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jueves, 17 de enero de 2019

Popeye the Sailor is 90 years old!!!

Long, long time ago young children were encouraged to eat healthily by watching this cartoon series: Popeye the Sailor. Have you ever watched any of these episodes?



Popeye: How has he changed in 90 years? (BBC)



New Popeye Videos Show What 90 Years of Spinach Can Do for a Guy (The New York Times)



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Part three. Look at the picture and read the questions. The picture will help you to answer the questions. Choose the correct option: 

21. So he went back ....  fish.    (A  cut   B  for cutting    C  cutting   D  to cutting)
22. The more Bert works,  ........ he smells of fish.    (A  the more    B  much more  C  the most    D   mostly )
23. When he ........ home this evening, he will have a hot bath.     ( A  goes      B   will go     C  is going   D  will be going )
24. His wife expects .......... this.    (A  his doing    B   that he does   C  him to do this  D  him doing) 
25. "I don't mind him working in a fish shop ....... I don't want to live with fish," she says.    (A  so   B  nevertheless   C  however   D  but) 
26. "He gets no supper ........ he cleans up," she adds.    (A  but    B  if   C  unless   D  suppose) 
27. He never brings .........  fish home.   (A  some    B   no   C  any   D   the) 
28. He sees ............. fish throughout the day.     (A  too much of    B  more enough   C  more of   D  those many) 
29. Mr Talbot .... likes fish.      (A   , however,      B   although      C   because he      D  instead) 
30. He has the appetite ........  a cat.      (A  as     B   of    C  like   D  same as)

Solutions to PART TWO in the previous post.11. a    12. c    13. d    14. b    15. d   16. c   17. b   18. b  19. c   20. a

And still talking about the health problems the screen overuse may bring along (remember this previous post about the issue: Screen overuse, possible cause of digital eye strain ), here's another Lingohack episode for you to analyse.



  • Episode 190109 / 9 January 2019    >>>  Is screen use really bad for kids? -  Language related to 'technology and health'.  Need-to-know language: digital entertainment, toxic, sedentary occupation, keep you up at night  & screen time limits.

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  2. Congratulations!
    Popeye is a very old cartoon series. I saw an episode with my mother, because she loves the old cartoon series, she tells me that they remind her of her youth.
    In this series we learn to eat spinach, because it is a very healthy vegetable with many vitamins.

    Susana P. Bosch
    3º ESO Grupo B

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  4. I had never seen a Popeye the Sailor episode but I know him. Now with this publication i saw some episodes.
    I think its amazing that Popeye the Sailor have 90 years actually, and it was more educative than the actual caricatures, in this case, Popeye motivates to eat more healthy. I saw that Popeye have a new animation but the oldest are better than the new because there are element that the new Popeye hasn't, like his carasteristic pipe, that is now a whistle, and also Brutus is shaved off and Olivia isn't the girl in problems. I think the TV producers have to do cartoons like the old Popeye or like the spanish production "Erase una vez el hombre".

    Daniel del Pozo Quesada 3º ESO B

  5. Sometimes, I had heard the name of "Popeye" but I dint know exactilly what it was. Now, I know that he is an old cartoon, that he taught the smallest of the house principally, to eat vegetables in a balanced diet, to have a health life. His specialty was spinach, and he is known mainly for that.
    I would like that TV channels offer old cartoons like Popeye because I think that there are more funny, interested and appropriate than today's day. Also, it is nice that all family watch this type of things in TV, and grandfathers and parents remember old moments in family.

    Ana Muñoz 4ºA

  6. When I was younger I usually saw the episodes of Popeye the sailor on television.
    I think they were very interesting and it is a pity they are not broadcast any more, because in these cartoons we learn many things as eating spinach.
    I am very glad to hear that these cartoons are 90 years old and they are still remember by so many people, both young and old.

  7. I can't remember if I saw these cartoons but my parents did I can't remember .He only became very strong when . He liked a woman and so he fought with another man for her love. in Alberto's blog I didn't understand how I could see this type of cartoons. He was really strong!!! Ivan Bustos Jimenez

  8. Wow! Popeye is 90 years old!
    I love that sailor when I was a child. When I arrived to my house after the school I went faster to see Popeye in the TV While I was eating. I remember his ¨power¨ that it was eat spinach. I remember the main characters too! Olivia (Popeye's Wife), Bruto (Popeye's Enemy), Cocoliso (Popeye's Son), Pilón (Popeye's Brother in Law), etc. The main story was... Brutus try to take away Olivia to Popeye, but Popeye with his carasteristic pipe defeat Bruto and save Olivia.
    I hope that there will is a remastered serie to this cartoon.

  9. I had heard about the name Popeye, but I didn´t know what it was until I saw a few chapters of this wonderful cartoon. When I saw them l liked them a lot because this old cartoon taught principally to the smallest of the house, to eat healthier with a balanced diet which had a lot of vegetables. Spinach is the vegetable which these cartoon were most recognized.

    I want that nowadays on television children can see some cartoons like Popeye which motivates them to eat healthy or educate you in other things. Besides, I think that most of today's cartoons do not help to educate, so they sometimes do the opposite.

    Desirée Rodríguez Arias 4ºA

  10. Sometimes i had Heard he name of Popeye but i had never seen a Popeye episodio.
    Now that I know who is I have seen an episode.
    I think despite being so old I find it very funny, I like it more than some current cartoons. I think what they teach is more appropriate than other cartoons and they do it in a much more fun and entertaining way.
    I recommend that you take a look, the chapters are not long enough and at least you can already know who is popeye.

    Natalia López 3ºA

  11. Sometimes i had seen the serie of Popeye and i had read the comics.
    I was not a big fan of that series I saw her from time to time, but when I saw i like but i preferred other serie. I think is more appropiate than other series.
    I am very funny because this serie has already 90 years, although I did not see it much, I think it was a good series and I recommend it even if it is not televised.

  12. Sometimes I had heard the name of the serie "Popeye" but I had never seen this until now.

    This serie teaches you how to take a diet with a lot of vegetables specially the spinach because these cartoon were recognized for this vegetable.

    I think this serie is very funny and is more appropriate than other cartoons and it's a entertaining way.

    I'm very happy because this serie have 90 years and it's still remembered and recommended.

    I recommend you this serie because help to educate not like some of today, it's funny and the chapters are shorts

    Mari Trini Ortiz Haro 4°A

  13. Since childhood we have always heard the name of popeye, a person who was very strong to eat many spinach.
    He was a very famous man and his series was known to everyone.

    Today it is a shame that their chapters are not shared on TV but still we are many who remember him
    It is a series with more than 90 years that has been told from generation to generation and today I am very proud to meet you