Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

sábado, 2 de diciembre de 2017

Nintendo, the solution?

Let's deal today with the issue of mental health. Here's an interesting article by therapist Marie Miguel for you to read:

How Nintendo Therapy Can Improve Your Patient's Mental Health


This therapist is working on a free mental health project focused on educating people as part of a programme developed by Betterhelp. I highly recommend you to have a look at this page, especially the advice section, as it has relevant vocabulary related to the issue which may useful for our Selectivity exam.


Activities for my 2º ESO students:  You can have a look at my post popular post Is Internet addiction really a problem???? and answer these questions:

Do you email or message people in another country?
Have you got a personal blog or a personal webpage?
Do you ever chat with strangers on the internet?
Do you play games with people online?

How many hours do you spend surfing the internet?

And here's a really interesting video for you to watch about SO, TOO, REALLY & VERY >>>

And now an article about volcanoes (the Lingohack section also deals with the topic)   >>>>

How dangerous is Bali's Mount Agung and what action has been taken? (The Guardian)


Solutions to the exercises in the previous post:

67.     1. People will not probably need food ....        2. The submarine took the men to Manila.
     3. Nobody had delivered the message yet.
68.   1. sleeping - to camp   2. studying  -  spend  -  watching   3. to pass   - to come  -  dreaming

69. (a) John and Paul, who were working on the roof, left the ladder against the house.
      (b) Bill, whose fingerprints were on the screwdriver, was later caught by the police.
      (c) The bed I slept on has no mattress.       (d) Tom, who had been driving all day, was tired and .....
      (e) He spoke in French,but the people he was speaking to didn't know French.
70.   Of course, I will go to the party.       I took a two-week course on robotics.
He asked me a question.       He asked me to stand up.
I am still writing.      You could hear strange sounds in the still of the night.    Stay still till I tell you so.

71.    (a) She asked me to pass her the salt.        (b) Jim answered she was not the right woman to do that.
(c) The driver said he couldn't find the road in the map.       (d) Peter suggested having dinner somewhere after the theatre.   Ann accepted and suggested going to that place Jack was always talking about.
(e) Ann said Jack's parents had asked her to supper the following night, but she didn't know what to wear (but she wondered what she should wear)
72.   1. I prefer driving rather than travelling by train if you don't mind.   
2. According to certain people, may parents would prefer that their children had less homework. (fewer exercises to do)
3. When I went to England I wasn't used to having breakfast so early, but shortly after I got used to getting up and having breakfast early
4. There's no point (in) worrying about money because you never know what is going to happen tomorrow.
5. We've almost run out of petrol. We'd better stop at the next petrol station to fill it in.
6. May, who is the new British Prime Minister, also stated that it is (high) time something is done / to do something about pollution and the Bosnian problem.
7. I didn't see anybody going into the house, but I could hear how someone was walking on the second floor.
8. At the beginning she didn't want to have dinner with Albert, but in the end he could / was able to convince her.
9. He must have gone out because I have been phoning him since five and nobody answers. Do you think you could lend me a hand with my English homework?
10. We've got plenty of time, so we needn't/don't need to/don't have to hurry up.


  • Episode 171129 / 29 November 2017    >>>  Monitoring a deadly volcano   -  Language related to 'volcanoes'.  Need-to-know language: towers above, active, peak, eruption, lava.

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  2. Nowadays, most people would agree that video games hook on a lot of teenagers and therefore, que loose their social life. Nonetheless, are video games always harmful? Can they help our mind?

    For a start, it is proved that many games as Tetris, a well-known game which has wide a variety of shapes and colours, or Big Brain Academy, have helped people who have suffered from traumatic experiences, like cars accidents. They keep on their minds distracted and so, they don't think about their illnesses. What's more, that has helped those who were always glambing or drinking.

    Nevertheless, spending too much time in front of a machine as a Nintendo or a PSP may harm our sight and makes us depend on them, that is to say, we couldn't stop playing, we would play even while eating.

    Taking all into account, video games not only entertain us but also they can be quite useful to improve our memory. I now find Nintendo far less entertaining than some years ago. Then, I used to spend most of my spare time playing within my bedroom and I never felt let down.

  3. Video games are no longer just simple pastimes: some serve to learn, train and enhance skills such as, among others, coordination and mental speed.
    Many studies show that this is really beneficial. The most recent, conducted by the University of Rochester, states that the habitual consumers of action games accustom the mind to react quickly in their games, which then serves them to achieve a higher success and immediacy in the decisions they make in the real life.
    The report explains that people who play these games become more sensitive about what happens around them, improving driving, finding people in the crowd and orientation.
    The benefits of responsible use of video games are such that the University of Florida has begun teaching classes based on classic strategy games, such as StarCraft, to help students improve real-life problem-solving skills. In them you have to manage natural and financial resources, plan a strategy and invest in improvements, the objective is that students acquire a better preparation and are able to create an innovative business method.
    Another example of video game use for therapy is that; scientists from the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom apply the game as a therapy to support the rehabilitation of patients, reports the BBC.
    And is that Challenge Circus, created by a group of computer scientists, allows those affected to recover slowly the motor functions. Players use wireless controls to overcome tests of a conventional circus, such as tame lions or jumping over a network. The goal is to use the game as a cheap and effective alternative to existing treatments, especially for patients who can play at home.
    From my point of view, it seems a very good idea that video games serve as therapy, since at the same time that you have fun playing is helping you, being a cheap therapy that you can apply from home.

