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by Bruce Lee

lunes, 29 de julio de 2019

Beware of online frauds!

Summer is a time to travel not only in Spain, but abroad. We are not used to paying cash and we use our credit cards instead. We are also used to buying flight tickets, hotel rooms, any item... using our credit cards. However, we must be very careful with certain pages as they may be tricky and frauds are everywhere.

Here are some articles for you to read about the issue and a listening exercise:

News Review: Capital One hack: 100 million people's data stolen  (BBC Learning English)

Breaking news: Congratulations to Ana Muñoz (4° ESO A), as I have just been told that she passed her B1 exams at the Official Language School as a freelance student last June.

How to Use TO & FOR ⚡️English Prepositions | Common Grammar Mistakes

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English in a Minute: Adverbs of frequency  (BBC Learning English)


REVISION FOR 1º Bachillerato

145. Put the sentences into the PASSIVE VOICE :
1. Do they still build ships in Scotland ?
2. Nobody can sing a song well if he is eating an apple at the same time.
3. The Chinese invented printing.
4. You mustn't take photographs in the museum.
5. They have recently discovered oil near the Falkland Islands.

146. Put these sentences into REPORTED SPEECH. (Use suitable introducing verbs)

1. John: "I always play football on Saturdays, but I'm not playing this Saturday because I'm ill".
2. She to him: "We've been waiting here for you since six o'clock"

3. As the passengers left the coach, the driver to them: "Don't forget to take all your belongings with you."
4. I to her:"Where did you go last night?".   She: "I ate in a Chinese restaurant with my boyfriend"
5. We: "Will you stay with us?"     Robert: "Yes, of course, I will"
147. Write suitable questions for these answers (pay attention to the underlined words).

1. ________ ? I live in a flat near the city centre.

2. ________ ? I speak  three languages.

3. ________ ? I'm learning English because I need it for my job.
4. ________ ? I've been learning English since 1985.
5. ________ ? Tomorrow it will be sunny and warm.


"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

Mind your Language - Many Happy Returns I   


SOLUTIONS to the exercises in the previous post /for further exercises of this level go to  Mock exams (1º Bach)/:

143.    1. works   2. has taught / has been teaching   3. left    4. enjoyed   5. Have you ever worked   6. spent    7. was made  8. could continue / would like to continue   9. happened   10. was working    11. to help     12. met    13. had told     14. was   15. am going to begin    16. will become    17. are getting   18. would do    19. had   20. is running   



1. Real Madrid have won the Champions League Cup thirteen times, which doesn't please Barcelona supporters.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio, who began his career as an actor working with Robert DeNiro, played an important role in the film Titanic. 
3. I was in the cinema where your father sometimes works.
4. The chair (which/that) I was sitting on was not very stable.
5. Albert, whose talent to predict the future is similar to Rappel's, guessed the result of the match.

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9 comentarios:

  1. Travel is the hobbit of the most of the people around the world, because it is a way to learn new cultures, visit important monuments and practise different languages.

    It is important to know how we should travel safely, because if we do not understand something, somebody can cheat us. So, when we travel to other country or city,we must be careful with our bags, wallets, mobiles….

    Also, there are pages where we give our personal information, and this can result in a problem because we can be cheated, so we must be cautious with the webs where we surf for buy something.

    When I travel to another city, I try to have my personal objects where I can see them. And when I surf on the internet, I rarely give my personal information, and if I am going to buy something, I am sure that the page is save, so I only buy in webs like amazon, or oficial brand pages.

    In my opinion, it is important to not give our information anywhere, if not where we are sure

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  3. Nowadays, we can do most things on the Internet, from posting pictures on social network, to buying things or even work. But you must be careful, because it´s very easy to be cheated. At the time of shopping on the Internet you must check some things, here I´ll leave some tips to prevent being cheated:
    1º- Check if the webpage is the real one. Some people copy official webs so that is very difficult to differentiate the official site from the copy. One way to prevent this is looking at rhe URL, if it is safe, you are in the real page, but if it isn,t you are on the fake.
    2º- If you are going to buy on webs like Aliexpress or Ebay, always check the opinions of the product you are going to buy, if it has many bad opinions, you shouldn´t buy it, because probably it isn´t the product that is in the photos or it is a fraud.
    3º- Avoid buying on strange pages. Sometimes, you find an amazing offer that discount a lot of money from the product, but you must be careful with this, if it is a safe page buy it, it will be safe, but if you don´t know the page you should investigate about it first, and then, decide if buying it or not.
    Using these tips, you won´t have any problems buying things on Internet, and you will be able to buy anything with total security.

  4. Internet is an option, a very economical aid and accessible to all public, but that does not mean that it does not have negative aspects, but we can not stop considering the Internet as an aid either to search for information, download files, etc. That at any time it can serve us, since with it we can study, look for things from work, etc. To conclude, I would like to say that the internet despite its failures is a help and we should not miss it.

  5. You have to be very careful with the internet because many things we see are a lie, they are usually frauds or viruses. I never get into unknown pages or raffle pages or things like that because I don't trust them.

    Internet frauds are usually of clothing or shoes pages where you put your account number and all that and instead of taking the money from that garment and sending it to you what they do is take much more money and not send you anything You had bought.

    To avoid this, you have to get into pages that you know are safe and official for that brand, and where prices are realistic for those things.

  6. Today we use the internet for anything, to play, work, send messages, buy, etc.

    But you have to be careful when doing some things such as buying, today there are many pages that are false and there is only one true, this is done to deceive us and keep some of our money, so at the time To buy something online we must look carefully at the page and see that it is verified and so there will be no problem.
    Also at the time of publishing an image we must think it well since on the internet or social networks the photo can reach anywhere

  7. Currently, almost all people use the internet, we can do many things, even buy online, it is so easy that there are people who work online.There are pages where you ask.

    From a very young age, children know how to use the internet and surf the internet, you have to be very careful.

    People who buy online have to be very careful because it is very dangerous because they can fool you, to avoid cheating you should check well on the website that you make the purchase, since there are people who make a copy of the official pages, To do this you should check the page well.
    You should also check the page well, since there are pages that you ask for a product and it does not reach you.
    If you don't know the page, don't buy anything.

    If you make a purchase online and follow these tips, you will not be scammed or anything bad will happen to you, and you will go safer

  8. Nowadays, unlike a few years ago, we use the Internet for everything from publishing photos and reading the newspaper to making bank transfers.We are very dependent on the Internet, we use it every day because it is very comfortable and easy to use. But… is the Internet really as safe as we think?

    On the one hand, it is true that there are many secure websites to buy on the Internet. In addition, it is very easy to shop for them; for example, if you don’t have time to go shopping, you can select the food you want online and the supermarket will bring your shopping home. Besides, online shopping, which is a very recent invention, makes our life much easier because we can have anything we want in practically 1 or 2 days; who could have thought 50 years ago that this was possible? No one!

    On the other hand, buying things on the internet such as airline tickets, clothes or mobile devices is very dangerous because you are giving your credit card details and there are many cases of fraud. Besides, a lot of people don’t know it but criminals take classes about how to steal your credit card numbers and make small purchases with it without you noticing that you are being robbed, and this is very dangerous because most people don’t usually pay attention to it.“As more of this fraud is now being perpetrated by clued-up amateurs working out of their bedrooms, they are harder for financial institutions to spot and stop – their spending patterns often mimic those of their victims,” says the firm.

    All in all, shopping online is very cool, but we have to be careful about the pages where we buy and we should know if they are real. In my opinion, people should be more informed about fraud and fake websites because they are very dangerous and you can lose your money there.