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martes, 5 de junio de 2018

Quiet football crowds


What do you think football crowds should be like?

Which are for you the best football supporters?

Article to read:

Premier League must fight the tide of increasingly quiet crowds (The Guardian)



Who do you think will win the next Football World Cup in Russia?



Here's a listening exercise to do: Football songs: why are crowds so quiet these days? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


You'll never Walk Alone -Liverpool-With Lyrics  




EFFECT or AFFECT? 🤔 English Mistakes that Native Speakers Make too!!



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And here are some video sketches done by our students in 2º ESO:

>>>  José Corzo, Álvaro Martín, Leo Maldonado & Cristián Ramón (1º ESO A, 2017)

>>>  José Corzo, Álvaro Martín & Leo Maldonado (2º ESO A, 2018)

15 comentarios:

  1. I think some crowds are dangerous because can arrive are dangerous when have got extremely fans and cause destroy in the cities, and destroy in the Harmony of the football. I don't like the some crowds " the estremely fans ".

    I thinl the best supporters are the fans of Betis.

    I think the winner the World Cup this years is Spain, because this years Spain have got the best football player of this years in the world, and the football players arrive in the best moments of of the footballers.

  2. Some groups of fans are dangerous because they live football with great intensity and fight a lot for their colors. I think that football is simply an entertainment sport and to have a good time and fights should not happen in the football stadiums.

    There are many fans who are very good and who do not enter into altercations of this type. Hobbies such as the one of Sevilla that is a fan who lets his voice cheer his team in every game without the need to get into fights with the fans of the opposing team.

    I think that the tiers of animation should be more controlled so that no more bad reactions would happen as usual. Some clubs should take measures with their fans.

    Raúl Díaz Rodríguez 2ºBACH A

  3. The liverpool FC i think is a great team because this year the club to signed a very important football player that now are very good as Mohamed Salah, Firminio, Sadio Mané, Xherdan Shaqiri...
    The last year the liverpool almost wins the champions league, but in the finally won the Real Madrid.
    This year this club go in the first position in the premier league.
    The Liverpool FC have got a one of the best football playe in the world, this football player is Mohamed Salah.
    I think this team is very prepared to win the premier, champions...

  4. Liverpool has been a good team for the last few years, although they lost the final against Real Madrid, they left very good feelings as it is very difficult to reach a final.
    It was not an easy road but coach Jurgen Klopp made it easy. They signed great players and still do, but for me his best player is the Egyptian Salah that since his arrival in Liverpool the team has improved a lot and for fans is his star.
    In my opinion I think that with the signings that the club has made they can win what they want, since they are the best English team this season.


  5. Liverpool Football Club is a professional football club based in Liverpool, England, which plays the Premier League, the highest football competition in that country.

    It is the English club with the most international titles, with five European Cups, three UEFA Cups and three European Super Cups. Nationwide, he has won eighteen league titles, seven FA Cups, eight League Cups - the team that has won the most - and fifteen Community Shields, totaling more than sixty official titles.

    It was founded on June 3, 1892 and the following year joined the Football League. While he won his first league title in 1901, it was during the 1970s and 1980s that the club, under the technical leadership of Bill Shankly and then Bob Paisley, won seven international titles and eleven league championships. He was a founding member of the Premier League in 1992 and of the G-14 group. In the following years its level fell, both nationally and in European competitions. This caused a general notorious instability and in 2010 suffered an economic crisis, so it had to be sold.

    It is the ninth club with the highest amount of revenue in 2014, with an annual profit of € 306 million.

  6. In the last 3 years, entering the topic of professional football, LIVERPOOL has become one of the best teams in England and the world.
    This is because the club has invested a lot of money in big players.
    Two years ago I became a finalist in the Champions League, a historical thing, and having failed to win it last year, I came back with more strength and got that much desired title for the members of that club.
    One of the things that this club has best is the fans and after filling football stadiums for their team to achieve victory, they have been very fortunate to achieve this title

  7. I play football it is my favourite sport , my favourite team is Betis , my favourite player
    Is Joaquin , he is good – looking and cool , I like football because I think that it is a fun sport to play with my friends. I Sometimes play football with my friends at the weekend .

