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by Bruce Lee

jueves, 4 de julio de 2019

Setting limits with a new app


Think of a synonym of the word 'limit' or the word that refers to that thing around a building or between fields made of wood, wire... which prevents animals or people from going into that property. 

The answer is 'FENCE'!!! Well, now think what an app called GEOFENCING may be used for. Here's a document that explains it: GEOFENCING   

You can also watch this video:

and here's another one:

Geofencing: 7 Things You'll Kick Yourself for not Knowing


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REVISION FOR 1º Bachillerato

139. Say what you do when you do not do something yourself.

1. Your mother wants you to paint the house, but you can't paint it yourself, .....
so you ________________________________________________________
2. Some students don't like doing English homework,....
so they ________________________________________________________

140. Translate the following sentences into English:

1. Se beben milliones de latas de Coca-Cola todos los días.
2. ¿Cómo crees que es la vida de una monja? Quizás un poco aburrida, pero interesante también.
3. El no quería que nadie viera su nuevo coche.
4. Ellos finalmente entendieron lo que su padre había querido decir.
5. "Creo que al bebé le gusta mucho aprender inglés porque está muy interesado en buscar palabras en tu nuevo diccionario", le dijo la madre al padre.

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SOLUTIONS to the exercises in the previous post:

137. My proposals   >> 1. What did you have for main course?   2. How much did they pay?
3. Where did he go?   4. What do you do?  5. Who is she writing to?  6. What film are you going to watch?

138.  1. Internet is used by millions of people nowadays.  2. Lunch must be cooked for his baby every day by Albert.   3. That green van is being followed by a police car.  4. How many times was this window broken by the children last year?    5. John wasn't asked a lot of questions  //  A lot of questions weren't asked to John.

"All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl"

Where do we get milk from 

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  1. Apps are more than 80% of the time we spend on our phones.

    Geofencing is a location-based service in which an application or other software uses GPS, RFID, WI-FI or mobile data to trigger a pre-programmed action set around a geographical location. Location known as geofence.

    Geofencing allows the configuration of virtual areas, where the entry and exit through the areas triggers a response or action of the individual or company that uses the geofence.

    In my opinion I think that Geofencing is a good thing since you can alert a person through the geographical fences when, for example, alert the owner of a store when a person visits or when someone is in line to pay.

    Valentín Lahora

  2. A geovalla or geo-fence is a virtual perimeter of a geographical area of ​​the real world ..

    A geovalla can be generated dynamically as a radius around the situation of a point. Or it can be a predefined set of boundaries, such as school attendance zones or the boundaries of a neighborhood. Digitized geo-maps are also used to suit the user.

    When the user of a localization service locator (LBS) enters or leaves a geo-map, the device receives a notification. This notification may contain information about the location of the device. The geovalla notification can be sent to a mobile phone or to an e-mail account.
    The Techopedia site defines geofencing as a technology that establishes virtual boundaries in a real geographic area. Thus, brands can set a radius of interest within which they can launch actions on any mobile device that has GPS enabled

  3. Geofencing is a location-based app that uses GPS, Wi-fi or mobile data to do a pre-programmed action when you are in an area near certain places. These areas are known as geo-fences.

    A geo-fence is a defined area near a location. This location can be, for example, a shop or business. Geofences can be really useful when you have a business. For example, you can notice when a customer goes to another shop. Burger King sold Whopper burguers for $0,01 only when their customers were away from a McDonald's. They used geofencing to know where their customers were and when they were near a McDonald's, the received a notification on their phone to make them go to the nearest Burguer King.This is just one way brands are thinking how to use geofencing without invading their customers' privacy.

    But not everyone likes geofencing. Some people may not like the fact that brands can know where they are at anytime. People like to have privacy and businesses sometimes don't respect this.

    In my opinion, geofencing has advantages and disadvantages. It can be very useful if you want new customer to come to your shop. For example, you can notice people when they are near your shop. But I don't like promotions like the one that Burguer King ran. I think that it would be better if Burger King make a discount on some products if I am a regular customer, not if I am near a shop.