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viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2019

What is your ideal teacher like?

Teaching is not a particularly easy job to carry out. Actually, there are more and more cases of people who try it and give it up after a while. We have had some examples at school.


Not long ago remember we were talking about... More demanding jobs and stressful lives

It is true that it is a very demanding job as you have to be proficient in the subject you teach, you have to be highly motivating, you have to cope with students' misbehaviour in an appropriate way, you have to be a Super Teacher using ITC tools, there are more and more laws, changing every minute, you have to keep families informed... and so on.

What should teachers be like? Many students would prefer a super-teacher who would be telling jokes the whole time, giving high marks to everyone and not making them work (among other things). On the contrary, as you grow older, or when you miss chances in life because you are not well-prepared, you appreciate other characteristics, but perhaps it is already too late.

Before going on, let's just stop for a minute and see the difference between 'ADVICE' and 'ADVISE' (Learners' questions, BBC Learning English)


Anyway, here are some pieces of advice to become a good teacher.

The 10 Best Pieces of Teaching Advice for Every Educator    


Listen to this song

You Have Made A Difference - A Teacher appreciation song

and read its lyrics to see if you agree with it.


And here's some advice to become the best teacher of English. Unfortunately, the article is in Spanish. Do you agree with it?

Here's a most interesting TED talk about Education by Rita Pierson: "Every kid needs a champion"  

Revise the PREPOSITIONS OF TIME with Papa English

For my 1º ESO students, here's an important piece of news:

Let's read Sinbad   >>>>    SINBAD  

What can we do to improve our marks in 'Sinbad':

  • Prepare for the control we will have

  • Read aloud at home and listen to the reader (the audios are available in your pendrive)

  • Do the activities proposed in the book

  • Translate it into Spanish using your dictionaries (NO TRANSLATORS!!!!)

  • Make a comic


Here's a listening exercise for you to do: Chatting to new people  (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English) Can it be good for your mental health?


  • Episode 191211 / 11 December 2019    >>>  Discovering the code of all life:   Language related to 'life'.  Need-to-know language: teeming with life, biomedical sciences, DNA sequence, breed crops & decipher the genetic code.

Stories for Children >>> Milly and the Rainbow (BBC Learning English)


Tennis  >>>  What Awakened The MONSTER Inside Novak Djokovic?  


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  3. The work of a teacher today is not as easy as it seems.
    Some say it is the easiest job since you don't have to work physically and you just have to be sitting on a chair teaching some children different things for their learning.

    But being a teacher does not depend only on that. There are some teachers who don't care about the children or who don't behave properly to pass them, which does not help anything in learning, but there are teachers who look for our futures and care that we get ahead with our lives, although we see them as bad .
    Actually the work of a teacher is not so easy because you to cope with many children who are rude, who get bored and upset in class, do not work and then complain about their failures. Of course, teachers have more holidays, work only five days a week and have free afternoon. Therefore, although this work is not physically demanding, it is psychologically. They have to be correcting the exams, thinking about what they are going teaching the next day , how you are going to take it, preparing the exams, co-examining the papers. They live with a lot of stress all day.

    In my opinion, there are no good teachers or bad teachers because we see the bad as the good because they do not send us much homework and they give us a pass with the minimum we do and we see as the bad those who are really good because they send the homework that they have to send so we can see more things to help us in the future. Children do not really appreciate the great work teachers do for them or the effort they do.

  4. A lot of people think that teacher work is easy since you don't have to make a physical effort as big as for example a Farmer, what many people don´t know is that in addition to making a great physical effort they have to make a psychological effort.

    Teachers have both good and not so good students, many of us as students don´t value the work and effort of our teachers. teachers have to put up with students who bother others and the teacher at the time of teaching. They have to control and treat impertinent students without losing their nerves, they also have to treat all their students equally.

    Each teacher is different, there are some that are quite hard, others who don´t care about our learning, others that make it very difficult for us to pass the subject and others who with their way of being and giving the class facilitate our learning and motivate us. Sometimes we see a teacher who makes things difficult for us bad but when we look back we see everything we have learned and really worth the bad times we've been through. Sometimes we just think about what we have to do but we don't think that teachers don't just work in the center, they have to work at home, correct exams, activities and prepare classes. They, like us, have a stressed life.

    In my opinión professor's work is as difficult as any other but teacher is a good job because you have holidays longer that the rest of people they had 30 hours of work per week. I think that there aren´t good or bad teachers because each teacher gives the class as he wants and feels more comfortable and we may like that more or less. I would not like to be an older teacher since I can't stand being disturbed that's why I admire both your effort and work.

