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by Bruce Lee

viernes, 5 de enero de 2018

Bookshop for rent

Once upon a time there was a little Scottish town, where you could have your own bookshop for a week. Have a look at the Lingohack section!!!

The first task I propose you is to look up all the vocabulary related to the topic. So here I present you with some interesting words to look up in your dictionaries:

bookshop, library, to run a business, to run out of something, sales, promotions, stacking, stock, stock exchange market, display, to book, bookworm.

Can you give me any other words?

How I made a dream come true (The Guardian)

 What dreams do you have?

And here's another video about this amazing town:   VIDEO 

Activities for my 2º ESO students:  Can you give the location of these two towns?   

Example: Salobreña is a little village on the south coast of Spain.

Here's another similar town in Wales: Hay-on-Wye

"Beards are a 'thing' now."  Here's an expression you can learn about in The English We Speak (BBC Learning English)



1. Match the sentences in A with the sentences in B.

                A                                                                     B

1. I wish you had phoned me.                                  a. I'm upset because you lied to me.
2. I wish you would phone me.                                b. Don't lie to me!
3. I wish you hadn't lied to me.                                c. Please phone me.
4. I wish you wouldn't lie to me.                             d. I'm upset because you didn't phone me.

2. Rewrite the following sentences beginning with 'I WISH....'.

1. I'm sorry I said that.     2. Don't ask me so many questions.     3. I'm upset because you asked that question.    4. Don't make that noise!    5. I'm sorry I did that.   6. Please, don't do that!    7. I'm sorry I didn't get here earlier.      8. Don't say things like that!    9. I'm upset because you said that.    10. I'm upset because you did that.    11. I'm sorry I asked that question.


  • Episode 180103 / 03 January 2018    >>>  Bookshop holiday   -  Language related to 'retail'.  Need-to-know language: stacking, stock, displays, promotions & running.

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  2. The first town, Wigtown, is a town on the south-west coast of Scotland and the second town, Hay-on-Wye,is a town in the south-east of Wales near England.
    I think that the two towns are so beautiful and they are famous for their bookshops.

  3. Nowadays is so difficult to run a business about books, that is to say a bookstore this is because to which e-books exist most people prefer read a e-books free before pay for a book. Other motive for use e-books is the comfort that these contribute you can read in any sites with your telephone.

    Althought in my opinion i prefer the books when you enter a one library you have a lot of possibilities and that emotion only can get in a library when you buy a book you go to your house to start reading it excited hoping it will bring you.

    But is true that you can search a book in a library and to run out of something,but you can to book and wait that the library bring that book. Apart from the above say when you open for first time a book gives off a smell that is really good.

    In conclusion the e-books provide comfort but the books for my opinion are better, apart with the e-books the sight can hurts if you read for a long time

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    1. In my opinion…

      I think that Wigtown is a fantastic town to go on holidays.

      It is a town famous for its bookshops, it could be known as “The city of books”.

      I am looking forward to visiting this place. For me it is important to study to work.

      In the future I would love to be a policewoman.

      Locations of Wigtown and Hay-on-Wye

      Wigtown is a town in South-West of Scotland, near the sea.

      Hay-on-Wye is a town in the South-East of Wales, near Wye river.

      Susana P. Bosch 2ºESO Grupo A

  5. Reading is always beneficial regardless of the format in which it is made. It does not matter if you read on paper or read electronically ... the important thing is that you can read and enjoy it without stopping to think about the format in which the content is written

    On the one hand I prefer to read on paper, there is nothing like opening a book and smelling its smell. Another thing that I like to do in the books that I read is to highlight some phrases that I like or remind me of some person, for when the years pass open the book and see those phrases underlined.

    On the other hand, it is also fun to read through digital electronics because they are increasingly enriched with complementary reading functions such as animated vignettes, colorful texts that highlight passages from stories or themes and links to other sources related to the topic you read, making it a more enjoyable reading, and more fun for people who do not like reading. And reading electronic digital media, such as an E-Book, has certain advantages one of them is that you do not have to spend money constantly buying books or is more comfortable to take if you travel, etc.

    In conclusion, reading seems wonderful to me and I think that everyone should do it. It makes you unplug and have a good time.

  6. Today I’m going to write about reading. Reading is very important because you learn new words and different forms of talking. There are two kinds of people, the people that read books in paper and the people that read the book in a e-book.
    On the one hand, Reading book on paper is better because you can get into the book better as if you buy it online or in an e-book. You also can mark the phrases that you like more.
    On the other, not everybody can afford to buy a book of 20 euros each. The high price of the book affect of how many people right each book.
    In my view, reading a book on paper is better than reading it on the computer o in an e-book.
    Also in today’s society where we use technology for everything e books are becoming more and more common, and are slowly becoming the most common way to read.

  7. Currently having a bookstore as a business is not a very advisable thing since nowadays people use mobile phones or trablets to read.

    The e-books are a fully guaranteed source to read, you do not have to move from home and you can buy from there.

    It is comfortable and easy if you do not want to spend your time going to the library or anywhere to buy them.


  8. Reading is very important, because if you read books you learn more.
    We can read in different formats: on paper in an electronic book.
    I like to read more on paper because when you buy a book, you can always have that book and you can lend it, but it is more comfortable to read in an electronic book because you can take it in your bag and read quietly traveling, and you It's cheaper because you can download books from the E-Book without costing you any money.
    Ami what I like more when I read a book are the drawings, although I like reading comics more.
    It's always good to read when you do not have to do anything

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  10. Reading is good because you learn new things about places, monuments ... Since we were little we have always been told that we should read, that it is good. There are people who like reading and buying many books and other people who do not like to reading at all. I do not really like reading but sometimes I read books. Before there were only books but a few years ago other ways to read books appeared and you don't have to buy the book download it from Internet . When I read I prefer a tablet because it is more comfortable. You can download all the books you want.

  11. Nowadays reading is important to develop the mind, the brain, it keeps us informed of everything that happens in any part of the world, reading also gives us a higher level of knowledge, so we can talk to more educated people.
    I like to underline and write down the words I don't understand on a sheet along with their meaning.
    On the one hand I like to read digital books because it makes you less heavy than a book because there are more animations that make you have a little more fun reading, that depending on the book.
    In conclusion reading is wonderful whenever you read a free that you like and have fun.