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viernes, 29 de noviembre de 2019

It is not just climate change, IT IS CLIMATIC EMERGENCY!!!

Next week Madrid will be holding the next climate summit (United Nations Climate Change - December 2019), which should have been hosted by Chile. 


Madrid to host UN climate summit after Chile pulls out (The Guardian)



It is not just climate change what our world has to face, but also a climatic emergency as things are getting worse and worse at such an incredible speed that it might be too late if we don't take action as soon as we can.



We can make a change ourselves >>>  "Politics plays a big role in the advancement of economics and greatly impacts the environment, technology, and society in general, and this is why we aim to help the world make a better place starting with encouraging healthy political views and ideals. " (ChangeRoots ) Here's an interesting article for you to read: 3 Ways to Make a Difference: Changing The World With Political Awareness


Some articles for you to read about CLIMATE EMERGENCY:


Remember the problems derived from the melting of the permafrost:



And there are people who have already found some solutions to the problem. For example, here's an example of a Scottish firm who uses sea water or the case of some scientists who have provoked a snowstorm:



Growing Crops in the Desert with Seawater | Freethink


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  2. Nowadays, there are many problems in our diary live, but the most important it is the change climate, and we know it, but, Do we do all we can to solve it?

    On the one hand, there are many people who are trying with small actions change this problem, and also there are many places where they have certain measures to reduce pollution. For example, limit the use of vehicles or supermarkets where they can recycle plastic and other many things.

    On the other hand, there are people who seems that they are not aware of this big problem, and we do not have a “planet B” for us, we only have this, and we are destroying it little by little. Besides, there are people that use a lot of plastic for a very short time and then it finish at sea.

    In my opinion, all the people should be conscious about this problem, and all of us should try to help the environment with small actions.

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  4. Climate change is one of the most important things we have to care. It's very serious and I think that we aren't very conscious about it and about the changes that climate change can make in our world. This problem wasn't made itself; humans made it and humans must be who resolve this great problem.

    One of the most important problems that climate change is making in our planet is the global warming. This makes that the temperature on earth increases and it also melts the poles. One of the most dangerous things that make the global warming is the pollutant substances that cars and other fuel machines throw way. That's why humans are making non pollutant cars, this means that cars are electric and by this way, they don't throw away any pollutant gases. The problem is that right now, they're very expensive because they're recently made. If their prices will be lower, a lot of more people will buy one of these.

    If people don't do anything quickly, earth will be very seriously damaged. That's why people should recycle more and use public transport or use electric cars. In the future every single car will be electric and there won't exist fuel cars. I wish that it happens in a few years and not in a lot of them, because we need to do something right now.

    In fact, I think that climate change is a very important thing and he have to be very careful of it or earth will be seriously envolved. I wish that every single person a little bit more care of earth and pollution.

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  6. The climate change is the most important things in this moment because if we don't stop this, it's possible, nor if we don't stop this, the planet don't go to last a lot of time it's possible that my generation or the next generation can live much because the planet will be over. We must to stop this situation ecause we are who has produced this.

    One of the most big problems of the change climate is the global warming. These are produced because we produced with the vehicles, aeroplanes, factories... a lot of CO2 and this CO2 has made a one cap and suns rays when enter in the planet, then can go out because this cap prevents it and the suns rays rebound and with this a lot of suns rays the temperature of the planet are elevated and the planet stay very hot, and with this the snow it is melting, the level of the oceans are up and this produced differents catastrophes as can are floods, fire in the forest... This is the most important cause but have other causes for that the change climate are producing as the plastic...

    If we change our live creating a electric vehicles, less plastic, using things tht we can recycling...

    In resume I think that if we don't do any for change this situation, ewe will go to let's end up destroying our planet, for this the scientists stay they try to see how to get there and create a sustainable life on Mars.

