Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

jueves, 8 de febrero de 2018

Why not Nigeria for our summer holidays?

Our students in 2º ESO have been presented with several attractive holiday destinations in the world. Well, here's an interesting country to visit. Pay attention to the superlatives and comparatives. Let's start with some videos (you can watch them with English subtitles):


12 Incredible Facts About Nigeria

And here's a second one:

Incredible Facts About Nigeria - Part 2 

Some articles for you to read about this African country:


By the way, do you know Hakeen Olajuwon? He's a Nigerian sportsman. Which sport did he practise? Which team did he play for? Why is that team called like that? Here's a video for you to see  >>>>

  TED talk  >>> 

Alison Quirk: Making a difference in the world


Learn 13 idioms for ILLNESS, SICKNESS & HEALTH with English with Lucy

By the way, what is the slight difference between 'feeling sick' or 'feeling ill'?

Activities for my 2º ESO students:  Answer the question above and tell me what language you know about health, doctors and patients.   



"I bought some mineral water"     YOU: "Did you? So did my mother." OR  "Did you? My mother didn't"
"I didn't buy any beer"    YOU: "Didn't you? Neither / Nor did my mother." OR  "Didn't you? My mother did."

1. "My brother is very tired."  YOU: "................? __________________ I".

2. "I always study before dinner."   YOU: ".................? ____________________ my sister."

3. "I've missed my bus to Motril"       YOU: "............? __________________ my parents."

4. "I'm not very good at English."     Víctor: "...................? I ___________________"

5. "I can't speak German"    YOU: ".....................? ________________ we."

6. "I can't find any photos for my tourist brochure."  YOU: "..........................? My English teacher ____________"

7.  "We are going to Edinburgh at the end of March."   YOU: "..................? _________________ Albert's students."

8. "She has got a new boyfriend."    YOU: "................? I _______________"

9. "I don't smoke Havana cigars."    YOU: ".............? ________________ smurfs."

10. "I was born in Salobreña."       YOU: "..........? Albert ____________. I think he was born in Colone, Germany."     


Key to Selectivity exam in the previous post: Key to Sexism in language   




- We use HAD BETTER instead of 'should' or 'ought to' to give advice or as a kind of threat.
You'd better hand in all the compositions Albert asks you to do.
You'd better not be late for class if you don't want the teacher to tell you off.
- We often use WOULD RATHER to express preferences either for yourself or a preference  someone has that another person does something. We use past tenses.
I would like to play tennis rather than football
I'd rather play tennis than football 
I would like you to drive her to the airport.   >>>   I would rather / I'd rather you drove her to the airport

Exercises to do connected with HAD BETTER /WOULD RATHER:


  • Episode 180207 / 07 February 2018    >>>  Nigeria: world's biggest yam producer   -  Language related to 'Commerce'.  Need-to-know language: exporting, generate, diversify, funding & mainstay.

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    1. To be honest Nigeria has never been on my mind, for this reason it has been interesting to search information and discover unknown and amazing facts of this wonderful country.

      Tourism is a growing industry in Africa, but is Nigeria a safe place to travel to? It is said that travelling around west Africa is an unpredictable business, and there are a lot of stories about travellers that make you think that Nigeria is not that worthy.

      Nigeria has a lot of spectacular things to offer to the tourist, but Nike Art Centre, which is an art gallery of African artwork and culture, is a must for every traveler. If you are more into nature you should definitely visit Lekki Conservation Centre, Agodi Gardens and Jabi Lake.

      To conclude, I would like to say that Nigeria is a truly unique country!. Something that is very highlight in this country is its food, its most famous dishes are: Jollof rice, Garri and Pounded yam.

      Irene Ramón 2ºBACH

  2. Nowadays it is very common to go of holidays in summer with our family. Usually we travel to other city or other country for disconnect for a time.

    The beach is one of the most visited places. So, the coast of Spain during the summer it is very busy for the tourist. Also, it is common to visited other countries; Roma, Paris, Berlin or even Madrid have a lot of tourist because of his history. South American or EEUU it is very typical to visit too.

    Even so, the people never think in other less visited cities. Nigeria is probably one of the less tourists receives. Maybe because of being in Africa or because the people think to can be dangerous. Despite this, Nigeria has a lot of interesant places to visit: Ibadan, Port Harcout, Kaduna or Owerri are that you can to see there.

    Finally, I think to the people should visit many cities like Nigeria, because the tourism can change the economy of that countries and the people would see many interesting monuments. I would like go to Nigeria to know his monuments.

  3. When we think of holidays, many people think of beaches, hotels and large swimming pools, others think of the mountains, rest and see beautiful landscapes. We all have a holiday concept very different from each other.

    On the one hand are people who like to travel to large cities, those that appear in all tourist guides, such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Holland or Berlin. People who are more cosmopolitan love the noise of the cities, the lights of the night, the cities that never sleep.

    On the other hand, there are people who like to travel to the most recondite places on the planet such as Nigeria, Ethiopia, Bhutan or Tuvalu. Countries with a number of visitors that in some do not exceed a thousand tourists per year. But not because they are not more beautiful or more interesting, for example, some have the most impressive beaches or the most beautiful landscapes that can be seen.

    Personally, I would like to travel as much as places like Rome or Los Angeles to Tuvalu or Nigeria because each place can bring me different things that other places could not and there is nothing better than appreciating the cultures of each place.

