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by Bruce Lee

sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2018

And one day the dream came true!!!!

More than 25 years ago, to be more precise in 1992 in the Olympic Games in Barcelona, something amazing happened. Everybody has dreams and in those dreams we have always had an incredible super-team in football, basketball, handball... Well, this is what happened with the DREAM TEAM American basketball team that participated in the Games. 

Here are some videos for those of you who weren't even born to watch:

And dome articles for you to read:

And now I remind you of one of my earliest posts in this blog about two of these fantastic players:

Fly like an eagle or just...the magic?

What would be your team now? in basketball, football, in Spain, in Europe, in USA..?

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  1. for me basketball has been and is one of the best sports ,the best you can see and had great players like michael jordan. I think that his team is incredible and always made it worth going to see them in person but above all I think Michael Jordan has been until now the best basketball player, the most famous, the one who made a show every time he came out on the court and I think we will never forget a great player like Michael Jordan He made very good games with his team that at that time it was the best

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  4. Basketball for me is a sport that when I was in my primary school did not attract much attention but when I started to like high school mostly because in gymnastics we played a lot of basketball, before I did not usually watch basketball games but now sometimes I usually watch the game. My favorite player was Michel Jordan but he does not play basketball anymore, but now he is the owner of the NBA team the Charlotte Hornets. Michael Jordan has been very famous for his way of playing, and to become so famous He had to train a lot and sleep very well because if he did not train a week he would not have become the best. Michael Jordan for me has been and will be the best basketball player.

  5. Nowadays, sports are very present in our life. One of them is basketball. It is a sport that are very listen in the radio or in the tv, like football. Personally, I am not very interested in it, but I know something about this sport. But in other countries like United States of America, it is one of the most principal sports.

    I do not usually play basketball, but I don`t hate it. I used to play when I was in primary school, and I used to enjoy it, because it is a collective and team sport, so I played with my Friends.

    In Spain, the players more known is the Gasol brothers, Jose Calderon, or Ricky Rubio. All of them are between the 100 best players in the world.

    And the best player of the history of NBA is Michael Jordan, who is one of the NBA owner. Who also has done some films.


  6. For me, basketball is a good sport with a lot of training behind, it's a good sport, it's like football, one of the legends of basketball was larry bird. He was one of the best nickname as larry lengend, was one of the best eaves of basketball and the most valuable between 1984 and 1986

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  8. Basketball is the second most watched sport, although I do not play anymore I like to see it because it is a sport in which you play as a team and you have to help each other, in Spain it is not very famous but in the United States if, there you have the best league in the world called NBA. In the NBA are the best players of the balocesto, but the most outstanding are Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, but for me the most famous and good of all is Stephen Curry.

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  10. Basketball is a very fun game and you have to think a lot. I used to play at that school, I played football, it was my favorite sport. When we arrived at the institute we started playing basketball in physical education, at first I did not like it and I told the teacher to play another game, but when I played a couple of times I started to like it and started to get interested in it. When I got home I was looking for basketball videos and there was a Spanish basketball player that I liked very much, his name is Pau Gasol. Pau Gasol was born in Barcelona on July 6, 1980 is a professional Spanish basketball player, who belongs to the staff of the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA. Pau has a brother named Mark who also plays basketball, but for me the best player is Pau Gasol.

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  12. I've been playing basketball for about three years but I used to play football and what changed my sport was because of a football coach who unfortunately is still a coach, Before I went to tennis lessons. I played tennis for a year and then I started playing basketball. I sometimes watch some matches and my favourite player is Pau Gasol, although for me the best player in the world is currently LeBron James.

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  15. Basketball for me is a sport that I like, I think that you must think a lot of because you must pass the ball to your partner and you must put the ball into the basket and the other team mustn´t take the ball.
    When I was at primary school I didn´t play this sport, but when I came to the secondary school I began to play it in physical education and it was very funny.
    My favourite basketball player is Sergio Llull because he is very fast and he is very good, but nowadays the best players are in American teams and today the best player of basketball is LeBron James.

  16. Basketball is a good sport to practise, and i like. I think in this sport you can practise a lot of muscles and different part of the body,
    I like this sport because you must pass the ball to your partner and you must to respect the rules when you have the ball, your objective is to put the ball in the basket and that the other team can't put the ball in your basket.
    I think the best player is Stephen Curry or Luka Doncic.
    I prefer the football or athletics, but i like to play the basketball because is very funny.

  17. Basketball, known in North America as basketball, is a game between two teams, each with five players, where players try to score points by introducing the ball into the opposite basket, which is at a height of 3 meters.

    Basketball is a typical North American sport. In fact, that country has the most renowned basketball league in the world. It is in that league, where the best players of the world conglomerate, of which, most belong to the United States.

    Basketball is practiced professionally, on a covered court. In which two teams participate. Each of them, consists of five players, although there are several alternates, who are entering the game, as the game or one of the owners, is exhausted. This is normal, since it is a sport, which demands a lot of physical effort.

    The central idea, within basketball or basketball, is to score points, by entering a ball, into a basket. Each team has a basket at the central end of the court. Therefore, each team knows where to dunk the ball. These baskets are placed at medium height, to hinder the baskets in them.

    It was invented by James Naismith, a Canadian physical education teacher, in December 1891 at the YMCA in Springfield.

  18. For me, basketball is a fantastic sport with a lot of training behind, it's like football, one of the legends of basketball was Larry Bird. He was one of the best nickname as Larry lengend, was one of the best eaves of basketball and the most valuable between 1984 and 1986

  19. basketball is a sport that i love because you need to work with your team and in the game there are many differents rols you can be a pivot or a base etc.
    basketball has priorities as goal (the score that your team win it depends on where you've throw)or defend your basket
    and try to want the other team not goal.
    I think basket is a great sport to lear the basics of teamwork.

  20. Nowadays basketball is a very well-known sport. it's the second sport you've seen on TV and most listened to on the radio. i don't usually hear much about this sport, but in other countries like the United States it's the most watched on TV.

    For me basketball is a sport that does not attract much, but occasionally I like to play it with my friends because it is quite fun but not as much as soccer.

    If I had to choose my favorite basketball team would be Real Madrid, as in football.

  21. Basketball is my second favorite game because I am good in it .
    This game have a lot of rules,big when I play it I don,t use many rules but it's more funny.
    This is a good sport to be shape because you love many muscles.
    In conclussion it a good game to play in your free time.
    Ivan Bustos Jiménez

  22. Basketball for me is a game that I do not like very much since I did not practise it at primary school. At secondary school the teacher used to make us play basketball. The children in my class were very happy to play, but I got tired and I saw it very boring. My father also liked basketball and used to watch all the games that were played. He always told me about the players and that former players like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird or Tim Durcan were better than the current players.
    I do not like basketball, I prefer playing football, which is my favourite sport or another sport.

  23. The best basket league of all the times:
    The National Basket Association (NBA) league is the best basket league ever! They plat is the United States of America. (USA) and it is the funniest. There are 30 teams playing in this league. In the Spanish league (ACB) there are 18 teams, so NBA, because it is older than ACB is 63. I prefer watching a NBA match, because the best basket players are in this league, like James Harden, LeBron James or Kawhi Leonard. It is more exciting and I sometimes watch them with my father and we play trying to know which is better.
    I really like basket, but I play better football. Basket matches are different than football matches. Players are much taller and they jump higher than football players. Football players run faster and they must be more resistant than basket players, because NBA match are about 50 minutes and football matches 1 hour and 30 minutes. Anyway, NBA league is as interesting as ' La Liga ', the Spanish football league.

    Antonio Puentedura Prados de 1º ESO A.