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  9. Climate Change is not a thing of today, nor of yesterday, nor of the day before yesterday; is a consequence caused for many years.In those times when it was known that it was a reality, anyone who claimed that Climate Change was something existing was taken by a madman, people with power, the politicians hid or passed from this fact.The origin of this misfortune is due to many things, most of the fault has it the human being Massive chemical pollution of rivers, seas and the contamination of gases, such as Co2 and other gases.And worst of all, despite knowing all this there are people who continue to deny it and others that do nothing. If we still do nothing within a short time we will notice on a large scale the consequences of climate change.I think the important thing is to have a lot of information on the subject and want to contribute our small but essential grain of sand. The first step is to change many of our daily habits that harm the environment.

  10. We are becoming increasingly aware of the reality of climate change, whose evidence we observe in the global increase in average temperatures, heat waves, severe forest fires, droughts, the loss of polar and continental ice, torrential rainfall or the unusual force of tornadoes and hurricanes.

    Alexandra Pérez Moreno 1°A

  11. Climate change is one of the greatest environmental threats facing the planet. The entire planet is experiencing a climate change and human action is mostly responsible for it. All the changes have an enormous impact on people’s lives and ecosystems.

    On the one hand, it has been reported that the average global temperature has raised by 1 degree in the last 30 years. The increasing of global temperature is caused by the increased emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Increases in ocean temperature and the Earth´s surface temperature,widespread melting of snow and ice, and the rising of sea level are some of the evidences regarding climate change.

    On the other hand, plastic pollution is another global concern. Plastic pollution is caused due to the accumulation of plastic waste in the environment. It remains in the environment for hundreds of years and causes air, water and land pollution. As a consequence, lots of birds, animals and fishes die due to plastic pollution every year.

    All in all, I strongly believe that we shoud all take the appropiate steps to save the planet from the consequences of global warming and pollution. It´s important that we all reduce both air and earth pollution.

    Etiquetas: climate change, pollution, climate emergency

  12. The fact that we are living a climate change is evident, an emergency that is influencing all the life forms in the planet, from humans to plants, and of course, affecting their natural habitats. This problem was created by the humankind, with his ignorance and destructive actions.
    One of the most important problems that is creating this climate change is the global warming. The global warm is the increase of the temperatures of the whole planet, that is caused by the increase of the amount of polluting gases, whose creator is the humankind.
    It´s important to say that it´s impossible to stop the climate change, but we can reduce the damage it is going to do.
    One way to fight this climate change is reciclyng, an action whose objective is to turn rubbish into new useful objects. We can recycle a lot of things, paper, plastics, cans, bottles... And it´s an easy way to give our children a better world to live.
    In summary, the fact that the climate change exists is obvious, and if we don´t do anything to stop it, our sons won´t probably have a good planet to live, or maybe they won´t have a planet.
    Fortunately, there are many organisations and people that have become aware of the problem, and are trying to change our minds, so there´s still hope for us.

    David Bacas Posadas 4ºA

  13. Climate is a serious problem. Nowadays, oceans,air, the earth are polluted, because of industries, and people behaviour. we must protect our planet, we must recycle. if we don´t react, our sons will have serious problems in their life, illness, poverty...

    Ana Perez Prados 4ºB de eso

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  15. Every day the planet is destroyed more and more and the biggest cause of this destruction is us, the humans, with our lack of collaboration in recycling, for example, and this is a very simple thing we destroy the planet.

    Recycling is very important as it can save lives or destroy them.

    Plastic, for example, damages nature a lot and by simply putting it in its container or in the trash and not throwing it on the ground due to laziness or because the container is too far away we can help nature a lot and avoid many damages.

    This problem appeared a long time ago and will continue if we are not together and help each other to reach the goal. There are already many species of animals that are disappearing and we can avoid it if we work together and so we can give a future to the planet, to the next generation and the one that proceeds It is only a matter of doing something good like recycling, which is very easy to do and it gives our planet a chance since we all live on it and we all have to collaborate.

