Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.

by Bruce Lee

domingo, 16 de febrero de 2020

What do we need to pass English? Resilience!!!!


Here's a good listening exercise for you to do related to the issue: Are we born with resilience or can we learn it? (6 Minute English, BBC Learning English)


So you need to be resilient to succeed!!!



Bounce Back - the resilience song



Songs for resilience!!!  


Task for 1º ESO students: What do you usually do to pass English?


English in a Minute:  5 verbs followed by -ING   (BBC Learning English)

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  1. To pass English:
    The first is study English with book, exercises of teacher, this is very important to understand the English grammar. Also listen a person speak English for example to teacher help a lot of. Travel to countries how England's good for to learn speak and communicate with the English.

    Jose Antonio Sabio Prados 1°Eso A

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  3. To pass English: I have got pay attention in class, and do homework, also study the book for understand the grammar and vocabulary how the vebs and I think know speak in English is than important how write.

    Ruben Sabio Prados 1°Eso A

  4. Rafael Nadal, I think he is an example for all younth. From a young age he knows what he is to work hard to get what he wants. His knees are his weak point, he has had twenty four injuries in sixteen years. But definitely his most important injury was in 2012, for which he could not be in the Olympic Games or play seven major tournaments. He was seven months off.
    But despite all the dificulties, he trusted him, worked very hard was come back to be number one in the world.So it seems to me that he is the best example of a person resilience.

    Alejandro Venegas Mancilla 1ºA

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  7. In my opinion, English isn´t such a hard subject. I like English, because it is a language that i want to master more or less. It´s true that if you don´t show interest or don´t do well at languages, this can become a hard subject, and even become a problem. To pass the subject it´s essential to pay attention in class, if you listen to what the teacher says, you will solve many questions that you had. Other important fact is doing homework, because like in other subjects, practising is essential, and if you don´t do homework, you won´t learn the grammar.
    Regarding the writing and listening skills, if you don´t do these exercises you won´t become competent to write and understand later in exams.
    In summary, I think you should start trying to master the grammar we´ve seen up to now, and then, when you understand and recognize all the tenses and types of sentences, try to improve your writing and listening. If you don´t improve quickly, don´t worry, continue working hard, and you´ll see the result.

    David Bacas 4ºA

  8. English is my favourite subject. I usually do to pass English is: do my homework, do the writing, attend in class, take notes, review the previous exams, I tidy my filing cabinet and pass the exams. Also on weekends I comment on Alberto´s blog, I correct them and put them on my blog.

    Alejandro Venegas 1ºA

  9. Bruce Lee is a character that was the best karateka in the world or also called a master of martial arts with great strength in his arms and legs. He is an expert with the nunchacus.

    Oliver Lozano 1ºA

  10. English is an international language that is spoken all over the world and is the official language in England and The United States. Learning English at school is very important, but have you ever asked yourself what do you need to pass English?

    Firstly, attendance to classes is essential. If you miss classes, you won´t keep up with the class. Moreover, you have to participate in class and have a positive attitude towards English. What´s more, your behaviour is important, too!

    Secondly, you must do your homework everyday and keep your notebook tidy and clean. In addition, you must do all the Compositions you are told to do. Moreover, handing in the digital projects will rise your grade at the end of each term.

    To sum up, I believe that English is very important for our future and we should all make an effort to pass it with the highest grade possible.

  11. In addition to being a very beautiful language, English is the most important language to learn.

    It is the most spoken language internally.

    To travel, to work, to communicate, this language is very necessary in our lives even if you don't believe it.

    But to be able to master this beautiful and necessary language, it is necessary to be a constant patient worker ... but above all resilient.

    English is one of my favorite languages, and I have been fortunate that I have been touched by a wonderful English teacher, who loves to teach and loves his work, thanks to how demanding he is, it helps us understand this language, and It makes us see how important and beautiful English is.

    I admire my English teacher, because he is a very hardworking man and dedicates a lot of time and effort to his work in order to help us, and some of us miss the great work of this man.

    so be resilient, never give up and with effort and perseverance you will get it!


  12. English is other language more, but the most important and the most spoken language in the world.
    Its true that is not easy learn I new language, but you need to work daily for reaching the best level as much as you can.

    When I was 5 years, before enter to primary school, I went to an academy and started my adventure i this language. At first, it was very difficult, but it turned to my rutine and when I enter to primary school I enter with some level of this language.

