while today there is a big problem for parents about the contact that children have, even babies, with smartphones and tablets. Experts warn us about the risk of using these devices in babies and children. So to speak; Are mobile phones and tablets the new nannies and caregivers of our young children?

    Months ago, the Japanese Pediatric Association began a campaign to restrict the prolonged use of mobile phones and tablets, suggesting control and more games to parents and they are clear, babies from 0 to 2 years old should not have any contact with the technology; those from 3 to 5 years old, must be restricted to one hour / day; from 6 to 18 years the restriction should be at 2 hours / day, the excessive use of computers / tablets or smarthpone has a series of consequences; aggressive behaviors in childhood, infantile addiction, lack or attention deficit, alterations of the infantile sleep, infantile obesity or delay in the development of the child among many others.
     It should also be noted that not only is excessive use of mobile phones for children, but also for older people who spend more time each day in front of a mobile talking on WhatsApp, looking at the Facebook or Instragram, we are becoming technology slaves.
     In conclusion being too many hours attached to the mobile or the tablet is detrimental to the development of children as more and more passive children are generated and who do not know how to interact or have physical contact with other people since the technology is part of their life but a child can not replace reading, or play time with friends, siblings or parents to be with the mobile phone.

  6. Nowadays, it is typical to see many children with phone. Every time more and more children have a smartphone more younger. Even so, it is normally see the phone in the people. The phone can be suitable or can't be suitable, and many expert are studying the advantages and disadvantages.

    There are many advantages like for example be release with your parents, meet other people through the use of social networks, another reason can be Internet, where you can see any information. They are really useful in studies and business, and they are a source of entertainment.

    On the other hand, there are many disadvantages, like for example the time that we lose with him, while we using WhatsApp, Instagram or Twitter. This problem can take to the people to not study. Another reason is internet. It is know that loading photos to the internet means lose your privacy. And also, is dangerous for the cyber bullying.

    Finally, I think that the mobile phone it is not suitable for the people and a lot less by the children. I have a smartphone like all, but I would pass less time with him if I wanted more time by me.

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  10. I got a mobile phone since 3 years ago. I got it as a birthday gift. Almost all people like children and adults have a phone is golden, big and does not weigh much. I use it when I have time, (free time), when I'm not with my friends and I'm not doing another activity. I use my phone to search information, play games and communicate.

  11. I had got my first mobile phone 3 years ago, to go on a study trip, the first one didn´t cost much, but the one now cost around €200. I used it a lot of hours a day, whether to search for information, to use social networks or play video games. It does not weight much, it´s black and I bought it two mounths ago. I thionk it can become a very useful device, if used responsably, since it can make studies easier, it´s useful to comunicate with distant people and it´s useful to have fun.

  12. Are mobile phones really suitable for children?
    I think that mobile phones are necessary for children because we can alert in case of emergency.
    I use it when I need to talk with my family.
    Today parents work many hours a day and children need to talk to them.

    Also, I help my grandmother and sometimes she needs the doctor.

    I also use it to send messages to my friends and to see my mother who works in Cádiz.

    Now, I'm going to answer the questions:

    Have you got a mobile phone? Yes, I have a mobile phone.

    When did you get it? Last year.

    How much do you think it costs? Around € 100.

    How many hours do you spend using your mobile phone?

    About thirty minutes a day.

    What do you use it for?

    I use a mobile phone to talk to my mother.

    How heavy is it?

    My mobile phone weighs as much as a coke.

    What color is it?

    It is black and grey.

    How old are you?

    I am thirteen years old.

    Why do you think it is useful?

    Because I need to talk to my mother every day.

    Did you get it as a Christmas gift?

    No, It was my birthday present.

    Susana P. Bosch 2ºESO GRUPO A

  13. Yes,I have got a smartphone. I got it a present in November last year (2016) . I don't know how much my phone cost (past) because the price of phones goes down all time. I usually use my phone around four hours a day. I normally use my phone to search information and communicate with my friends and family. It isn't heavy. It weighs 144 grams and it's white. It is one year and a month old. Actually a phone is an important resource in this world. It wasn't a Christmas gift.

  14. In the past there were the technologies that there are today, for this reason a mobile phone to call someone they were really expensive and there were a phone only for these reasons, they did not have a mobile phone.

