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domingo, 27 de octubre de 2019

New coming threat for our teenagers: TEENAGE GAMBLING


Who hasn't heard among teenagers how well you feel when you are in one of these places where gambling is allowed? In summer it is so cool and in winter so warm, drinks are much cheaper than anywhere else, you can stay there as long as you like, a super atmosphere with all your gang... However, all this covers a new threat for our teenagers, I'm afraid!!!



And the problem is that you see sport stars and famous people advertising all this gambling on any TV channel and almost at any time!!!!

Here are some articles for you to read about the issue:

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  2. There are a lot of ads on the TV about cars, food, clothes, TV series, films... Everyone can see them, from children to adults, and that can be good to sell a lot of products, but there are other things that are sponsored on TV, like bets, and, of course, children and adults see them. Some adults like bets, and they can bet on the Internet, on many different things: on football, on basketball, or even on especially pages for betting, where you only enter to play and bet.
    However what happens if a child with an age of 15 years sees the ad and decides to enter the page and bet?. He can think it´s a game and it can be fun, and even, if he wins, he will earn a lot of money, so, why not try? Then, the child creates an account on this page and puts €100 and play. A few hours later, the child loses the money, and he isn´t happy with that, so he put another €100 in the account and ,of course, loses again. Now he is angry, and decides to put 200€ in the account, and he loses them again. In less than a few hours, a kid has lost 400€, without the parents´ permission, and doing it without anyone knowing. Later the parents notice and the kid got an amazing punishment. He is sorry, but he won´t get the money back.
    Is it really the child´s fault? Probably if the same child sees an ad of cigarrettes on TV, and there it says it will make you be cool and feel well, if the kid could buy them, he would, because he doesn´t really know what he is doing. So, if we don´t see ads about cigarrettes on TV, why can we see betting ads on it? I think they must be restricted, and that the Internet webs must be very careful with the people who can play there, because nowadays, there are more and more kids, whose parents have lost all their money because of this.

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  5. Hi Alberto!I'm Alejandra. I would like to comment the video "Nature is speaking". I think that this video tries to explain how the nature and the Earth feel. Obviously, humans are destroying the Earth and the nature in it, and at the same time, we are destroying ourselves, because, as the video says, humans need nature to survive. It is really sad to think that we are the responsible. In my opinion, it is very important to work to save the Earth, we need to protect it NOW!! There is no time to lose!

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  7. Today , children under the age of 18 like gambling , but they play games that are not appropriate for them and the problem is that they don´t realize the risks that this can produce .

    Playing fruit machines is the most popular form of gambling , followed by playing cards with friends and that´s only because they want to get money. Scratchcards are also bought or used to gamble. Studies say that in the last 12 months , 39% of teenagers about 11-16 have spent their own money by playing and 6% have gambled online using a parent account.

    Nowadays, there are so many games like "fortnite", which are addictive ,in fact, this is one of the most common risks of playing video games. Some people have been diagnosted with this problem of addiction. They spend money as they need it and this becomes a big problem . They get a lot of money , however, they have to pay more than they win .

    In conclusion, children shoudn´t play games if their parents don´t want , but if they do it , they should be careful .

  8. There are a lot of ads in the TV of a lot of things that I think that can see every people both adults and children, but then stay some differents ads in the TV as the ads of gambling either from football, basket, car racing, motorcycles, athletics ...that I think that must to stay prohibite because this ads can see every people and have got children that don't save really that is this a they sign up in the webpages and bet 10$,50,100,200... and this money is of their parents, that is to say if the children bet a lot of money and they lost this money you can recovered and have got some children that then of lost a lot of money they bet other time and they can lost or win but they I have already lost a lot of money before, an when their parents save the most possible that pass is that they put a big punishment. That's why I think that this tips of ads must to stay prohibite in the TV as stay prohibite the ads of the cigarettes, but incluisve the cigarettes stay more controlate becaus any children can buy if they are less of age, but with the bet you can't controlate because they can realise in a one webpages an for a lot of that in the webpages put if you are less of age you can't bet who go to save if they person that stay trying to bet is they are less of age or nor. I think you can put this ads in webpages but not in evry an in social networks but you must to save of directing the ads and putting in places where children cannot access, thought I follow thinking that mus to stay prohibite to bet you are already an adult and of course less if you are a child.

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    1. This type of games is creating a serious problem among teenagers, and is leading them to be addicted to the game.
      Someone may be funny and say that he only spends one euro in those games and that sometimes he receives more than what he spends, but that is not the case, you start with a euro and you can have such an addiction that you spend all your Money in these games.
      At the beginning they are fun, you have a good time and you can earn money, but that is just a trap, which leads you to be addicted and you end up with a serious illness such as addiction to the game.

      The worst of all is that even on television itself these types of games are announced, and they use famous people and people's idols to create addiction. In gaming establishments they use various tricks to coax people, put cheap drinks, let the first games win ... thousands of tricks to create an addiction, and take advantage of you.

      A large part of teenagers are falling into the traps of large companies and there are more and more young people with these diseases.

      I think they should stop putting such ads on television, as they can be seen by people of all ages, including teenagers, and they should fine establishments for letting young people in.

      Susana P. Bosch

      4º ESO Grupo A

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  13. Gambling means taking part in any activity or game where you risk money, food & drinks or any valuable objects, in order to win. Studies show that, although many people participate in gambling as a form of recreation or even as a means to gain an income, gambling, like any behavior that involves variation in brain chemistry, can become a harmful, behavioral addiction.

    To begin with, there are different types of gambling, such as casino games, bingo, card and table games, internet gambling or lottery. Gambling can easily become a problem that affects not just the person, but also the person’s family and friends. For some people, gambling can become as serious an addiction as drugs, tobacco, or alcohol.

    On the other hand, reports show that more and more teenagers are gambling nowadays and most of them are addicted to it. Gambling can be innocent at first, but it can turn from a social behavior to a compulsion and cause problems for teenagers. They develop the urge to keep on gambling despite its harmful negative consequences.

    To sum up, gambling is as addictive as drugs or alcohol and it is very important to inform and educate people and especially teenagers about how dangerous it can be for the society.

  14. Gambling consists of betting money or something of value with the intention of winning money or material goods. Nowadays it is very common to see children gambling. But, is it good? What are the dangers of this?

    More and more children are saying they have bet at least once in their lives. Most of the time they are students that try to disconnect from their daily routines and, they find as a kind of entertainment to go to a place where there are machines and other children of their age to bet. They usually play cards for money with friends and then they feel bad about it.

    On the other hand, bookmakers are a dangerous form of leisure which may result into addiction in the most serious cases . Experts show that students between 15 and 17 years old suffer problems with the game. Sometimes I go to a bar with my family and I can see machines and children playing without the attention of their parents.

    To sum up, bookmakers should be forbbiden and I think that the families should pay more attention to their children.

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 1ºA bachillerato.