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  5. I never send emails to other people from other sites. I have a personal blog in French because I need it to get a good grade. I never talk to strangers because it can be very dangerous. I spend about half a few days on the internet. Some people suffer from addiction because they spend a lot of time surfing the internet.

  6. It's amazing that games can help people cope with some trauma they have suffered. However many times it can make people become dependent on the games.

    On the one hand, it has been shown in a study that some games can help to deal with traumas and even to stop using drugs, alcohol or any other type of dependency that harms us. This is a very good news nowadays, because videogames will always be part of our lifes.

    On the other hand, many times teenagers spend most of their time playing the game and without realizing it spend the whole day, altering their sleep, eating while playing and most importantly, losing their social life, that don’t go out to the street, nor stay with friends ...

    To conclude, I reckon that you have to have control when you play with the PS4 or Nintendo in order to overcome your traumas and at the same time not to lose many more things. There is life beyond videogames.

    Paola Ruiz Fernández 2º BACH A

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  9. I don´t send any emails to people of others countries. I have a blog for English and other one for French and I have a site for English. I don´t chat with strangers on Internet because I think that it can be dangerous, but I usually play with people online. I spend around one hour surfing on Internet and I think that the people that spend much time surfing Internet have got a problem.

  10. In our time, most teenagers like playing video games with friends or family and they probably don’t know that there are some video games which can improve mental health. It is such good news! However, not all games help your mental health since there are so many types of games.

    On the one hand, games like Tetris have proved that people who had an accident which affected their mental health have recovered thanks to this game. These people played during a quarter of hour when they were at hospital, but they also read the newspaper or watched TV. Why does this game improve our health? It is because you need to use your mind to find what is the best place to let the block down in a short time.

    On the other hand, there are some types of game in which you don’t need to use your mind because there is no mental exercise. This type of games is maybe the most played since most teenagers prefer having fun without the necessity of thinking about what they are doing so that they play for hours. These games don’t always improve health, they actually can be dangerous as they could get addicted and they spend all the time in front of the screen.

    To my mind, we have to alternate the type of games we play in our free time. For instance, we could play fifteen minutes to an educational game and other fifteen minutes to play the other one. What’s more, I think all games should include some mental exercise in order to improve the player’s health.

  11. I don't send emails to people in other countries. I have a personal blog in English and another one in French because I need them for my language classes . I don't chat with strangers because it can be dangerous. I sometimes play online with other people . I spend around one hour every day surfing on the internet. Some people suffer from this addiction, because they spend a lot of time surfing the internet. They can't use their mobiles. Some of them need medical treatment.

  12. I do not send emails to people in other countries. I have an English blog because I need it for my language classes. I do not talk to strangers because it can be dangerous. Some people suffer from this addiction because they spend a lot of time surfing the Internet. If you know how to use it intelligently, the Internet can be a good tool but if you do not know how to use it, it can be dangerous

  13. In our time, there are many different forms of entertainment, among which we find videogames, boardgames, etc...

    Many parents judge all video games due to the large number of videogames that show high levels of violence, inappropriate vocabulary or scenes with erotic content. Many of these games have ended up affecting the mental health of some teenagers who have ended up doing acts of great violence like the one that happened in Spain in 2000 where a 16 year old teenager, José Rabadán, murdered with a katana to three people. In his confession he declared that the massacre was inspired by the Final Fantasy VIII videogame. This has not been the only case, games like Dead Rising 2, Halo 3 or the GTA have been inspired by assassins.

    On the other hand we have games that can help the development of our mind and help us keep it active as can be the Brain Training which presents a series of tests of calculation, memorization, agility, etc... To finally estimate a mental age.

    From my point of view, there are certain video games that can help us to maintain a lot of mental agility or make us easier traditional games like chess, Sudokus... but now in digital form.

    Raisa Martín 2º BACH

  14. Nowadays some people relate videogames to violent or agressive games that can make people addict, but they don't realize that there are lots of different videogames, each one with a different topic. Actually, you can find videogames about cooking, painting, having pets or board games... Not all videogames are violent.

    That's true that there are violent videogames that can make people addict to them and that can make them agressive. Sometimes they can become addict to these kind of videogames and in the most extreme cases, they can confuse reality with the videogame and they can takea knife or something like this and try to harm or murder someone.

    But not all videogames are as violent as these. Some videogames are designed to improve our memory and reduce stress. These kind or games can help people who, for example, are in a hospital.

    Finally, I think that videogames aren't bad for us, but if you like playing violent videogames you should have self-control because you can become addict and this can be very dangerous.

  15. Today there are many types of video games, although the most sold are those that are related to theft, drugs, violence. These video games make us addicted to them since they give us a lot of emotion and we entertain ourselves a lot with them.
    It must also be said that not all video games are like this since there are many that can be cooking, cars, animals.

    In my opinion it seems good to me that they put on sale more entertaining games but you also have to know how to control yourself since there are people who react in one way to these video games and people who react in another way.

    Salvador Pretel.