  16. Nowadays in our lives there are too many problems and we take care about these different types of problems, but there is a serious problem and that is climate change, and there are some people that they don´t take care about this problem or even they say that the climate change doesn´t exist.
    And it is a big problem because if we don´t stop climate change the world won´t survive for the next generations, or even in our generation we will be affected by some seious problems, and this is the thing that some people don´t see, they only think about themselves and don´t think about their children or their grandchildren.
    Nowadays we use too much the car, we use too much plastic and we don´t recicle much plastic, paper or glass, we produce too much CO2 with the factories, and for these things we need to produce fewer things in factories, use public transport and recycle all types of material, and in my opinion doing these things and others we can reduce too much emission of CO2 and we can stop the climate change.
    Francisco Manuel González López 4ºA

  17. Nowadays the most important problem is the climate change, although there are still people who see it as a distant problem, what these people do not know is that if we do not begin to change our way of life and try to fix or curb climate change in a few years he will end up leaving the planet uninhabitable.

    Recycling is very important since all plastics and waste end up in the sea and we are destroying it. Throwing a plastic into the sea or the ground instead of the recycling container generates great problems such as pollution of the sea that causes many species to become intoxicated, damaged and eventually extinguished. Another big problem is that of car pollution that when there is a lot of the gases that emit damage the atmosphere and the ozone layer.

    In my opinion all people should do our part to make this situation better because we are damaging our planet and in doing so we damage our life and endanger it

  18. Global warming it's one of the main issues that humanity have to resolve in modern days, along with illness and hunger in the poorest part of the world. But some people refuse it, even when everyone of the facts and studies say the opposite. Probably most of people that say that the global warming is fake is because of their lack of knowledge or maybe they are trying to persuade other people for their own interest.
    The only ones that can do something against the global warming are the people, for example we can apply the law of the three ´´r´´, reduce, recicle and re-use. Nonetheless; even doing that if the politicians and the companies do nothing, anything will change. Both have their own reason, politicians are mainly sponsored by banks and electric companies that didn't want to change the methods of produce energy until waste all the resources. This isn't something new when the first fridge came out, a lot of companies that used to transport ice from the antarctica to Europe said that the ice from fridges were bad for health.
    There are a lot of misconceptions about global warming, for example: most people believes that the only issue is the rise of the temperature, other misconception is that nuclear energy is bad for the environment because of the smoke from smokestack, when it's only water steam.
    At the end it's our duty to keep the planet clean, for us and the ones will come later, it can be hard to change our way of living but it's the only good choice for everyone.

  19. We are destroying the planet, if we don't stop: burning forests, polluting, using plastic, etc., we will destroy everything. And it is a pity that because people do not recycle etc, we have to suffer people who have not done anything, all this. The planet does not deserve this. Not to mention killing animals like that because yes. Please, let's not continue with this.
    Rocio Avellanedas Nocete 1°A

  20. the planet is destroyed because people pollute it with gasoline, plastic,
    chemical residues, toxic elements and petroleum.

    Recycling is a very important act because it can save the lives of animals, the planet and ourselves.
    There are also more ways to save the planet, such as recycle objects that are not ecologically degraded, Avoid unnecessary waste of water, turn off the light when you are not in the room and use cloth bags to go shopping

    Plastic is very harmful to nature and just by throwing it in its container we help a lot.
    This problem is very serious, we can end the planet if we continue like this.
    There are already many people who help save animal species with recycling because they are disappearing, and we can give a better future to the planet.

    The sea is full of toxic fuels and many plastics and aquatic animals are dying suffocated by plastics and by the chemicals in ships.
    The temperature of the water has increased and many animals that live in cold waters have disappeared.
    Paula González Blanco 4ºB

  21. Lately the temperature is very different from what it was a few years ago, and this is because we are charging the planet in various ways that we do not even realize.

    The main problem is contamination by factories, vehicles, fires, etc. This destroys the ozone layer in a very strong way and in a few years as we continue like this, the temperature will have nothing to do with the time of year.
    We are still in time to change this but each person has to put a grain of sand if we can not do anything, in fact there are already some methods that are being carried out to contaminate less and less but there is still a lot, and if we all put from our side we can handle this in a decent way.

    Salvador Pretel.