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by Bruce Lee

viernes, 14 de septiembre de 2018

Money for nothing

What is the real value of money? Well, you never know. You may be extremely wealthy in one part of the world and really poor in another part. This is what happened in Turkey some weeks ago.

Here I present you some articles you can read about the topic:

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    1. I think that money is not important but necessary.
      I usually do many things without money, important things for me and my family.
      For example, when we go for a walk on the beach with our pet, we enjoy the coast of Salobreña, its smell, its color, ...and we do not need money.
      My grandmother always tells me that health is the most important thing in life, and that money does not make happiness.
      I think money is necessary, because without it you cannot buy things or pay bills.

      Susana P. Bosch
      3ºESO Grupo B

  2. Money is the legal way to pay material things. But, what do we know about money?

    One important thing about money is that we never know the real value of it, because you can become millonaire in one part of the world, but when you travel to other place you can be poor. Everything depends on the value of the coin of each place.
    This is the case of Turkey; in this country there are a lot of economic problems and as a result, it is a poor place.

    In my opinion, money is not really important because with it you only can buy material things, but the most important thing in life is to have health and stay with your family.

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  4. Money is one of the most important things in the society in which we live, you need money to live, because you need buy food, clothes and other important things. The value of money is different depending on the country where you are, for example, 1€ is equivalent to 1,14$ in America, so it is easier to earn money in some countries. But, obviously, money isn´t the most important thing in life, you can´t buy everything with money and things like friends, family health or other things are more important than a pair of good shoes or a good car, but today it´s very difficult to live without money.

  5. We buy the things and the services with money. We have the euro but in other pays exist other coins. For example in the United States there is the dollar and in the United Kingdom there is the pound.

    For a good life we need money. The money can buy a lot of things but it doesn't buy the real good things in the life as friends, family or health. We know that we need money more or less for all. Is our way to live and change it is very difficult.

    We must learn to save the money and know what things are important and what things we don't need really in ours life.

  6. Money is a set of coins and tickets that we use to pay things. There are many types of money, and each one has a different value. For example, 1€ has the same value as 74 Russian rubles so you can be rich in Russia and poor in Spain or another country in the European Union.

    Because of this, you can be very rich in one country and very poor in another one. But money is always changing its value. That's what happened in Turkey. The lira has decreased sharply its value in a short time and now they have a financial crisis.

  7. The money that depends on the place has more or less value, for example, in Spain a euro has little value, but in places like Africa it has more value since they are poor places.

    Money is very important in our lives, since money is needed for everything, for example to buy clothes, food, pay taxes.
    Now if you don't have money you can't do anything.
    Since childhood we have been told that we have to work to have money, since if we do not have money we will not be able to do anything.
    But, of course, money does not do everything, there are people who think yes, but to be happy you do not need money, nor for health or being with your friends does not need money.
    I think money is not the most important thing.