Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2019

You've got a friend in me

It is not that easy nowadays to find a true friend. Here are some articles for you to read:



You have been listening in this blog to 4 different versions of the song: "You've got a friend". Which one do you like the most? Why?   

  1. the one which is sung by James Taylor   

  2. the one sung by Carole King   

  3. the one sung by both of them   

  4. the one which appears in the film Toy Story (Randy Newman) 


Can you tell all the different meanings of the word 'spring'?

What's your to-do list for this spring? for Easter?

  • Go to York and come back safe and sound

  • Make the video sketch for Albert

  • Write all the comments



Here's the song What do I have to do by Kylie Minogue >>>


In Unit 6 in the level of 4th of ESO we have seen some MODIFIERS, here's further information on the issue: Very vs Really vs Absolutely  (English in a Minute)


And now let's revise the RELATIVE CLAUSES (i)

Phrasal verbs with "UP" - Learn English prepositions



  • Episode 190313 / 13 March 2019    >>>  Electrifying Africa -  Language related to 'Environmentalism: resources and solutions'.  Need-to-know language: sustainability, convert, surplus, small scale & solar system.

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  3. A friend is a person you can trust and with whom you get along. That person is in the good and bad moments with you and always advises you. In addition, you usually share interestings and hobbies with a friend. Having some friends is very important because people who do not connect with anyone and haven´t real friends can become lonely and even have depression, so it is very important to have a friend with whom to talk and share experiences, but how difficult is it to find a real friend today?

    On the one hand, nowadays you have more chances of finding a friend than a few years ago. Social networks allow you to communicate with people anywhere in the world; there are no limits! Besides, it's easier to find people who have the same hobbies as you, there are millions of things you can do! try signing up for an activity you like and I'm sure you'll meet people who can be interesting! Moreover, traveling is very easy nowadays, and you can make friends from different countries and visit them.

    On the other hand, at the present time it is a little more complicated to find true friends than before because you have more chances of meeting fake friends who take advantage of you and only want you to help them. Furthermore, in terms of social networks, there are persons who pretend to be other people through a false profile, so you have to be very careful about who you talk to on the Internet. In addition, your friends can influence you in a positivo r a negative way, for example, if your best friend eats healthily, you are five times more likely to have a healthy diet yourself, so you should think about what kind of friends you really want to have.

    To put it on a nut shell, the human is a social being, so friends are very important in our lives and we must choose them correctly and differentiate between a real or a fake friend.

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  5. It´s very important to have a friend that you can trust and tell you how you feel, but, sometimes it is difficult to find a real friend. What is it like to live without any friends? What can we do about?

    On the one hand, making friends nowadays could be a problem for some people. Others find this easier. Many people suffer from isolation and depression for that, so, it´s very important to have time with your family and try to go out and do activities that can help you to find yourself and make friends.

    On the other hand, there are many ways to solve this problem and communicate with people. Social networks are one option, but personally, I prefer face to face. Also, looking for a trip is a good idea to make friends and talk among you.

    Not having friends is not all bad, you learn to trust on yourself. So, in my opinion, I prefer to be alone that in bad company.

    To sum up, friends are very important in our lives, but we must choose the correct person and Know who are true friends or just a fake.

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 4ºA.

  6. In our lives, have good friends is something important. A friend is a person who stay always with us for everything, the good and bad things that we can suffer, and try to help us in our problems. Besides, it is a person in who we can trust and talk about whatever.

    There are lots of people who are very shy and for they, it is more complicated have true friends, open and relate with others, so find and have good friends for this persons can be difficult. They may have depression cause of feeling alone .Nevertheless, there are people who are very social, and have lots of friends. This type of people are usually nice who speak with all about whatever and dont have embarrasment about nothing, and they are friends of their friends.

    Nowadays, social networks help us to meet new people and we can be communicated with all our friends so, we can keep the relations with our friends. However, we must surfing carefully because there are lots of false profiles. But this also happens in true live, there are false people who can affect us, so it is better to keep distances with this type of persons.

