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domingo, 17 de noviembre de 2019

More demanding jobs and stressful lives


Jobs now are more and more demanding. You never stop doing things and you are never sure you have done every single detail required. 

For instance, teachers in the old days would come to class, probably five or ten minutes late, and all their students would be sitting in silence waiting for the class to start. Everybody would stand up, say good morning and sit down again in silence with all the school material displayed on the desk ready to start. That would be a super-easy start for a teacher and this is just the beginning.


Nowadays, teachers have to carry a big schoolbag, an audio player and, probably, even a bag full of students' folders. They struggle to reach the classroom because corridors are full of people running, playing, shouting, jumping... and when they manage to arrive just a few minutes late the classroom is all in chaos: more students shouting, jumping, running, throwing ball papers to each other.... Once the teacher has left his heavy schoolbag, audio player and bag on the desk shouting back at the students to be quiet, put the desks in order, collect all the litter from the floor, keep apart from the walls in order to preserve the recently-painted walls, brings out all the school material (tablet, textbook, CDs, teacher's notebook, pencil case...), etc he is ready to start the class. But are his students?



How Many Teachers Are Highly Stressed? Maybe More Than People Think. (neaToday)



What are students' task like? Are they tougher now? Is it easier to study now? Write a comment telling us your opinion.



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  3. In recent years, students perform less in studies for the simple fact that they have many more distractions than 30 years ago.
    All of them have mobile, video games, television, tablet…. And many more things, and also parents are less strict and force their children less.
    And what teenagers do not know is that there is time for everything in the day, the sooner they do the tasks before they can use the technological devices and thus do not get bad grades and have fun at the same time.
    Alicia Ortega Prados 4ºESO A

  4. Nowadays , people are so stressed with their jobs that they don´t have time to do other things . However, jobs are so important in anyone´s life and it is necessary to get money.

    On the one hand , if you like what you are doing , probably will be easier for you to work. There are many jobs like doctors , teachers , nurses but some of them are more stressing than other. In Spain many people stay a lot of time working and they work about 6-8 hours a day , so at the end of the day they are so tired .

    On the other hand , working a lot can be bad for you because it produced stress and also many diseases like cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore , some people are never diconnected , they can´t stop working . Sometime they say that they aren´t working but they are checking their emails, so they really continue working and doing stuff.

    In conclusion , I think that jobs are really important to get money and to have a good future but we should take time for ourselves and have a break.

  5. Today, jobs are so important in our lives and are increasingly demanding. It has been shown that spending more hours worked more than a week can cause stress and is even a risk to well-being, so it will take its toll on the job.
    Many people, if not most, give much importance to work, even neglecting their lives, family and hobbies. I understand that for all people having a job is very important. But is it really worth having a job with which you cannot have life, with which you leave work and in your free time you continue working?
    In my opinion, I think that bosses should send less work because they do not realize that employees are very overwhelmed and that can have an impact on work, since if they work so long they lose sleep time and the next day they will find themselves in poor working conditions and also a lot of work can bring you discomfort, stress, etc.

  6. What are students' task like?
    Are they tougher now?
    What are students' tasks like?

    I do not think that the tasks are more difficult now It is just a matter of all the distractions students have in life such as cell phones, video games and other things, students have to know how to organize themselves better as for example (turn off the phone when studying) and thus be able to study better.

    What are the differences between 'fast', 'quick' and 'quickly'?

    One of the differences is that:

    Fast is an adjective and an adverb and quick is just an adjective and is quickly an adverb.

    The most important difference is that:

    Fast is to mean that something is going fast, that is, it is for a movement action.
    Example: The car is running fast.

    But quick and quickly is to refer to when you do activities in a short period of time.

    I did my homework quickly

  7. Nowadays there are people who are very stressed because of their jobs. It is true that jobs are necessary to get money but it is important too to have free time.

    There are people whose jobs are very tough, for example doctor, because a person’s live depends on them. But obviously there are many others jobs where you should have to prepare many documents or other things, and you should have to have the mobile phone on the hand and the email open, and this is also stressful.

    Because of this, a lot of people work more than they should, that is, when they should work between 6 and 8 hours, they work a lot more, and this can be damaging and bad for our health. We should have free time, to go out with friends, stay with our family, or another activity where we are far from work and the obligations that come with it.

    In my opinion, we must separate the job with our personal live, and never mix it.

  8. Nowdays there a lot of demanding of work, but in the most of the cases the work are for temporates that the more people who are seraching one work, don't interesting, because they want one work in tat they save that then of this temporate, the company go to do fixed to those who have seen that they like how they work, in this cases the people who are searching one work, yes that are interesting to work this temporate as can are the temporate of summer, christmas, easter week, that are the most important temporates.