    On the contrary, nowadays a lot of children have mobile phone and it is normal in the society that a children 10 years old have a mobile phone, and they know how to use it even better that adult people. It has some benefits and some bad things.

    On the one hand benefits like children that use mobile phones or other technologies since they were little know how to use the technologies and they can do a lot of things, for the school, life, job etc .. They obtain a lot of experience with this and it is so good for children.

    On the other hand, if the parents don't control their children, they could do bad things in internet, like buy wrong something or dowload some virus or wrong file that cans break the computer or the mobile phone, and there are people who can cheat children in chats to obtain benefice like get a credit card number etc..

    Jose Manuel Diaz España 2º Bach

  15. A problem which is often discussed today is if mobile phones are really suitable for children. Giving children a phone is a very difficult matter that parents have to deal with. But is this good at all? It is said that letting a baby play on an Ipad might lead to speech delays. Actually it could be a big problem if babies spend more than thirty minutes a day in front of screens. What should parents do?

    Firstly, parents have to know if their children are ready to have a phone, that is to say, if children are mature or not. Besides, they have to teach them about things such as bullying, the permanence of what they post and stranger danger online. Another piece of advice is not to punish them by taking the phone away. It’s because that might make teens less likely to open up about a problem they are dealing with online.

    Secondly, it is a well-known fact that no parents want their children to eat junk food all the time, so they shouldn’t do the same with their online time. Teenagers’ screentime has become an emotive issue. If they see that someone has something new, they immediately want it too; but sometimes they can’t get it. This causes them such a discomfort. Additionally, they always want to show others what they have or what they are doing every time.

    In conclusion, if I was mother I wouldn’t give my children a mobile phone till they were mature enough. I prefer that children live their childhood freely. What’s more, I would give them a book as a Christmas present instead of any electronic devices. Despite, I think that mobiles are extremely important in our real life since we are able to do nothing without them. Moreover, if I didn’t use my computer, I couldn’t do my English homework or have a look at my History notes.

    Andrea Gutiérrez López 2BACH A

  16. I had my first cell phone 4 years ago. I used it to talk to my family from the hospital. It helped me to talk with my friends, play video games and watch movies. It was pink and weighed a lot. It lasted a year and still or I have as a memory.

  17. I bought my first mobile phone 5 years ago, to go on a school trip and cost between 100 and 200 euros. I used it every day, whether it was to search for information, use social networks or play video games. It was white, it weighed enough, and it lasted a year and a half. It is a very useful tool if you use it responsibly.

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  19. I have got a mobile phone.I got it from my brother,so it is an old one.
    However it was expensive when he bought it.I got it 2 years ago and I uuI it for many things like talking to friends,looking at words in English and check out Instagram.But I only use it around 3 hours a day because I don't want to waste too much of my time on networks like many people do.

  20. Although mobile phones are very useful they can also be adicted. Today people are using mobile phones too much. You can not have a conversation without an interruption. I have got a mobile phone since i was 10 years old. It is expensive one. I use my mobile phone about 2 hours a day to chat with my friends and sometimes to look for information for my homework for those things it is very useful to me. It was my birthay present

    Carmen Alonso Ortega (Segundo ESO grupo A)

  21. Mobile phones are believed to be one of the most important inventions in the world, as it helps us to search information, lets us make phone calls and communicate with everybody and loads of other functions, so it could be said that they greatly influence our everyday life.

    Nowadays almost everybody has one, even if they are children. In fact, the number of children who have one is increasing. This means that there are more and more children who has one. This has positive and negative sides which are always discussed by our society.

    On the one hand, it's a great solution to buy a smart phone to your child, owing to the fact that you can call him to know where he is and he can call you if he needs you. Moreover, it can be very useful in his studies.

    In the other hand, mobile phones are so addictive that we can usally watch children playing on the phone, instead of playing in the street with his friends. How worrying it is! In addition it's easier for children to suffer or to do bullying if they have a mobile phone. Electronic devices have a negative impact on health as well.

    To sum up, I reckon that, despite lots of advantages that mobile phones have, children shouldn't have one until they have a certain age, since they have to take advantage of their childhood.