    In my opinion, we should try to be social persons and dont have embarrasment and we should know to choose our true friends.

    Ana Muñoz 4ºA


  7. Nowadays it is very difficult to find a good friend that you can trust. Today children tend to be with those who suit them best. They may be talking to you, telling you things and then they may be talking behind your back when you are not present.

    You cannot trust anyone and it is very difficult to find a friend who knows how to keep your secrets, who does not betray you or who is with you only to use you.

    True friends are always with you in good and bad times, not only when you are well and they can have fun with you. They also have to be there when you're bad or sad to cheer you up. Those friends do not get it in a short time and you cannot trust anyone either. You have to know that person very well to see if it suits you to be your friend or not.False friends can make a person doubt about everyone, this makes you colder and really when you get a good person away from you.

    It is better to be alone rather than with this type of friendships that can affect our lives. .As the saying goes: "Better alone than badly accompanied".

  8. It is very important have friends and there are studies that show that if you do not have more than one friend you will probably have a big depression.
    However, nothing happens if you have few friends because the important thing is quality, not quantity.
    A friend is a person with whom you get along, in whom you can trust, talk and share opinions, experiences and hobbies and with whom you get along.
    In addition, that person will always be in the good and bad moments, supporting and advising you.
    Is it very difficult to find true friends today?

    On the one hand, nowadays it is easier to find friends thanks to social networks because they allow us to communicate with people from anywhere of the world.
    Besides, you can sing up for an activity that you like and make friends with people who have the same hobbies as you. In addition, you can also travel and make friends from different countries.

    On the other hand, nowadays It is more difficult to find real friends because in social networks there are many false profiles and people who want to take advantage of you.

    In summary, the human needs to socialize with other people and be loved and supported by them, so, to have real friends

    Desirée Rodríguez Arias 4ºA

  9. A friend according to the diccionary is personal affection, pure and de sintered, shared with another person, born and strong with the treatment.

    Truly there are few true friends. In all of my live there was a lot of people that said : I am your friend, but when I hadn't been with their they said bad things of me. When I had listen this types of things I could not belive.

    For this in my life I can count with the fingers of one of my hand the true friends in our life's. With this friends yuo have to be special.

    Ivan Bustos Jiménez 4A

  10. A friend is important because he is at the good and the bad moments. At the good moments when you are happy and at the bad moments when you are sad, angry, sick... With a friend you don't feel alone.We tell a friend our problems and secrets and we also share our joys. With a friend you can play football, talk, chat online,... The saying says: ``Who has a friend, has a treasure´´ and it's true.

    Francisco José Prados Espinosa1ºA

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  12. It's very important to have friends. However, it is a bit difficult to find true and good friends.
    Thanks to scientific studies we can learn that friends are crucial in our lives. We need a true friend to ask for advice and to support us in bad moments. Not having friends can lead you to have different problems such as depression, isolation and loneliness.

    In many cases, people claim that they prefer friends over family. It's true that friends are the family that we choose. But How do you make friends?

    Making new friends for many people can be a serious problem. For example when you are new in a class or something like that you need to be sociable and talk with mates. Being alone in a class throughout the school year can be depressing.
    Shy and shameful people usually have fewer friends than talkative people. But nowadays there are many options to make friends. Social networks are a good option to talk with people with the same hobbies as you, or people who like the same types of music or games.

    Other people are very talkative and friendly and don't have this type of problems. They talk with whoever.
    They have many friends but the most important think is the quality and not the quatity. It means that it is better to have just one true friend rather than 5 false friends that can betray you at any moment.

    Our true friends don't betray us. We always can count on them and we can always tell them about our problems to ask for help.
    We have to diferentiate between acquaintances and true friends.
    Acquaintances are only in good moments. Nevertheless, true friends are always, both in good and bad times. They support you in bad moments and give you pieces of advice. We must feel that we can trust them if they are really true friends.

    To sum up, friends are very important in our day-to-day. We cannot be alone to avoid problems like loneliness. Even so we cannot count with everyone. We should choose our real friends and be reserved with acquaintances