    Ariadna Prados López 2º Bachillerato

  4. We prefer summer holidays in sites populated as they are Paris, EE.UU or Dublin because these places are know for the sites for the tourist however Nigeria it's a place that when you listen to talk you would not like to visit it

    When you listen speak about Nigeria, you can listen the problems as they are the desnutrition or the conflicte between the Nigerian army and Boko for this reason the tourist they do not want to go to this kind of places because they are not safe

    I think that it should be interesting to travel to Nigeria because you realize how life really is but all people prefer avoid seeing what life is like and live inside your bubble of ignorance, but i prefer see the real life.

    In conclusion i think that altough all people prefer visit places how Paris, i prefer visit places where can help a other people. Paris is a place where all the people are going to spend money and thus believe that they live happily but for me it is worth going to places where you are aware of the luck you have and that really makes you happy inside

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    1. What is the slight difference between 'feeling sick' or 'feeling ill'?

      Sick and ill are very similar in meaning, but 'sick' implies vomiting or feeling as if you were going to vomit.

      For example:

      Ill: My mother is seriously ill in Sta. Ana’s Hospital.

      Sick: I feel very sick, I don’t think I can work today.

      What language you know about health, doctors and patients?

      1.To feel/ be as fit a fiddle // be very healthy

      2.To be a picture of health // to be a great example of good health

      3.To have a splitting headache // to be a very bad headache

      4.To be/look/feel under the weather // to be/look/feel unwell

      5.To take a turn for the worse // to become even more unwell

      6.To take a turn for the better // to start to become better

      7.To be black and blue // to be very bruised

      8.To take a tumble // to fall over

      9.To go under the knife // to have surgery

      10.To be on your last legs // to be close/ to exhaustion/ death

      11.To pop your clogs // to die

      12.To be hanging by a thread

      13.To look like death warmed up // to look extremely ill


      Nurse, doctor, veterinarian, dentist...

      Diet, exercise, x-ray, massage...

      Antiseptic, solution, blood bag, aspirins, capsule, eye drops...

      High blood pressure, diabetes, ambulance, microscope...

      Scissors, thermometer, glasses, rubber gloves, first aid kit...

      Nausea, fever, backache, stomachache, broken bone, broken arm, toothache...

      Susana P. Bosch 2ºESO Grupo A

  6. Why not Nigeria for our summer holidays?
    We should go on holiday to Nigeria in summer because there are many things to do there we can also learn a lot from their culture and their customs. In Nigeria we can see many monuments for example Rock and Bower's Tower, we can also see museums for example Nike Art Center or Badagry Slave Museum.

  7. To start with, I have to say that I've never thought about the idea of going to Nigeria before, maybe it's because the media doesn't mention Africa as a travel destination, so that it is believed to be such a dangerous place. But is it real?

    Nowadays, when we are asked where we would like to go on holidays, we usually choose famous cities which all people would like to visit. Places like Paris, London, Venecia, The Caribbean, etc. However, we don't pay attention to places such as Nigeria.

    Now, I' going to give you some reasons why you should visit Nigeria at least once in your life. Nigeria has the third highest number of languages in the world, with 527 of them, apart from the abundance of natural landmarks, the local and international restaurants, etc. Moreover, if you love parties, you have to visit this country, as practically every celebration is a mini-festival.

    Finally, I'd like to add that I reckon we shouldn't rely on what we see or hear in the media about Nigeria, as if we trust all what they say, we'll proably miss the opportunity to experience what The Giant of Africa is really like.

  8. 1. "My brother is very tired." YOU: ".Is he...? _neither do_ I".

    2. "I always study before dinner." YOU: " you..? _so do_ my sister."

    3. "I've missed my bus to Motril" YOU: " you..? _neither_ my parents."

    4. "I'm not very good at English." Víctor: "..arn't you..? I _am not_"

    5. "I can't speak German" YOU: "..can't you..? _so do_ we."

    6. "I can't find any photos for my tourist brochure." YOU: "..can't you..? My English teacher _can't_"

    7. "We are going to Edinburgh at the end of March." YOU: "..dou you..? _so do_ Albert's students."

    8. "She has got a new boyfriend." YOU: "..has she..? I _don't_"

    9. "I don't smoke Havana cigars." YOU: "..don't you..? _so do_ smurfs."

    10. "I was born in Salobreña." YOU: " you..? Albert _didn't_. I think he was born in Colone, Germany."

    Daniel del Pozo Quesada 2º ESO A

  9. Nowadays we can visit a lot of places all around the world. Travelling is very interesting and funny because you can learn a lot of different things like cultures, languages. Languages are one of the things that are really important.

    If you go to a interview of a job, they will choose the person that more languages know. Also, you can’t finish your university career if you don’t know languages.

    If you ask people if they prefer to go to EEUU, Australia or to Nigeria. Nearly all the people will choose EEUU or Australia because we have more information.

    In my opinion, I think that travelling and learning languages is very important. Travelling you can learn a lot of different things that you wouldn’t learn if you don’t travel.however we need to travel to new places to learn new things.

  10. People who prefer to visit in summer France, Germany, Spain etc, do not want to stop traveling but there are places that I do not think they like to go, one of them is Nigeria.

    In Nigeria there is talk of hunger, malnutrition, poverty and war,
    The war between Boko and the Nigerian army is one of the best known in those territories.

    I personally would prefer to continue traveling to places that do not have those things because I want to continue living well and not feel bad for those people.