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by Bruce Lee

jueves, 7 de marzo de 2019

The Science Week at IES Mediterraneo & OUR ARTISTS

What a hectic week we are having!!!!  


The Science Week at our school, students from primary schools visiting us, tomorrow we are celebrating the International Working Women's Day, exams, classes, homework... and last, but not least,  next week we will be celebrating the first anniversary of Stephen Hawking's death and 𝛑 Day on March 14th (3.14).


And now I want to present you some of the experiments and other experiences our students carried out during our Science Week.

Lucía Guirado (4º ESO A) post in her blog  >>  

Marina Guirado (4º ESO A) post in her blog  >>


Mihail Livaditis (4º ESO A) post in his blog  >>


Ana Muñoz (4º ESO A)  >>


María Prados (4º ESO A)   >>



Desirée Rodríguez (4º ESO A)  >>


Anabel Prados (4º ESO A)  >>


Latest video to watch about Stephen Hawking:

The Best Of Stephen Hawking


 And remember our previous post: Stephen Hawking, a unique brain.



Tomorrow, as I said above, we are also celebrating the International Working Women's Day and here are the posters done by our students, who won the first and third prize in the town's contest:

Laura Martín

Mª Jesús Burell & Lucía Fernández


For further information about the Science Week and the contest visit our school's blog!!!

And now changing topics, ...

Legendary creatures: the Unicorn

What is Cryptozoology? It is the study of legendary creatures (interesting listening exercise about the topic). Do you know any other legendary creatures? In the listening exercise below you will learn all about this and what is the connection with the current political situation in the United Kingdom.

Listening exercise for you to do: Why are unicorns back in fashion?  (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English).

How To Say Common English Expressions! 💬 Small Talk PART 2 by mmmEnglish

In a minute you'll see the difference between: Everyone vs Anyone  (English in a Minute)


And related to this issue, here are two other aspects to revise:

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  1. What is cryptozoology?
    According to the video, cryptozoology is the study of creatures that some believe exists today, but for which there is no definitive proof, such as "big foot", "the monster of Loch Ness" or "the Yeti".

    Do you know any other legendary creature?
    Not many, but I know that "the nine-tailed fox" is a mythological fox from China

    Why are the unicorns back in fashion?
    Natalie Lawrence is a natural historian who said that people used to drink from unicorn horn cups to prevent poisoning, and believe that the idea that it is magical and has magical powers is still valid.

  2. This last week in our high school, is celebrated the science week, why?, because the 8th of March is the international day of the scientific woman. My class has been participating in different sections, my group was helping in the section of geography and history, and the other group was helping in the section of physics and chemistry. When childrens from nearby primary schools came to our sectione, we had to explain the solar system and play with them, they also made their own solar system as a souvenir of that day!

    In my opinion this week is really wonderfull because we celebrate the day of the scientific woman and we share it with the children and their teachers, in addition to having fun we offer them a little more wisdom and fun.

  3. He was born in Oxford in 8, January of 1942 and he died in Cambridge in 14 Marz of 2018. Because of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. (ELA). When he arrived to the Cambridge University, his illness started to manifest in 1963 when he has was 21 years.

    Two years later, in 1965 he got married with Jane Wilde Hawking but in 1991 he got divorced. He remarried in 1995 with Elaine Mason but he divorced again in 2006. He had three childrens. He survived 55 years with his illness while the doctors prognosticate him two years.

    He is known for the cosmological theories, the black holes and a book, A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes.

  4. Stephen William Hawking was born in Oxford, on January 8, 1942-Cambridge, March 14, 2018) 3 4 was a theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist and British scientific popularizer. His most important works consisted in contributing, along with Roger Penrose, theorems regarding spatiotemporal singularities within the framework of general relativity and the theoretical prediction that black holes would emit radiation, 5 what is known today as radiation. Hawking (or sometimes Bekenstein-Hawking radiation). One of the main characteristics of his personality was his contribution to the scientific debate, sometimes betting publicly with other scientists, the best known case is his participation in the discussion about the conservation of information in black holes.