    I don't know what happened to me, but in 5º I give up to learn English because it was more and more things to learn and at this age I didn't want to study more than the subjects in school (I mean, out of classes like learn apart in my class and these things).
    When I enter to secondary school I got more reason sense and I decided to return English to my life.
    It was difficult because I didn't pay attention in primary school so I started to work in my home more and more until I got the necessary level to continue learning this language with my English mentor.

    Actually, I don't pay so much attention to English, but this year I know that the B1 is mine.
    Don't give up and get out the best you!

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  14. -I think that to pass the English course, the most important thing for Alberto, I think are the writing, the exercises, work in class, be attentive in class and also pass the exams and behave well in class. Have a nice day Alberto
    Abel Martínez Padilla 1*A

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  16. To improve and pass English with Professor Alberto, you have to study and work. I think the most important thing for Alberto is our behavior and how we do the homework. It seems to me a strict but very good teacher teaching. I hope to pass the matter with him.

    Dunia Armnedo Martin 1ºA

  17. To be honest, my level of English is just average. But I think that it is normal because I am still a teenager. In the future, I want to be very good at English and speak it fluently. This would only be a reality if I try it very hard.

    In May I should get my B1. I am studying with my sister who is studying to be an English teacher. Sometimes I see it very difficult to understand all the verb tenses. My head starts to make a mess and I mix them all together.

    In conclusion, learning new languages requires to be concentrated on the classes and understand the grammar and also vocabulary. As I see it, learning languages is very important in order to get good job opportunities and learn about new cultures.

  18. English is a great language to learn due to the multiple advantages that it offers. If you speak English, you will be able to travel to other countries where the spoken language is not Spanish, you will be able to meet new people from other countries (online or in real life). Furthermore, you will have more opportunities at work.

    To pass the English subject you should:
    -Pay attention in class. That is vital because you have to understand what's going to be on the exam!!
    -Do your homework. Also very important, because English requires practice.
    -Write comments in the blog sometimes. It will improve your writing skill a lot and that's like "studying" for the writing exam.
    -Participate in class. Show that you care.
    -Behave properly in class. A bad behavior can low your grades.

    And that's all. If you do all those things you will probably pass the subject and you will have learned English for whenever you need it!

  19. English is currently considered the most important language worldwide, either for those who speak it as a first language or those who speak it as a second language, that is, as a secondary language after the mother tongue.
    In this sense, it can be said that the English language is present in almost all the world and is considered the main element of communication between very diverse cultures that share few or no common traits.
    The English language covers an endless number of basic needs, which are to allow the inhabitants of the region to communicate, as well as to establish the official language in which texts are written, government documents are written, etc. In some of them it is the naturally original language while in others it was imposed with more or less force.

  20. Is Rafa Nadal the best? Is Roger Federer better that him? When Rafa Nadal was younger he practiced other sports, like football or basketball, but he was better tennis player. He has got many trophies as a child, but the most important is “Le petit as”, in France. Roger Federer practiced other sports too. He was as athletic as Rafa, but Federer has got more trophies in other sports than Nadal, badminton.
    Federer is in higher position in ATP than Rafa Nadal, because Roger is the best tennis player, and Rafa Nadal is the second.
    But...Roger Federer is older than Rafa Nadal! When they play together, Federer is faster, but Nadal is stronger and finally Rafa plays better than Roger, so... Rafa Nadal is the best tennis is player!

    Antonio Puentedura Prados de 1º ESO A.

  21. English is one of the most important and spoken languages ​​in the world. Knowing how to speak English is very important since if you travel one day to England or the United States, to communicate you must know English.

    To learn this language you must put interest because if you do not put interest it gets complicated.
    To learn this ideal homework you must put interest in the school since if in the schools you do not pay interest, in the institute the language is complicated and it is more difficult to learn it.

    To pass the course, the first thing is to attend class and attend, if you do not do this you will lose the learning rhythm.
    The second is to perform the tasks that the teacher sends, such as wrtings, comments ...
    You should also keep the file cabinet up-to-date and clean.
    To obtain the B1 we must carry out the tasks to practice the grammar and vocabulary, the listeners, writings to practice them since it is a part of the exam ...

    I think that English is very important since it is necessary to communicate them, to travel, to work ...
    I find most difficult are the mixed verb tenses

  22. In my opinion, English is a very important language that we should all know how to use, only with English can we communicate with anyone when travel.
    For example, I find it difficult to understand some words in English, although if it is practiced every day I think I can master it better until I can control it easily.
    There are many ways to learn it, you can practice having conversations with yourself, doing homework, ask questions in class and write down all the things that cost us the most to later practice.
    Paula González Blanco 4ºB