  8. There are a lot of football teams , my favourite team is Betis , this is a good team , but I like other football teams , for example Barsa , Madrid … these football teams , have got many good players , for example Messi , he is the best football player in the world , he is my favourite football player , with Joaquin , a Betis player . I do this sport when I have time , I like the football , but other people don ‘ t like football .

  9. Today I am going to talk about some football players like :
    Lionel Messi , he is from Argentina , he is Argentinian but he play in Spain , he is a football player from the team Barsa the best football team with Real Madrid. He is medium height and he has got brown hair , he is good – looking , I like him , because he is very good at playing football .
    Cristiano Ronaldo : He is tall , and the second best player , after Messi , Ronaldo plays in the team Juventus , before he played in the Real Madrid , He is very good , he is from Portugal , He is Portuguese , but he plays in an Italian team .
    Other football player is Joaquin , He play in the team Betis , my favourite team , I like Joaquin because he is good and a cool football player , He is Spanish , he is from Spain , He is from Cadiz , He is good – looking , tall , nice and a brave person , he has got green eyes and brown hair , his team is green and white for that the t- shirt and the short is green and white .
    Ter Stegen is my favourite goalkeeper , He is German , and He is from Germany ,
    He is from the team Barsa , the Barsa is my second favourite team I like it , because is a good team , Ter Stegen is tall , and a very good goalkeeper , He has got brown eyes and blonde hair , He is an excellent man , He is thin and He is good – looking , and a nice , brave and a clever man .
    WOW , I like all this football players , they are very big football players !

  10. The first football competition was on 19 december 1863 ( 156 years ago ) . On the football field there were 11 players and on the bench 3 substites in the official FIFA matches . Its category is team sport . A rectangular soccer field can be 90 by 45 meters or 120 by 90 meters. Men’s football was inaugurated in 1900 and women’s football in 1996 . Javier Rivas Lopez 1 A .

  11. Today I am going to talk about two players of the Spanish team, there are many good players, the first is Sergio Ramos, a tall and good-looking player, he plays for Real Madrid, he is a defender, and he is very good at playing with his head, he is the captain of real madrid, he is thirty-four years old.
    Other player is Pique, he plays for Barsa, he is also a defender, he and Sergio Ramos are very good friends, but they are in different teams, but they play in Spanish team , Pique is very tall and plays very good.
    they are a good example of friendship.

  12. THE FOOTBALL is one of the best sports in the world, it is played often, but due to the new disease (COVID-19), you can not play any sport, but today I am going to talk about a women's soccer team, the Barsa, in this team there are many good players, for example: SANDRA PAÑOS, TAJONAR, MARIA LEON ...... this women's team is very good, but nobody knows it, because people see soccer with men's teams more, This women's team has won many cups, (the queen's cups, leagues ...) but it also happens in other women's sports, which nobody knows its, I like this soccer team (BARSA) with women and men, If we want to see these games again, let's stay home to stop this disease. Thank you

  13. As someone who has played and watched the sport of football by a lot of different circumstances, nowadays i can totally asure that my opinion about it, and mainly, my opinion about football matches crowds has changed over the years, and not in a good direction. But still after years of being into the football community i have to recognice that most of what i think about modern football and their crowds are based on my experiences as referee, since it´s the most recent ones that i have apart from shaking my head with dissaproval seeing people not caring about security measures in the pandemic to celebrate that their team has won a match.
    For me football is a good sport well structured and actually fun to play casually with friends or competitively against other teams. But this gets on a second plane when the crowds make presence, even from small leagues like football 7 and friendly matches between kids, the crowds usually occupied by parents, have zero control over themselves and don´t hold their impulses, fastly starting to swear, yell and or go ape mode at whoever or whatever they can, from the referee or a kid who made a fault on his son, to her own team and the people near them in the crowds, this obviousy has a negative effect on the small childs who learn at a young age that´s totally ok to swear and menace whoever they want in a football field. And not to talk about how some people can reach the point of fanatism to physically or verbaly hurt others just for disagreeing with them on something related to their favourite team or player, from where the "ultras" come from.

    In resume, a good sport ruined by people toxicity.