  22. Today we can see that everyone has a mobile. This device in some situations can create addictions in some people, since they can’t be a second without it.
    On the one hand, having a mobile has several advantages, if you are lost you can look for a map and locate yourself, you can call in case of emergency, you can look for information about something ... However they also have numerous disadvantages like the case in which you can create addictions, over time the battery lasts less, spend more time paying attention to the mobile than other things that are more important ...
    On the other hand, giving a mobile phone to children when they aren’t yet of age can make them prefer to be at home with him before going out and playing with his friends or doing other activities, as this will separate them from their social life. Although many times you don’t know what your children may have on their mobile or with the people they talk to and sometimes it is necessary for parents to have some control over them to avoid all this.
    In conclusion, I reckon that if children didn’t have a mobile phone when they are still small, they would have a childhood playing with friends and not depending on a phone. To my mind the best childhood.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 2º Bach A


  23. In our day-to-day lives is quite ordinary seeing people looking at their phones, in the street, in the hospital, in the school.. Nowadays, mobile phone plays such an important role in our lives and it is the quickest way to contact somebody and also to get funny.

    First of all, mobile phones allow us to get in touch with our friends in a matter of seconds. Another advantage is that you can keep up with the latest news. What's more, phones are used in the study field, we can take the most of it searching for further information than there are in books, to investigate..

    Secondly, not only have advantages but also have disadvantages. One downside of it could be that people, especially teenagers, have become too addicted to using these devices. I mean, we use it while we are studying or having classes at school. Therefore, our marks decrease because of the fact that we can't concentrate and do our best in the exams.

    On balance, although having a smartphone have lots of advantages, it also have drawbacks.
    Personally, I'm not fully aware of how much time I spend with my phone, I spend most of my spare time in the social networks, watching photos and videos and due to that fact, I can't do my best.
    Moreover, I feel children who have a phone in their early years won't enjoy their childhood, it isn't suitable for children to have a phone. “Everything is ceremony in the wild garden of childhood” as Pablo Neruda said.

  24. Nowadays, most of people have a mobile phone; mostly each person has a mobile phone. During the last years, having a mobile phone, a smart phone, a tablet, or any other of these similar electronic devices has become more and more usual between children. However, it has positive and negative things.

    On the one hand, mobile phones are extremely useful, you can search a piece of information, take photos, they are very helpful in studies, business, marketing,…. and they are a big source of entertainment. They have really changed our lives since their invention.

    On the other hand, they have many negative things. In spite they are brilliant, they can provoke addiction. The main affected are students, above all, those who are still very young and they don’t know their consequences. They often affect in the hours of concentration needed to study. Consequently, many students fail exams and don’t pass the course. Another problem associated with mobile photos is the progressive lost of privacy. Each time we upload a photo of what we are doing people know what we do and they often can control us.

    In conclusion, although they have lot of good thing, if I was father, I wouldn’t provide my children with mobile phones during the school year because I think during this period they must study and don’t get distracted with the mobile phone. If they had to search something, I would buy them a computer with internet connection.

    Joaquín España 2ºBACH

  25. I bought my first mobile phone when i was 7 years old, to go at Viena on a Conservatory trip. I use only 3 hours ago to search information for my works or talk to my family or my friends. My first phone didn´t cost much but my actual phone is very expensive. It was a birthday gift

    Valentín Lahora Alabarce 2ºEso A

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  28. I had my first mobile phone 2 years ago,to talk with my sister when she was in Granada. I use to a lot of hours a day, I search information, play video games and to see the weather. It was blue and it cost €120. I think it can become a very useful device, if used responsably, since it can make studies easier and I think that the people that read books are happier than the people that use their mobile phone much time.

  29. In the latest few years, more and more children ask their parents to buy them a mobile phone for their birthday or as a Christmas present. It is probably because they see their parents or friends using them for several hours, they don’t have the necessity of having a mobile phone at their age. However, mobiles phones have advantages and disadvantages.

    On the one hand, mobiles phones won’t be useful for children unless their parents control the time that their children spend with it or what they are using it for. For example, parents shouldn’t allow them to play on the mobile phones for hours since they could get addicted to them and they would rather prefer to spend the time in front of the screen than going out with friends and doing some exercise. As a consequence, they will have health problems like obesity or eye problems.