    The demanding of work now are of posts in one supermarket, cumshots of food, greenhouses... this posts of work are very stressed, because are in temporates that it possible the case of one supermarket in that you must to go very fast, because if not you can finished at the time, and in the oders posts as can are in one cumshots of food or greenhouses in this work are very slaughtered, because you don't wait, you go the one place to other.

    The posts of work that are demanding are in situation very bad because you don't win a lot of money an you must to stay very stressed.

    I think that the demanding of post of work must to big company, in that the economic situation, that it to say, in company in that the people can win more money, and that we can see it that every time more people who has studied a one formation of that he like, can't work in one post of work of that he has studied, and they must to work in post of work as supermarket, greenhouses... an when they have the portunity of work in one posts of that they have studied, they decided to stay where they stay working, because the offert it of some months an then, the company decided if you stay working here or nor an the people decided to don't take a chance, in case finally the company don't stay with them, an in this case they lost the two posts.

    Other theme is that the demanding of post are to for working temporary an the people don't acept.

    I think that the demanding of work must to are of every tips of work and for a long time, for the people can acept an with good salary.

  9. It is difficult to choose a job. I don´t know what job I would like. But I know that it must be interesting and not stressing. I like music, and I would like to study music, the guitar is my favourite.

    Ana Perez Prados 4ºB eso

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  12. Nowadays, everyone must work in one way or another to get money to buy food, pay receipts ... but on the other hand, many people think that working more is better for us because we will have more money. But why do you want to work so hard if you are putting your health at risk?

    Firstly, not everyone gets to work, so when they get it they get too involved in it not to lose it we can not spend. Besides, they stop spending time with their family, friends ... to work. But this should not be the case, because according to experts, working 39 hours a week is a health risk.

    Secondly, workers do not usually have enough holidays or rest days and according to a lot of experts they should pay the same and have both the same conditions and working less because of it is bad for their health. In addition, most workers also work at home or even when they are on holidays they cannot disconnect because they have to be aware of the telephone or mail.

    To sum up, people have to be happy because there is only one life and we can not spend our life working and even doing damage to our health. So, I think that the way of working should change or it will become a big problem in the future.

  13. Nowadays, jobs are so important in our lives and they are more and more demanding. It has been shown that spending more than thirty nine hours a week can produce stress and even is a risk to wellbeing.

    In Spain and any part of the world we give too much importance to jobs and sometimes we set aside our social life, our family and we stop doing the things we like. Sometimes we think that we stop working but we continue to do it. For example, many people go out of the office and they revise the emails in their mobile phones or they get up and the first thing they do is look at the phone to check if they have any email.

    People work a lot and they get very stressed. Furthermore, working excessively can bring health problems. In fact, there is a relation between overwork and cardiovascular problems and, according to investigations, there are more people that die than people who work.

    To sum up, working too much is bad for our health and I think we spend a lot of time working and we do not pay attention to other things. In my opinion, the job in Spain is not valued enough and the labor journeys should be reduced.

    Lucía Guirado Ruiz 1ºA bachillerato.

  14. Today there are different types of jobs, such as being a farmer, doctor, lawyer, painter, etc.

    Some are more difficult than others, such as being a doctor, since other people's lives depend on them.
    But we also have a problem that is our free time since we work more and more hours and we have less time to clear our minds.

    In my opinion, I do not see it well since in a job, free time and clearing the mind are essential because if not, this leads to more and more stress and work at a slower pace.

    Salvador Pretel

  15. Nowadays there are all kinds of jobs, even jobs that we didn't know that existed. Working is always the way to get money, which is indispensable in our life. We need it to buy food, clothes and especially to live in a house where we can cook, have light and water.
    Everybody need a house and a work to feel fulfilled. In a house family, the woman and the man work for give their children a great future. Parents always try that their children do not lack anything.

    Each job is a world. We cannot say that one job is more difficult than other. Every job is necessary and particular. We need doctors to help us when we are ill or when we have any pain, we need police officers to control the vehicules and keep safe the street, we need street sweepers to keep clean the street, we need waiters in a bar to serve you the meal, we need dependents, we need truck drivers and we need teachers to teach us things that we will need in the future. All jobs are necessary and we can not despise a person because of his job.

    Teenagers are preparating in school to get a job in the future and teachers help them showing the different advantages and disadvantages of each job. Each person should choose their future job and do what make them happy. Working as something that you don't like is a hell. Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life. It is famous phrase that everyone must follow.
    Before going to work teenagers must do selectivity and then going to university to prepared for your own life and be independient.

    There are many problems related with jobs. In many cases people work more than they should and when they arrived home they only think about sleep. They don't have free time and even veery few holidays to spend with family adn friends. Other common problem are bosses, many of then are edges and they only think about them.

    To put all in a nutshell, jobs are necessary in our life and we have to get independance in the future and work for ourselves. We have to be careful about chosing the correct job and work in the proffesion that we really like. The most important thing is not always how much you charge. Anyone can tell you what to do because is your life and you are the one who really decides.