  5. Being a teacher is not easy as people say. People say it is easy because they have more vacations than others but in my opinion being a teacher is not easy because they have to be scolding children who do not behave well and who ignore and distract other classmates, since Sometimes teachers have to take home work such as correcting exams, taking exams, preparing classes ... For me a good teacher is the one who teaches a lot, sends homework, although sometimes I think they are bad teachers afterwards. I will thank you because thanks to them I have learned a lot, but then there are teachers who send little homework, do not explain things ...
    I sometimes think about how teachers can have such patience with children since some go to school to bother, they don't study ... And those things people don't see, those people don't know what a teacher can endure.

    Maria González Lozano 4A

  6. My ideal teacher is a teacher who: send enough exercises, teach well and be funny. That is my ideal teacher.
    Rocio Avellanedas Nocete 1°A

  7. My ideal teacher to tell not much homework. Learn me much with him, we go to excursions, museums, in the end go to London: visit the Big Bang, the London's eye... To be him friendly, lovely, good and clever.

    Jose Antonio Sabio Prados 1° Eso A

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  9. Being a teacher is not an easy job nowadays! Apart from dealing with a large number of students, they also have to deal with the bad behaviour of some of them. But, what would an ideal teacher be like?

    On the one hand, an ideal teacher should motivate his students to work hard in class in order to get very good results at the end of the school year. Getting good marks gives us better oportunities to go to a university in the future. Apart from that, an ideal teacher should take into consideration that every student is different and understand that some of them need an extra help in class. He should make students feel comfortable and confident in class.

    On the other hand, an ideal teacher is a person who shows his students the path to success; a person who encourages and inspires his students to choose the best things in life! What´s more, school is like a second home so an ideal teacher should be like a second family, giving good pieces of advice to his students and providing confidence.

    To sum up, I think an ideal teacher is the one that comes to our mind when we are adults and we are asked about him, because he played an important role in our life as a student.

  10. Teaching is a difficult job that people think that it is easy, but it's not true,
    working at schools is more difficult than everyone thinks. Teachers have to cope with impertinent students that only disturb in class and distract other students that wants to pay attention and learn more about different topics that are being explained.

    On the one hand, being a teacher is a good job because you have longer holidays that the rest of people, and they don't have to work on festivity days or even at weekends, and only work 6 hours a day during five days or week in total there is 30 hours per week.

    On the other hand, it is a difficult job to cope with 20 children that are not interested in your subject and that can occasionally be rude and so disruptive . They have to correct a lot of homework and exams and preparate them at home.

    For me a good teacher is a person who demands many things and takes into account. Moreover, they should bear in mind that students have other subjects and sometimes extracurricular activities like music school or many types of sport that are important and take too much time.

    From my point of view, being a teacher is a good option for the future for all the advantages that they have but we should consider the disadvantages and try not to question their task in our society or feel they are not working enough

  11. My ideal teacher has to be someone who motivates me to get good grades, who understands that there are people who find things a little complicated, who are sometimes fun and know how to control upset children.
    It would also be someone who will send us tasks from time to time that are not exercises from the book because sometimes it is boring to do the same.
    Being a teacher is not easy because during the day you have to be with many children and many of them are annoying, the teachers have to correct many exams and everything has to be organized.

    My opinion is that it a good job but you have to have a lot of organization in everything and you have to always try your best so that everyone understands and that is sometimes difficult.
    Paula González Blanco 4ºB

  12. Have you ever thought about the importance of having a good teacher? A recent study has shown that children who have a great teacher have learnt much more than other children how don't like their teachers. So, in my opinion one of the most important thing in the education are the teachers.

    What is considered to be a good teacher? First, a good teacher is someone who makes you like their subject. Secondly, also it is very important that the class is entertaining and not boring. Therefore, in this way although the subjects are very difficult, it is more likely that it will be easier with a good teacher.

    On the other hand, students must allow the teachers to do their jobs. In a lot of cases, there are good teachers but the students do not behave this will have an effect on the whole clase. For example, if the teacher is trying to teach you something but you aren't paying attention then it is not the teachers fault but yours.

    Last but not least, a teacher I will never forget. When I was younger I had a history teacher, who taught me a lot of interesting things. Besides, he explained everything very well, so I didn't have to study when I got home. Although, I always hated history, with this teacher I even learnt to love it.

    Taking all into account, not only do I believe that having a fantastic teacher is good for your future, but I also think that you have to work hard as well.