    On the other hand, if kids and parents use smartphones with responsibility, it will be a good way to improve their knowledge. To my mind, parents should show them videos or apps in which they can learn new vocabulary or discover new things about the world, it will help them to get better mark at school since they will have more information about what they are studying. Moreover, learning through videos or interactive displays is funnier for kids than reading a book, which is probably boring for them.

    To sum up, using a smartphone at an early age can be helpful if it is used with responsibility. In my opinion, many parents are not concerned about the risk of using a mobile phone for hours so that they allow their children to spend all the afternoon playing on it. If I were father, I would only lend my children a smartphone to find something they need.

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    1. I have got mobile phone, I got it when I was eleven years old, I think it costs one hundred and fifty euros, I use my mobile phone almost all day and I use it to talk with friends, watch videos and tell something important to my parents, it isn't heavy, my mobile phone is grey and is from 2015.
      I think it is useful because you can use it to tell something important to your parents

      Daniel del Pozo Quesada 2º ESO A

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  32. Nowadays, most people have their own mobile phone. For years the mobile phone wasn't an important device, but now many people cannot live without it. Especially young children are all day using it leaving aside their studies. Although this has its advantages and disadvantages.

    On the one hand, the advantages of using a mobile phone is to be able to contact a family member or friend, regardless of where it is located. You can also search for any type of information at that moment.

    On the other hand, the disadvantages of using the mobile phone is that it doesn't allow you to interact with your friends or family. There are also parents who teach or buy a mobile phone to their children when they are very small which prevents them from enjoying their friendships as they did before.

    In my opinion, the device has many advantages but I would avoid the use of mobile phones for small children or when going out with friends. When you go out with your friends and you are more aware of the phone than of them and you pay more attention to your phone than to your friends.

  33. Nowdays It´s very common to see a twelve or a thirteen years old having his own mobile phone, Tablet, and more electronic devices, chatting with her/his friends, like if it were part of him or her, but the use of these kind of electronic devices has advantages and disadvantages:

    First, I will mention some advantages, or at least what I consider advantages, Students should have a cell phone because in case of an emergency they could call or text their parents, another advantage or reason why I personally think that kids should have a mobile phone is that, lastly it helps a student with school related school assignments, and last but not least, is sad to say this, but I think its the only way for the kids to get be social feel fit into the world. That´s why I think students should own there own cell phone. Also there are many other reason but I think those are the most important

    On the other hand, mobile phones also have disadvantages, and here you have some reasons why kids shouldn´t have their smartphone. There are evidences of sleep problems due to phones, increase in cyberbullying and sexting and also, if you're worried about safety, kidnapping statistics have gone up since the introduction of mobile phones to society. Children can't make responsible decisions, and there are too many health risks.

    Lastly, there have been many news which said that there were evidence of radiation damage, tumors, but recent studies have confirmed that the use of mobile phones don´t cause any kind of the mentioned problems

    Eduardo Pérez Muelas

  34. Months ago, the Japan Pediatric Association began a campaign to restrict the prolonged use of cell phones and tablets, suggesting control and more games to parents. Now it is the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Pediatric Society that reveal 10 reasons why children under the age of 12 should not use these devices without control. They are clear, babies from 0 to 2 years old should not have any contact with technology; those from 3 to 5 years old, must be restricted to one hour/day; from 6 to 18 years the restriction should be 2 hours/day.

    The problems that can cause are brain development caused by excessive exposure to technologies, can accelerate brain growth of babies between 0 and 2 years of age, and be associated with executive function and attention deficit, cognitive delays, problems learning, increased impulsivity and lack of self-control and overexposure of children to technology make them vulnerable, exploitable and exposed to abuse.

    In adolescents there is a great addition that they spend the day, literally, hanging on the mobile. What can we do? It seems paradoxical that telephones are invented to communicate people with each other and can also serve to the contrary: to distance ourselves from them.

    The rules for using the mobile phone will be marked according to the ages, and it will be necessary to analyze which are the moments or situations in which its use is appropriate and which is the level of maturity of our son to make him participate in new responsibilities that may entail new privileges: it is a duality of balance between new responsibilities and new privileges that lead our children towards total autonomy.

    Ariadna Prados López 2º Bachiller

  35. Mobile phones have become part of our daily life for virtually everyone in Western society. It is a revolutionary invention which has changed our lives. It allows wireless communication from almost every corner of the planet, internet access, playing games and countless of other uses. However, there has been a growing use of these mobile phones in the younger population and although it has its benefits, there are numerous concerns about the use of phones in children.

    Many parents claim that the use of mobile phones in children is necessary in order for them to enable communication with them if something happens in school or away from home. Some teachers believe mobile phones support their education with the use of digital applications, stimulating the student’s interest on different subjects. They can also use them as a break from schoolwork by playing games or watching films.

    However, mobile phones have proven to be very addictive for many children, especially teenagers. It can be a source of distraction from studying. Many schools have been forced to ban them as the academic results have worsened since the introduction of mobile phones. Many teenagers use them in bed during the night and thus get less hours of sleep, leading to poorer grades in school. Some share personal information through their social networks which can be dangerously used by other people. It is unknown of whether mobile phone radiation may be harmful after many years of exposure.

    In my opinion, it is important to regulate the use of mobile phones in children. According to recent studies made in the UK, it is benefitial to ban phones in schools. Mobile phones are a fantastic tool if used correctly. Both parents and children should be aware of the dangers that can occur if mobile phones are not used safely.

    Elena Pérez 2ºBACH

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  37. The use of the mobile phone has become something completely necessary in our day to day. The mobile phone allows us to buy without moving from home, be aware of the latest news, communicate with people from another continent, etc... But is it advisable to use the mobile phone for the little ones?

    Recent studies have revealed that the use of mobile phones, especially at night, makes our brains and eyes are very active even when we are already asleep which makes them not rest well. This, for the little ones that are in full growth, can have bad consequences.

    Don´t forget that the network has many dangers and that both children and teenegers don´t know. Adults have to teach the dangers that the network hides and remember that the network has memory. Anything that gets on the net, stays on the net.

    Raisa Martín 2º BACH

  38. In my opinion, I think that mobile phones are very useful objects if you use them in he correct way. Many people use them like a toy, but phones aren´t a toy.

    Mobile phones should be used to call someone in an emergency, to talk with your friends or with your family far away.

    Now, everybody is using mobile phones for silly things like playing games or to see other people´s photographs.

    In my oppinion, mobile phones are very useful if you use them in the correct way.

  39. It is typical to see younger and younger children with a telephone. This can have many advantages and also many disadvantages for these children.

    Some of the advantages can be when communicating with your parents and when to contact your friends. Other advantages can be the time to study because with internt you have all the information you need about any subject.

    On the other hand, there are many disadvantages because these children lose a lot of time with the phone and it can harm them for their studies. Another disadvantage is that the children, instead of living to play in the street, are all day with the phone at home or they go out with their cell phone all the time.

    Finally, I think that the phone is not suitable for a child, since a child would have to go out to play in the street instead of being all day with the phone.

    Raúl Díaz Rodríguez 2ºBach

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  41. I have had a mobile phone since I was 11 years old, my parents gave it to me for Christmas,
    the first mobile that I bought was an expensive mobile, that mobile only I had one year because it broke. The mobile I use for many things like talking with friends, talking with my relatives and looking at social networks. I almost always use it for an hour looking at things, but when I have an exam I do not to usually take much to not lose much time with it and be able to study more.
    I think the mobile is a very useful tool. There are people who work with their mobile phones.

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  43. I think buy a mobile phone for a child (0 - 12 years) it doesn't work for his development beacuse in this age we need to teach them lots of things, and a mobile phone works only to mislead.
    This is my opinion, but my parents have another one.
    They think that, when you are a kid, you have to play with your toys and your friends because social webs, porn and more, can change their way to think and the way to be in general.

  44. I got my first phone at the age of 11, and my parents give to me for my birthday. But I think that mobile phones are unnecessary for children that he ignores everything and everyone else in a virtual world and do not see what surrounds them. When a father/mother gives his/her mobile to his/her baby we can see that he ignores nothing or anyone.

    So, in my opinion, mobile phones are really useful to people that need to be contacted with other people, to work... but not for babies.